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Monday 19 April 2021



A week or so ago George forwarded me an article from the Guardian on Beeswing an autobiography by Richard Thompson with a number of references to Fairport Convention. It looks like a good read and has been added to the list.

Even more kindly he then forwarded me a copy of Unhalfbricking the band's 3rd album from 1969 on Island. It's the first time I've heard it in its entirity. I was familiar with about half the tracks as they feature on The History of Fairport Convention an anthology  which was the only album of theirs I had, along with a couple from Sandy Denny.

One of the songs I hadn't previously heard was Autopsy which is very good indeed. Not quite as good as Who Knows Where The Time Goes voted, quite rightly , as the greatest Folk song of all time. It has featured here before and no doubt it will do so again.

That's Folk been on these pages for two successive Mondays - a potential series in the making?

Fairport Convention -Autopsy

Fairport Convention - Who Knows Where The Time Goes?


  1. "That's Folk been on these pages for two successive Mondays -a potential series in the making?"
    well, you've done worse!

  2. Not much of a fan myself but I am planning to team up A Sailor's Life with Marquee Moon on my blog sometime soon. I'm sure Television must have been fans.


  3. Terrific LP. I've just started the Thompson autobiography.

  4. Beeswing! Though Mr Thomson would laugh at Beeswax!

  5. Sorted
    Thanks for pointing that out

  6. Great stuff! Mr SDS recently treated himself to a very nice vinyl copy of 'The History Of...' after having owned a few Fairport albums on CD. Thanks to your mention of it I think I'll be getting him 'Beeswing' for his birthday too - sounds good.
    It's a rather sad association but the old abandoned pub/house (The Angel) they shared for a while in Little Hadham, Herts, where "there's a hole in the wall where a lorry came in" (to quote the track 'Angel Delight') was just up the road from where Mr SDS lived. His dad was a fireman at the time and was on duty that night, having to get the (unfortunately deceased) lorry driver out of the site. I think Dave Swarbrick was extremely lucky seeing as the lorry crashed directly into his bedroom!

  7. Thank you for not pointing out that the couple on the front are Sandy's mum and dad. It's become a cliche in any newspaper/magazine article to do so. Doh! I've just done it myself! My favourite track is the opener Genesis Hall which is the b side on the inspired and genius cover version single of Dylan's If You Gotta Go Go Now.