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Monday 22 July 2024

Squirrel Flower at the Glad Cafe


On Friday night I went to see Chicago based Indie Folk  act Squirrel Flower (Ella Williams plus band)  at a very hot Glad Cafe  

Squirrel Flower was a name I was not familiar with until a recent post at Ernie's place Following my complimentary comment he advised me that she was playing at the Glad Cafe and a ticket was duly purchased. Spence did similar going to see her in Manchester proving something that we already knew - Ernie is an Influencer.

The support band were Maripool, a London based band, who I'm afraid did not make much of an impression on me.

The same could not be said of Squirrel Flower  who by and large were promoting their most recent album  2023's Tomorrow's Fire on Polyvinyl. As the Glad Cafe blurb says before her new album Tomorrow’s Fire, Squirrel Flower might’ve been labelled something like “indie folk,” but this is a rock record, made to be played loud. 

Where these tracks met with my approval I was more taken with some of the older Indie Folk numbers particularly those which Ella sang solo.

Ernie has kindly shared 2020's I Was Born Swimming and 2021's Planet(i)  from which the songs below are taken.

A solid 8/10 evening. I'll certainly be keeping a keen eye on her/their future career

Thanks for the heads up.

Squirrel Flower - Roadkill

Squirrel Flower - Belly of the City

Sunday 21 July 2024

Get Brexit Done


Get Brexit Done

An even more nonsensical phrase than Ernie's suggestion of Bish Bash Bosh.

Unfortunately for us they did and boy are we reaping the "benefits" Hopefully now that we have some grown ups in the room there can be a degree of damage limitation.

Given the subject matter it is probably a good idea to start with someone completely bonkers. Here is Maria McKie with You Got to Sin to Get Saved although I suspect that Johnson is  completely beyond redemption.

Billy Bragg pitches in with the brilliant Full English Brexit . It's worth noting that 60% of those who voted in Scotland voted Remain.

Finally Weyes Blood sums things up neatly with The Worst is Done. 

In years to come historians will shake their heads

More three word phrases dissected soon

Maria McKee - You Got to Sin to Get Saved

Billy Bragg - Full English Brexit

Weyes Blood - The Worst is Done

Saturday 20 July 2024

Saturday Shuffle 61


Midnight to Six Man - the Shuffle has only gone and thrown up one of the best singles of all time this week.

I'm talking of course the majestic (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais by The Only Band that Matters Name me a better song ... I'll wait.

Even Shakin' Stevens couldn't come up with anything as good as that but he did do a great cover version of Marie Marie. Written by the great Dave Alvin here is the original version by The Blasters.

You Woke Up My Neighbourhood complains Billy Bragg. I don't think I would be too bothered if it was with any one of these three songs

White Youth, Black Youth tune in next Saturday for more shuffling

The Clash - (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

The Blasters - Marie Marie

Billy Bragg - You Woke Up My Neighbourhood

Friday 19 July 2024

I Like Birds 2


We started this series last week with a couple of references to little birds. It therefore seems appropriate that this week we should concentrate on big birds

Let’s start then with Eagles. Wait! Stop! Come back.  What I have in mind is not the easy listening of the Californian group but rather Golden Eagle the title track of the 2017 debut album by Holly Macvie an artist introduced to me by our dear friend The Swede

Watching a bit of the Open Golf on the telly reminded my of another bird like term like birdie or eagle to describe a score. An albatross is the term for a score of three under par on a particular hole ie a 2 on a par 5. It also refers to  the bird found in the Southern and  North Pacific Oceans with a wing span up to 11 feet. It is also the title of an instrumental by Fleetwood Mac

In addition to being a make of pipe tobacco Condor is the common name for two species of New World Vultures who may well be found on the El Condor Pasa

So like the great Eddie Floyd lets pay tribute to Big Birds.

More birds of various sizes next Friday.

Holly Macvie - Golden Eagle

Fleetwood Mac - Albatross

Simon and Garfukel - El Condor Pasa

Eddie Floyd - Big Bird

Thursday 18 July 2024

Shake, Rattle and Roll


That's the backlog of charity purchases now covered and with the exception of the current series' I am a bit stuck for inspiration.

Don't be surprised then if you log in and there is nothing new to see. To tide us over until the creative juices start flowing I'm gong to focus on some three word phrases and see if I can post songs relating to the words.

As you can see above we are starting with Shake Rattle and Roll.

There are plenty of Shakes to choose from. There are even a couple of bands Alabama Shakes and Th' Legendary Shack Shakes as well as the album by Savage Mansion called The Shakes. And of course how could we forget Shaking Stevens?

From a reasonable number of songs I've gone for Shake a Tail Feather by The Debutants.

Rattle proved trickier. It boiled down to a choice between The Rattler by Goodbye Mr MacKenzie  or Rattlesnakes by Lloyd Cole & the Commotions. A hard choice but I've gone for the latter.

Plenty of Rolls to choose from but Richard and Linda Thompson got the nod.

Put them altogether and you get Shake, Rattle & Roll by Big Joe Turner which was also the theme tune to a Radio 2 series of the same name hosted by Mark Lamarr.

More three word nonsense shortly.

The Debutants - Shake a Tail Feather

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - Rattlesnakes

Richard and Linda Thompson - Down Where the Drunkards Roll

Big Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle and Roll

Wednesday 17 July 2024

Keep On Rocking in the Free World


2024 Charity Shop Purchases # 48 - Neil Young - Freedom 

There are certain artists who if I see albums of theirs that I don't have in a charity shop I will always pick them up. Bob Dylan is one example; Neil Young is another.

I was not 100% per cant sure that I didn't already have Freedom his 19th studio album from 1989 on the Reprise label. A quick check of the spreadsheet confirmed that I didn't have it and it was duly purchased.

I think that some of the confusion was down to the fact that I was familiar with a few of the tracks but I think that may be because they feature on the 1991 live album Weld. He had kind of lost his way a bit in the 80's and Freedom was generally considered as a return to form.

Having said that I wouldn't say that it is particularly startling. It is a bit Neil Young by numbers in places. If you like Neil like I do it is worth picking up

Keep on Rocking in the Free World.

Neil Young - Rockin' in the Free World

Neil Young - Crime in the City (Sixty to Zero Part 1)

The person who handed it in to the charity shop on Battlefield Rd also kindly put a CDR of Razorlight's Up All Night in the jewel case. It has since been binned.

Tuesday 16 July 2024

CC Revs the CCs - Lap 2


We are off on the second lap of CC Revs the CCs and yet again we turn to Ernie for the first three of this week's selections.

As he is an International Man of Mystery it is hardly surprising that his first offering comes from Thailand with Khana Mai Sak  and the song Sao Motorcy. It is from the album Kham Mueang Disco but I suspect that most of you knew that already.

Next up is American singer songwriter Erica Wheeler with Sober Harley Guys. Not to be confused with the basketball player with the same name

The only John Hulbert I can find out anything about was the executioner for the states of New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts from 1914 to 1926. It looks as though he might have done a bit guitar playing  in his spare time and in particular about The Freak on the Black Harley.

Two references to Harley Davidsons made the picture choice this week a doddle.

Finally my choice for this week takes us down a few CCs with the late great Sinead O'Connor and Black Boys on Mopeds. If Drew was still Blogging I know that he would have been quick to offer this one up.

Lap 3 next week and as always suggestions and guest posts welcome.

Vroom vroom.

Khana Mai Sak - Sao Motorcy

Erica Wheeler - Sober Harley Guys

John Hulbert - The Freak on the Black Harley

Sinead O'Connor - Black Boys on Mopeds

Monday 15 July 2024

Johnny Cash - Songwriter


A couple of weeks ago George pointed me in the direction of Songwriter a "new" album by Johnny Cash. He recently followed that up with a text complimenting the album something I was in complete agreement with. It also prompted me to write a post about it.

Although only released on June 28th the album was recorded as a series of songwriting demos at LSI Studios  in early 1993, a time when Cash wasn't signed to a label and shortly before he met Rick Ruben and commencing  the iconic American Recordings series

After rediscovering the demos, John Carter Cash and David "Fergie" Ferguson stripped them back to just Cash's vocals and guitar before overdubbing newly recorded parts by a new band, including several musicians who had worked with Cash such as Marty Stuart and David Roe.

The 11 track album has been critically well received with an aggregate score of 77/100 on  the Metacritic aggregator.

In years to come I think that it will be considered as American Recording Minus One.

Johnny Cash - Have You Ever Been to Little Rock?

Johnny Cash - She Sang Sweet Baby Jane

Sunday 14 July 2024

Bastille Day


Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Today is Bastille Day for the other half of the Auld Alliance

It is probably one worth celebrating given that the French in the recent election narrowly saw off the far right Rassemblent National party of Marie Le Pen.

The far right being rejected in both Britain and France is hopefully a good omen for the future.

As well as this it also gives me an excuse to share some French music with you.

It also gives me an excuse to mark the sad passing of the lovely Françoise Hardy on 11th June aged 80 something I neglected to do at the time. She was everything you would imagine that a French woman would be.

Many years ago I received a promotional e-mail championing a French band called Nevski. I subsequently picked up their 4 track CD. Since then I have been unable to find out anything more about them which is a shame as I really liked what I heard.

Something a wee bit more funky you say? Go on then here are The French Fries with Danse a la Musique. And who wouldn't turn down the opportunity to listen to Debbie Harry singing in French?

I was aware that there is a band called Bastille but I have nothing by them so I sourced a video

Viva la France!

Francoise Hardy - Le Temps de L'Amour

Nevski - En Angleterre

The French Fries - Danse a la Musique

Blondie - Sunday Girl (French Version)

Saturday 13 July 2024

Saturday Shuffle 60


We are getting down and getting on it today.

Let's start with the Godfather of Soul himself James Brown proclaiming that Papa's Got a Brand New Bag.

Following on from that we should take the advice of this week's cover stars A Taste of Honey and Boogie Oogie Oogie til we just can't Boogie no more.

If that is all a bit too much for you on a weekend morning Karine Polwart  mellows things down a notch or three with her beautiful cover of the Gerry Rafferty song Whatever's Written in Your Heart taken from her Scottish Songbook album.

More Boogie Oogie Oogieing next Saturday

James Brown - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

A Taste of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie

Karine Polwart - Whatever's Written in Your Heart

Friday 12 July 2024

I Like Birds


At Newcastle's BlogCom 24  C of Sun Dried Sparrows fame gifted the Bloggers present with a booklet she had drawn up  called A Little Book of Rare Birds featuring bird like caricatures of attendees past and present. This explains why she got in touch with us all recently asking for our two favourite colours! In addition to the book we all got our own individual card which I'm sure that we will all treasure. A lovely and thoughtful souvenir.

As I was thinking that a new series was required this got me thinking about doing one on birds and what better way to start than with Eels and I Like Birds.

They are following by Karine Polwart who is of the view that the little wren is the King of Birds. The Be Good Tanyas also appear to be fans of The Littlest Birds.

The Cramps on the other hand prefer a Surfin' Bird.

More feathered friends next Friday.

Eels - I Like Birds

Karine Polwart - King of Birds

The Be Good Tanyas - The Littlest Birds

The Cramps - Surfin' Bird

Thursday 11 July 2024

Vagrant Stanzas


2024 Charity Shop Purchases # 47 - Martin Simpson - Vagrant Stanzas

After York, Newcastle becomes only the second location in England where I have made charity purchases. I have however bought many CDs in previous visits to Newcastle.

I haven't written very much about Blog Con 24 which was recently held on the banks of the Tyne. Alyson neatly covers it here. Suffice to say it was great to catch up with everyone again and to meet Ernie for the first time. A god time was had by all.

Ernie and I took the opportunity to go  for a spot of charity shopping in the town centre. He came away with two (plus one bought in a record shop) and I managed a paltry one.

From the picture above you will surmise that it was Vagrant Stanzas by the folk guitarist and singer Martin Simpson from 2013 on Topic Records, It is produced by his near neighbour Richard Hawley.

This blurb from Topic gives details as to solo nature and recording of the album.

Given the location of its purchase I thought it appropriate to feature North Country Blues. I previously bought two of his albums in a charity shop in Leith so he clearly has an affinity for Eastern coast industrial towns.

Martin Simpson - Jackie and Murphy

Martin Simpson - North Country Blues

Wednesday 10 July 2024



2024 Charity Shop Purchases # 46  - Carole King - Tapestry

I have a fairly battered and crackly vinyl copy of Carole King's classic 1971 album Tapestry courtesy of Val's Vinyl

As I said in the VV post it reminds me of my late glamourous Aunt Jean. My folks didn't have many records but I remember Aunt Jean had this one which in my book made her pretty trendy.

It seemed sensible to pick up a more pristine copy for a pound particularly as it also had a couple of bonus tracks stuck on at the end.

Carole co-wrote all the songs on the album. Unless you have been living in a cave since 1970 you will be familiar with the majority of them.

As the blurb on the back cover states Tapestry was a ground breaking record not only for music, but for women in music. Blending soothing pop songs with heartfelt lyrics, the album struck a universal cord.

Over five million people can't be wrong

Here are three you will recognise that didn't feature last time round

Carole King -I Feel The Earth Move

Carole King -You've Got a Friend

Carole King - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

Tuesday 9 July 2024

CC Revs the CCs


New Transport  Tuesday Series Alert!

We are focussing on two wheeled motorised vehicles for this cohort - Motor bikes, mopeds, etc - you get the picture.

Not only has Ernie come up with the title for this series he has also provided six song suggestions. However, the number of songs in this series has  traditionally been four so I will spread his suggestions out over two weeks and add in a couple of my own.

His first suggestion is Brigitte Bardot with Harley Davidson. Someone, I'm sure, who has only crossed his radar due to her musical skills.

Next up is Motorcycle Mama by Sailcat one I am not familiar with perhaps because it comes from an album called One Hit Wonders 1972.

His third suggestion is one simply called Motorcycles by Iggy Pop from his album Album B.

In his e-mail Ernie commented that he hadn't included 1952 Vincent Black Lightning(see picture above)  by Richard Thompson as he assumed (correctly) that I already had it. The cynics among you might be saying that I restricted his suggestions to three so I could sneak this one in before anyone else did and they may well be right.

Three more from Ernie and one from me next week. As always the door is open for suggestions and/or guest posts.

Keep on revving.

Brigitte Bardot - Harley Davidson

Sailcat - Motorcycle Mama

Iggy Pop - Motorcycles

Richard Thompson -1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Monday 8 July 2024

Queen of Denmark


2024 Charity Shop Purchases # 45 - John Grant - Queen of Denmark

I was vaguely aware of the name John Grant but less familiar with his music so I thought that I should pick up one of his albums to see what the fuss was all about.

Queen of Denmark from 2010 and on the Bella Union label is the first of six studio albums from the ex frontman of the Czars who once appeared here as part of a Saturday Lucky Dip

Described as indie- folk and/or soft rock it was released to critical acclaim with Mojo awarding it Instant Classic status and writing iQueen of Denmark were only comprised of self-lacerating ballads it would still be a work of transcendent beauty, but the second half of the album finds Grant confronting romantic loss with astonishing depth of feeling.

On the album Grant is supported musically by members of the band Midlake who are no strangers to these pages.

Apparently the title track was written on a car journey from Glasgow to Aberdeen. As a bonus you are also getting the cover version by the sadly departed Sinead O'Connor and the only other song I have with Denmark in the title.

John Grant - Queen of Denmark

John Grant -Sigourney Weaver

Sinead O'Connor - Queen of Denmark

Broken Chanter - Don't Move to Denmark

Sunday 7 July 2024

Single Song Sunday -Lost Highway


Now that the Sunday Highway Songs series has run out of tarmac I thought it would be appropriate to do a Single Song Sunday  of the song which inspired the series namely Lost Highway. I've been given permission from the great man himself who has even offered up a contribution or two.

I always thought that the song had been written by Hank Williams, the man who made the song famous, but it turns out that it was  in fact written by Leon Payne. Therefore it is only fair to feature Leon first with Hank a close second.

The version by Billy Bob Thornton,  from an Uncut compilation, inspired the series and featured on the first of the thirteen posts. In the interest of completeness you are getting it again.

The next one I thought of was the version by The Mekons from their Fear and Whiskey album although the one I downloaded is taken from the Rough Trade Shops Country 1 compilation.

I also had versions by Johnny Horton and Jason & the Scorchers which I added to the folder before looking further afield.

A quick Google or two threw up  further versions by The Handsome Family, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and Townes Van Zandt.

Ernie then offered up a version by German band The Dad Horse Experience and provided a little bit of info about them

I also asked if he could offer up a Mandatory Reggae Version (MRV). Sadly he was unable to do so on this occasion but as a very acceptable alternative he provided a song by the same name from Guinea act Duuda.

For a life of sin we've paid the cost.

Leon Payne - Lost Highway

Hank Williams - Lost Highway

Billy Bob Thornton - Lost Highway

The Mekons - Lost Highway

Johnny Horton - Lost Highway

Jason & the Scorchers - Lost Highway

The Handsome Family -Lost Highway

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Lost Highway

Townes Van Zandt - Lost Highway

The Dad Horse Experience - Lost Highway

Saturday 6 July 2024

Saturday Shuffle 59


We kick off this week's shuffle of with The Men They Couldn't Hang and The Colours. They also recently appeared on SS53 with Ironmasters  such is the vagaries of the Shuffle. Whilst doing my homework for this piece(hard to believe but there you go) I noticed that Ironmasters had also appeared on SS3. Apologies.

I think this is the first time we have had a doubler but probably not the last. I try and check but clearly I don't always get it right.

Our cover stars Dexys Midnight Runners have also appeared here before but not with Burn it Down from the great Searching for the Young Soul Rebels. At least I don't think they have.

Well over a year in and somewhat criminally the great Glen Campbell is finally making his shuffle debut which were he still alive would have  undoubtedly  been one of the highlights of his long and illustrious career. Although not one of the three big hitters Where's The Playground Susie is yet another brilliant song by Jimmy Webb effortlessly delivered by Glen. This version is taken from the three CD Cherry Red Compilation - I See You Live on Love Street - Music from Laurel Canyon 1967 - 1975.

More random music from canyons and elsewhere next Saturday.

The Men They Couldn't Hang - The Colours

Dexys Midnight Runners - Burn It Down

Glen Campbell - Where's the Playground Susie

Friday 5 July 2024



2024 Charity Shop Purchases # 44  - Aztec Camera - Stray

Such was the brilliance of Aztec Camera's 1983 debut album High Land, Hard Rain it proved a hard act to follow. The second album 1984's Knife is pretty good but it is generally accepted that their third one 1987's Love was pretty poor.

Their 4th album Stray from 1990 on WEA was generally regarded as a return to form . It is the one which features Mick Jones on Good Morning Britain. The story goes that Roddy Frame wrote it in 45 minutes in the canteen of a rehearsal studio that both Aztec Camera and Big Audio Dynamite were using.

And according to Wiki In an August 2014 radio interview, Frame elaborated further, stating that at the time he wrote the song, Jones lived near his London home; Frame visited Jones after recording the song and said to the Clash guitarist, "You'll either sing on it, or you'll want to sue me", as Frame believed the song was so similar to Jones' previous work

Hopefully it is an apt track as we wake up this morning to the Election results.

Whereas that track alone would have been worth the pound I played the  rest of the album is not too shabby. 

Aztec Camera (ft Mick Jones) - Good Morning Britain

Aztec Camera - Notting Hill Blues

Thursday 4 July 2024

Good Riddance


Voting today will see the end of 14 years of Tory Mis-Rule .This twitter post by Jonathan Pie neatly sums up their "achievements" (not fit for work obviously).

Any sane person will be glad to see the back of them but yet I am finding it hard to get too excited. I mean what is the alternative? Labour under Tory - Lite Sir Keir Starmer a man with zero personality  who writes for the Sun and refuses to denounce Brexit as the disaster it clearly is? He has also indicated that he would be willing to engage with the French Right whilst refusing to engage with the Scottish Government on a number of key issues.

To be honest I'm pretty disillusioned with the lot of them. Whereas it will be good to see them go The Tories are pretty much irrelevant in Scotland and virtually no-one here would be stupid enough to line Farage's red trousers by voting for Reform PLC.

That pretty much leaves the Lib Dems (as a protest vote)  Labour or the SNP. The Greens here may previously have got my vote on occasions but seem to have forgotten what they are meant to stand for.

The SNP have been in power for too long without an effective opposition and have lost their way in terms of key priorities such as housing and Social Care but we currently have no tuition fees, free personal care for the elderly and no prescription charges amongst a number of other things. Would the Labour branch office be allowed to honour these when Westminster is pulling the strings?

I have rarely been so disillusioned but I will hold my nose and vote. After all, people have died to enable us to do so.

I wonder if the Bloggers Party will be on the ballot paper?

Billy Bragg - All You Fascists Bound to Lose (Blokes Version)

Carter USM - I Blame the Government

Jamie Wednesday - Vote for Love

Wednesday 3 July 2024

This Sweet Old World


2024 Charity Shop Purchases # 43 - Lucinda Williams - This Sweet Old World

A couple of Saturdays ago we found ourselves at Clarkston Toll on the South Side of Glasgow. We were pushed for time as we had to get back for an appointment but I managed to quickly pop into Oxfam for a quick browse.

Someone had handed in a few CDs of the more recent Lucinda Williams albums which is something that you don't see every day. I thought I had them all but was wondering why Sweet Old World was under a different cover. It was only on the way home that I remembered that in 2017 she had re-released an updated version in 2017 as This Sweet Old World.I went back up on the Sunday and fortunately it was still there.

It is interesting to her the difference in her voice between 1992 when Sweet Old World was released as her 4th album and 2017 with This Sweet Old World being her 13th album.

It received universal acclaim scoring 86/100 on the Metacritic Aggregator and it got me thinking whether she would have continued this project re-recording subsequent albums had Covid and her stroke not intervened. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road would have been next.

It's time to compare and contrast. 

Lucinda Williams - Six Blocks Away (1992)

Lucinda Williams -Six Blocks Away (2017)

Lucinda Williams -Something About What Happens When We Talk (1992)

Lucinda Williams - Something About What Happens When We Talk (2017)

Tuesday 2 July 2024

On Your Bike - Khayem's Lap of Honour


Just when you thought that all things bike had been exhausted Khayem has pitched in with a lap of honour.

Take it away K

As the series reaches it’s last gasp (actually, that’s just me being chronically unfit…) I’ve found a few more round the back of the bike shed that I’d like to offer up.

Firstly, Madness got tired of driving their car and decided to rewrite the song as a paean to the pushbike on the 12” B-side back in 1982.

Unfortunately, Amy of Amyl & The Sniffers was less fortunate as someone nicked hers, but at least it inspired a short sharp rant on their Giddy Up EP in 2016.

Lurking around the corner and trying not to look suspicious are Peter Hook and David Potts, better known here as Monaco, with this B-side of 1997 single What Do You Want From Me? that doesn’t at all like New Order, honest.

Lastly, Rol previously delivered Pink Floyd’s original and definitive version of their song Bike. Not an obvious one to cover, unless you’re electronic duo Fortran 5 in 1991. Not just any old cover version though, this one painstakingly cut and spliced a comedy legend’s dialogues from numerous Carry On films to create a word - if not note - perfect reproduction of the lyrics. Sid Sings Syd indeed. With apologies to CC listeners everywhere and C in particular!

Thanks Khayem.
A reminder that we move on to two wheeled motorised transport  next Tuesday. Ernie has already pitched in with sone excellent suggestions and a title for the series CC revs the CC's

Monday 1 July 2024



I know what you are thinking. Why is he featuring Tish Hinojosa yet again when she appeared here only 18 days ago with her album Homeland?

There is a very simple explanation. Ernie had a copy of  her 1995 album Frontejas,  on the great Rounder Records label, which was in his charity pile. Rather than that he very kindly gifted it to me when we met up in Newcastle. Such is the generosity of the man given that it has a median value of £3.11 on Discogs

Dangerous Dave provides a helpful review on Amazon explaining the rationale behind a Spanish only album, The  CD helpfully gives the song titles and lyrics in both Spanish and English.  DD, as I like to call him, writes that the songs themselves vary from up-tempo tex-mex polka with guitar, drums and accordion to ballads, sometimes with minimal accompaniment but others with piano and horns.

He likes the ballads but I am more of a tex-mex polka man myself. I think I have counted at least 6 six accordionists on the album. I've gone for track one Pajarillo Barranqueño (Little Riverside Bird) featuring Santiago Jiminez Jr and Déjame Llorar (Let Me Weep) featuring the mighty Flaco Jiminez.

Thanks very much for this Ernie but I still can't quite fathom why you considered letting it go.

Tish Hinojosa - Pajarillo Barranqueno

Tish Hinojosa - Dejame Llorar

Sunday 30 June 2024

Sunday Highway Songs 13 - The End of the Road


13 posts later and after thousands of miles of tarmac covered we finally reach the end of the road.

Four highway songs this week as opposed to the usual three which will take us up to forty songs which seems a good place to stop

We have had the Gulf Coast Highway and this week we head east where Sonic Youth take us on a spin down the Pacific Coast Highway.

The late great Jimmy La Fave takes us down an old favourite as he gives us the Deep South Delta 61 Highway Blues from his appropriately named album Highway Angels ... Full Moon.

Some more Highway Blues follows this time courtesy of Mississippi's Hill County Review

The Isley Brothers have the honour of concluding this series with The Highways of the My Life which neatly sums up the last 13 weeks of my life.

We have now finally run out of gas. I hope you enjoyed the trip.

Sonic Youth - Pacific Coast Highway

Jimmy La Fave - Deep South 61 Delta Highway Blues

Hill County Review - Highway Blues

The Isley Brothers -The Highways of my Life

Saturday 29 June 2024

Saturday Shuffle 58


We went to Newcastle and back by bus and train so no air hostesses were required.

I'm Mandy Fly Me was a top ten hit for 10cc peaking at number 6  in 1976.This was probably about the time that I saw them at the Glasgow Apollo at my second ever concert. I have it on my vinyl album of How Dare You? but this copy is yet another one from Bob Stanley Presents 76 in the Shade which is less crackly.

Jerry Ivan Allison was the drummer with Buddy Holly and the Crickets who had a chart hit in 1958 with Real Wild Child using his middle name Ivan. This is taken from a Mojo compilation Get it On - The Music that made Bolan Boogie. It was recently dispatched to charity but not before I downloaded all the tracks.

We conclude this week with a more recent song namely Moon Song from Punisher a 2020 album by Phoebe Bridgers one I have but don't listen to as much as a should.

More wild children next Saturday.

10cc -I'm Mandy Fly Me

Ivan - Real Wild Child

Phoebe Bridgers - Moon Song

Friday 28 June 2024

Stop the Machine


2024 Charity Shop Purchases #42  Energy Orchard - Stop the Machine 

Sad    Regular readers will recall that while posting Painkiller the fourth album by Northern Irish band Energy Orchard as part of my Newton Stewart Dead Dog haul I advised that I had picked up a second one by them which I would feature in due course.

Due course is now today so you are getting their second album 1992's Stop the Machine on the MCA label.

Whereas Pain Killer was dispensed fairly quickly back to charity an initial listen to Stop the Machine was a much more positive experience. It was not a stop you in your tracks experience but one that said this may have a degree of potential and a couple of further listens are required to decide whether it is a keeper of not

So that's where we are - not yet returned to charity but not yet catalogued and allocated a space on the shelves. It's in the CD equivalent of Limbo.

Some help  would be appreciated. Here are the two singles from the album. Stick or twist?

Energy Orchard - How The West Was Won

Energy Orchard - Blue Eyed Boy

Thursday 27 June 2024

Rachel Sermanni at Paisley Arts Centre


Last Friday we went to see Carrbridge's very own Rachel Sermanni at the recently refurbished Paisley Arts Centre. It was the day after we saw the Bathers. Two concerts in two nights. What are we like?

We have seen her at least twice before once a few years ago at the Mackintosh Church and a short set earlier this year at Celtic Connections when I missed a couple of songs as I had to leave the auditorium with a coughing fit.

Support came from Glasgow singer songwriter Pippa Blundell. She was quite quirky and put me a little in mind of This is the Kit and Rosie Plain.

Rachel is not the most prolific of artists having released only 5 albums in total and only two since 2015. Tied to the Moon, the 2015 album, is the only one I have along with a bought download of the EP Gently, She also tours relatively infrequently so it was good to catch her.

Her set was very entertaining with some great songs, excellent guitar work and interesting and amusing patter. A couple of recent songs she was trailing sounded interesting and reminded me that I really need more of  her stuff.

Rachel Sermanni - Old Ladies Lament

Rachel Sermanni - Jen's Song

Wednesday 26 June 2024

On Your Bike - The Yellow Jersey


We will blame the slight detour to Newcastle for the day's delay to  Transport Tuesday.

With these final offerings the bike posts have now concluded and the yellow jersey has been awarded.

We start with one which should have crossed my radar before now. Here are Edinburgh Indie darlings Ballboy with Olympic Cyclist.

Not to be outdone New York power pop band The dB's pitch in with Cycles.

I'm pretty sure that Endless Cycle by Lou Reed has absolutely nothing to do with bicycles but hey needs must.

Finally we conclude with a song that keen cyclist Swiss Adam has offered up on a couple of occasions. Wild Billy Childish and the Buff Medways  are singing the virtues of the Medway Wheelers.

We are back to Tuesdays next week with Motorised Two Wheeled Transport. As always, contributions and/or guest posts are welcomed.

Ballboy -Olympic Cyclist

The dB's - Cycles

Lou Reed -Endless Cycle

Wild Billy Childish and the Buff Medways - Medway Wheelers

Tuesday 25 June 2024

Away the Lads and Lassies


The big day has finally arrived. Its time for BlogCon 24

Mrs CC and I are off today to catch up again with Alyson and Roddie, CJohn and Jenny  and for the first time with Ernie

I can't tell you where we are off to as I'm sworn to secrecy but it should be fun.

Lindisfarne -Meet Me On The Corner

The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun

Dubstar - Not So Manic Now

Geordie - All Because of You

Monday 24 June 2024

The Bathers at the GUU


On Thursday night we went to see The Bathers at Glasgow University Union's Debating Chamber. It is  a bit of a distance across the city (about 8 miles) but the bus took us from door to door

The first part of the show saw the band play their latest album Sirenesque (on Last Night From Glasgow) in order and in its entirety. Main man Chris Thomson was a picture of concentration as he marshalled the band, which included a string section, through the 12 songs off the album. I've included the final one She Rose Through the Isles for your listening pleasure.

Once the album was out of the way Chris visibly relaxed and began to interact with the audience as they played an old Friends Again song and a few from their back catalogue. Drummer Hazel Morrison heroically delivered a number of operatic arias despite having a cold. The Angel on Ruskin was very good but the highlight for me was Kelvingrove Baby particularly given we were within spitting distance of Kelvingrove Park.

All in all an excellent evening.

The Bathers - She Rose Through the Isles

The Bathers - Kelvingrove Baby

Sunday 23 June 2024

Sunday Highway Songs 12


There is a song written by Robert Earl Keen called The Road Goes on Forever  which has appropriately enough been covered by Country Supergroup The Highwaymen. I am reminded of this when submitting another post in this series.

What is it about Highways and Ghosts? I could probably have done a respectable series on that topic alone. Here are another couple :

The Ghosts of Highway 20 refers to a number of individuals who disappeared or were victims of rape or murder along Highway 20 in the state of Oregon from the late 1970s to the early 1990's not something I suspect that the Oregon Tourist Offices dwell on.

The Ghosts of Highway 20 is also the 12th studio album by Lucinda Williams from 2016 on Highway 20 Records. Looking at the lyrics I'm not sure that the title track has anything to do with the paragraph above.

Not to be outdone Mazzy Star get in on the act with Ghost Highway from their 1990 album She Hangs Brightly.

Neil Young is more content with people rather that ghosts as his song Human Highway from the album Comes a Time. It was first recorded by Crosby Stills Nash Young. Interestingly Neil Young also co-directed a comedy film called Human Highway in 1982

There is at least one or possibly two more weeks left before this series runs out of gas.

Lucinda Williams -The Ghosts of Highway 20

Mazzy Star - Ghost Highway

Neil Young -Human Highway

Saturday 22 June 2024

Saturday Shuffle 57


Given that the Euros are in full flow it was good to see the shuffle throw up a song with Europe in the title. However Radio Free Europe by R.E.M. appeared here just a few days ago. Excellent though it is it didn't feel right to feature it twice in a week.

Zombies however have not appeared here for a while. Here is Time of the Season from the 50th Anniversary of the album Odessey and Oracle by The Zombies. The shuffle came up with the remix of this song but I've opted for the original version. I'm playing fast and loose with the rules this week aren't I?

Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) is a protest song written by the great Woodie Guthrie and is based on a true story. It has been covered a number of times including this version by Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore from their album Downey to Lubbock

We conclude with some fairly obscure Motown namely Does Your Mama Know About Me by Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers from the CD Tamla Motown Big Hits and Hard to Find Classics 1.

More big hits and hard to find classics next Saturday

The Zombies - Time of the Season

Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers - Does Your Mama Know About Me

Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore -Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)

Friday 21 June 2024

Home Again


2024 Charity Shop Purchases # 41 - Michael  Kiwanuka - Home Again

There is a second Energy Orchard album from the Newton Stewart haul which chronologically should have appeared here today. However. I feel it is too close to the previous one so it has been put on hold meantime.

That means a move from Newton Stewart to Stranraer and some more Soul courtesy of Home Again the 2012 debut album of London based singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka on Polydor/Communion.

His is a name I was familiar with but the same could not be said of his music. There has been a fair bit of hype and I know some folk whose opinions I respect like his work particularly his third and latest album Kiwanuka.

For 75p I felt that it merited a purchase and a listen. As of now the jury is still out. His music is described as folk rock and soul. It is definitely soul-lite. It is all a bit confusing. On the first listen I was thinking Jack Johnston this time round a little bit of Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson is sneaking it. It is definitely Sunday morning as opposed to Saturday night music

Gareth James of Clash makes comparisons with Bill Withers and calls the album an absolute treat for fans of rootsy vintage soul

Thom Jurek of AllMusic notes that Paul Butler's vintage sounding production felt paint-by-numbers at times and Kiwanuka's lyrical content needed fine- tuning but concludes that it is a promising debut by an artist who will no doubt deliver big if developed properly

After the first listen it was going back. After a second listen I feel it has potential and that it will probably be a keeper.

Michael Kiwanuka - Tell Me a Tale

Michael Kiwanuka - Always Waiting