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Thursday 31 October 2013

I asked Leroy and Asa and D.Sharpe

Lou Reed's sad demise got me thinking about uber Velvet Underground fan Jonathan Richman , a man so infatuated with the band that he moved to New York from Boston and ended up living in a couch in their manager's home.
He then returned to Boston and formed the Modern Lovers whose first songs were produced by John Cale.
Here are two of their best (2 from 23 Great Recordings!) Roadrunner - a homage to Sister Ray and the ever fabulous Morning of Our Lives

i asked my friends.
Now, leroy and asa and d. sharpe,
Tell her not to be afraid.
Tell her it's okay.
Tell her it's all right.

Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers - Roadrunner

Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers - Morning of Our Lives

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Bissie Lissie

Elisabeth Corrin Maurus, or to give her her stage name  Lissie , began her career with a couple of EPs on the splendid Fat Possum label  which has previously featured on CCM here
However she hit the big time when Columbia released her debut album Catching a Tiger in 2010.
On one of those annoying stickers which are a bugger to peel of the CD jewel case Q describe it/her as" a present day icon for lovers of both blues, folk and country.. designed for sunny days and highways"
To think people actually get payed for writing such twaddle when us bloggers do it for nothing!
It is refreshingly different which probably explains why she hasn't really taken off to the extent that Columbia had obviously hoped.
The second song here is co-written with Ed Harcourt who will pop up at some stage.

Lissie - Record Collector

Lissie - Oh Mississippi

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 13

Jon Langford features prominently  in my Bloodshot section..
With the Waco Brothers, the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, the Sadies and here with fellow ex Mekon Sally Timms on Songs of False Hope and High Values(BS 072) with some sterling Langford artwork.

As the Bloodshot website would have it

Songs of False Hope & High Values has a stripped-down, but not sparse, campfire feel full of jaunty and crushing songs of hope, desperation and heartbreak. It's a couple of wide-eyed Brits wandering through the vast expanses of America soaking in all the grand myths, disappointments and shattered plans that have become part of the roadside scenery.

Originally a limited edition  EP from 2000 mine is number 1523/2000. Subsequently re-released in Australia with an additional 4 tracks

Sally Timms & Jon Langford - Down From Dover

Sally Timms and Jon Langford - Joshua Gone Barbados

Monday 28 October 2013

One Hit Wonders

One hit wonders - and what a hit!
Number one in Britain on 1st February 1978.
Here are Althea Rose Forrest (age 17)  and Donna Marie Reid (age 18) giving it some Uptown Top Ranking.
They released an album of the same name and a couple of other singles but they never troubled the charts again.
Altogether now -

See me in me heels and ting
Dem check sey we hip and ting
True them no know and ting
We have them going and ting
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots

See me pon the road I hear you call out to me
True you see mi inna pants and ting
See mi in a 'alter back
Sey mi gi' you heart attack
Gimme likkle bass, make me wine up me waist
Uptown Top Ranking

Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking

Sunday 27 October 2013

Lou Reed RIP

A friend has just texted me the very sad news that Lou Reed has died.
Scott has posted a very moving and apt  tribute.
It is hard to imagine how music would have panned out and how much poorer all our record collections would have been without the influence of Lou and the Velvet Underground.
The word legend is overused but is totally justified in this instance.


Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For the Man

Lou Reed - Satellite of Love

Southern Soul Sunday 4

Memphis native and Stax stalwart William Bell is 74 and thankfully is still with us and is now living in Atlanta, Georgia.
He was born William Yarborough but his grandma's name was Belle which led to his stage name.
According to Lee Hildebrand in his sleeve notes to Best of William Bell , Bell is as responsible for Memphis soul as Otis Redding and who am I to argue.

Here is Born Under a Bad Sign which he may or may not have  co-written with the mighty Booker T Jones - Wikipedia said he did , it is only credited to Booker T on the album.
Also featured is perhaps his most famous song Private Number , the duet with Judy Clay, which he does get a writing credit for.
Well worth checking out.

William Bell - Born Under A Bad Sign

William Bell & Judy Clay - Private Number

Saturday 26 October 2013

Wayne's World

They say that if you play country music backwards your wife doesn't leave you , your child recovers from illness and your dog doesn't die.
Obviously nobody told this to Wayne "the Train" Hancock - here are two splendid tunes containing just about every country cliche going. Taken from the 1998 album on Ark21 "That's What Daddy Wants"
Recorded live and finished in three days and an absolutely cracking record.
Wayne himself was once on that fast bound train to oblivion before he managed to sort himself out.
I saw him once in Virgin records in Glasgow in the middle of the afternoon playing a couple of songs to largely uninterested passers by (and me!)
The only down side is that Governor George W Bush and wife get a mention in the list of thanks - hopefully for facilitating the music rather than the odious politics.

Wayne Hancock - Highway 54

Wayne Hancock - 87 Southbound

Friday 25 October 2013

Give Me Hedonism

CDs are not really noted for their gimmicks unlike vinyl when you can get picture discs, coloured vinyl, etc, etc.
However my CD single of Marc Almond's The Days of Pearly Spencer is a  limited addition Holographic CD - number 07349 to be exact.
Not only that the CD itself is covered in glittery crystals!
In  a recent post The Vinyl Villian was pondering about artists who were better as subsequent solo artists after being in a band.
What about Marc Almond? His solo work is often seriously underrated and overshadowed by the Soft Cell hits.
I'm  a fan - Give me hedonism indeed!

Marc Almond - The Days of Pearly Spencer

Marc Almond - Dancing in a Golden Cage

Thursday 24 October 2013

The Portsoy Thrift Shop Experience Part 2

The second 25p purchase in Portsoy was altogether more satisfying

I was pretty convinced that I already had Blue Lines- it turned out I didn't and the only one of theirs I had was Mezzanine.
I'm glad I took the chance (for 25p!) as it is very good and quite beyond me as to why I haven't already got it. But hey ho.
This purchase made me look out What Silence Knows , the Shara Nelson solo album which I purchased last year in St Andrews.
To be honest it is one I have struggled to get into and playing it again made little difference.
She is fantastic on this Massive Attack track though.

Massive Attack - Safe From Harm

Shara Nelson - Nobody

Wednesday 23 October 2013

The Portsoy Thrift Shop Experience

Wouldn't that be a great name for a band!

The thrift shop in the rather pleasant North East Scottish village of Portsoy has probably got the cheapest CDs that I've yet come across - four for a pound!
I could only see two that caught my fancy. In retrospect I should have grabbed another two and recycled the jewel cases.
This was one

This Sheffield band is a personal vanity project of one Stephen Jones and are famous for one track "Your Gorgeous" which reached number 3 in 1996 .
Anyone spending more than 25p on the album and expecting more of the same will be extremely disappointed
According to the sleevenotes Ugly Beautiful is the search for perfection and is like trying to kill flies with scissors.
A pile of pants I say

Babybird - Candy Girl

Babybird - You're Gorgeous

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 12

A dozen songs in and here is someone you might not be aware has associations with Bloodshot
Ladies and gentlemen I give you pub rock legend Graham Parker.
It is a long journey from being a petrol pump attendant in Camberley to Chicago Illinois but it is a journey well travelled.
Here is a quite sublime track from 2004's Your Country

Ok, so the record appeared in Britain on the Evangeline label BUT he was a Bloodshot artist at the time and it was issued under licence.
I'm sure you will agree that it deserves to be included.

And, as an added bonus here is an absolutely stonkin' live track from Graham with the Rumour for pub rock enthusiast Walter

Graham Parker - Nation of Shopkeepers

Graham Parker and the Rumour - Hey lord, Don't Ask Me Questions

Monday 21 October 2013

The X Factor

I know what you have been saying -there has not been enough late 70's /early 80's LA Punk on CCM recently and do you know what you are right
So here is a track from Wild Gift by X on Slash Records from 1981.This album was produced by Ray Manzarek of the Doors who sadly left us recently.

X consisted of John Doe on bass and vocals, Billy Zoom in Guitars (my nephew watches someone called Tommy Zoom on Cee Beebies - who I'm fairly sure is no relation),D.J Bonebrake on drums and Exene Cervnka on vocals.

X were a big influence on Ryan Adams - so much so that he has their X symbol tattooed prominently on his arm.

X - In This House That I Call Home

Sunday 20 October 2013

Southern Soul Sunday 3

Don - you just been found guilty by Judge Cupid for stealing the love of another man!

Guilty as charged sir.
Don Covay and the Goodtimers  - track 2 from the quite magnificent  Sanctified Soul on the ever brilliant Kent label.
As the sleevenotes say - In the 1960'S rhythm and blues music broke out of the churches and went in to the night clubs, on to the radio and permeated throughout black America's soul
Veering dangerously close to George's Gospel Sunday territory.

Don Covay & the Goodtimers - I Stole Some Love

Saturday 19 October 2013

It's a Sin

Whilst looking out XTC for my recent Melvaig Inn post this album by Pete Wylie was next to it in the vinyl section (if the CDs were thrown in Steve Wynn, X and X-Ray Spex would have been in between)
I hadn't listened to this for a very long time so thought I would dust it down and give it a listen.
The quality of the recording of the title track is not brilliant but there is no denying that it is a mighty fine tune.
Talking of mighty it is maybe time that his band The Mighty Wah got an airing.

The subject of sin and Jim McLean's Rabbit's recent post on the Louvin Brothers got me to thinking that the word Broadminded spells S.I.N.

Pete Wylie - Sinful

The Louvin Brothers - Broadminded

Friday 18 October 2013

Friday Night is Rockabilly Crossover Night

Although it's Friday and this post features the Queen of Rockabilly herself I hope I'm not stepping on Swiss Adam's toes as this is Wanda Jackson in Country mode
She crossed over from Rockabilly to Country around 1964/65 before returning to her roots around 1980 presumably coinciding with the rise of bands such as the Stray Cats.
She is now 75 and is still recording with her last album Unfinished Business produced by Justin Townes Earle released in 2012.
This is from 1968's Nobody's Darlin' which I got in excellent condition earlier this year from Oxfam in St Andrews.

Wanda Jackson - Tears at the Grand Ole Op'ry

Thursday 17 October 2013

Put Your Records On

2006's eponymous album Corinne Bailey Rae is one of Mrs CC's absolute favourites and has to go in the army haversack for any holidays. Whisper it, but I also quite like it - a subtle mixture of jazz, blues and soul.
Unfortunately her husband Jason Rae died in 2008 and understandably is was not until 2010 that her follow up album The Sea was released.
It is also in the CC Household collection but it has to be said that it does not get anything like the same air play as it's predecessor

Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On

A good blog title!

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Irish Roots

Mrs CC's Irish Roots were showing on holidays as she purchased albums by  Hothouse Flowers and the Saw Doctors two bands from her homeland.
Hothouse Flowers flirted at the margins of the charts in Britain with this song from their 1988 debut album People their biggest hit (peaking at number 11) and the only song of theirs that I can remember.
The Saw Doctors never quite reached these dizzy heights - this is a track from their 1996 album Same Oul' Town.
Needless to say both bands enjoyed considerably more success back in Ireland with the Saw Doctors in particular enjoying 3 number ones.
I can take or leave both bands to be honest -they don't annoy me intensely nor do they make me want to rush out and purchase more of their stuff.

Hothouse Flowers -Don't Go

The Saw Doctors - I Want You More

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 11

Ryan Adams is perhaps the most famous artist ever to have featured in the Bloodshot stable.
I was familiar with him from his Whiskytown days and have seen him performing solo in Glasgow on a number of occasions.
First of was King Tuts in front of a couple of hundred folk. I also remember the QM Union after which my ears weren't right for a week and a sold out gig at the Barrowlands
There were probably others but I most remember the last time I saw him at the Carling Academy.
It was about £25 for a sitty down gig.
The boy came on, stoned out of his head, and during the first half of the concert played about 6 songs poorly and spent the rest of the time gibbering inanely.
I've no idea what the second half was like as I stormed out vowing never to have anything to do with him ever again.
Interestingly, the Glasgow Herald reviewer gave the concert 5 stars, confirming my suspicion that he had written it from the pub and had not bothered going.
About a year ago George texted me extolling the virtues of Heartbreaker (BS071)

After much deliberation and pontification I finally relented and gave it another listen.
Somewhat reluctantly, I had to conclude that it is indeed a work of genius albeit a genius who has disappeared up his own backside

Ryan Adams -Come Pick Me Up

Monday 14 October 2013

The Melvaig Inn

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Gairloch in North West Scotland, make sure you take a trip to the Melvaig Inn about 10 miles further up the coast.
Not only is the coastal drive absolutely stunning with cracking views of the North of Skye and Harris they also serve some excellent local real ale.
More importantly however the Inn hosts a collection of around 10,000 vinyl records!
I thought I'd died and goe to heaven!
Whilst Mrs CC sat with her drink reading the papers I had a right good wander as happy as a pig in smelly stuff.
I got chatting to the owner who said that he had a further 6000 vinyl records in his house. He has no CDs or downloads.
The music is mainly from the 60s to the early 80s and is catalogued into genres.
I spent the short time I had there concentrating on the country and new wave sections where these two artists featured prominently.
I plan to return some day to view the rest

XTC -Making Plans for Nigel

Johnny Cash - The Mystery of Life

Sunday 13 October 2013

Southern Soul Sunday 2

This week's offering is from the fantastic Goldwax label from Memphis founded by the magnificently named Quinton Claunch.
I would thoroughly recommend you purchasing The Goldwax Story volumes 1 and 2 both available from the ever brilliant Kent Records.
Such luminaries as The Ovations, James Carr and OV Wright feature as well as Wee Willie Walker and Gene "Bowlegs" Miller.
Here is the mighty Spencer Wiggins who is now 71 and is thankfully still with us.

Spencer Wiggins - The Power of a Woman

Saturday 12 October 2013

A Texan Country Pub Rock Tribute

Walter's recent post on the demise of pub rock on his tremendous blog  A Few Good Times in My life here had me reaching for Happy Doing What We're Doing by Elizabeth McQueen and the Firebrands.
Somewhat bizzarly Elizabeth and the Boys play their pub rock favourites by:

Ducks Deluxe, Elvis Costello, Eggs Over Easy, Dave Edmunds, Brinsley Schwarz, Squeeze, Dr Feelgood, Graham Parker, Eddie and the Hotrods and Nick Lowe.
Not necessarily all pub rock acts but what the hell.

The covers featured here are from Graham Parker and Dr Feelgood.Graham Parker will appear somewhat surprisingly in a series shortly - you have been warned!

Elizabeth makes reference  in the sleeve notes to the the fabulous book by Will Birch - No Sleep Till Canvey Island. I can't find my copy anywhere and I think my brother may well still have it.

Her uncle gave her a Rockpile album - my aunt gave me the Glitter Band! There is no justice in this world.

Elizabeth McQueen & the Firebrands - Local Girls

Elizabeth McQueen & the Firebrands - That's it, I Quit

Friday 11 October 2013

Fergus - He's Got Soul

The three members of Deacon Blue in this rather splendid picture have all subsequently been employed by BBC Scotland.
As mentioned on more than one occasion on CCM Ricky Ross hosts the fantastic Another Country show on Radio Scotland.
Lorraine McIntosh played Alice, an alcoholic and mother of Deek in the BBC Scotland soap River City.
Dougie Vipond, the drummer, is a sport presenter and also a host of BBC Scotland's Landward outdoors programme.

Deacon Blue are now on their obligatory reunion tour
The two songs I have chosen to feature have specific lyrics which have caught my ear over the years.
The fantastic Dignity makes reference to a Sunblest bread bag probably the only reference to this in popular music.
Fergus Sings the Blues name checks James and Bobby Purify
Strange but true fact -there have been two Bobby Purifys - the original Bobby Purify (Robert Lee Dickey) was replaced by Ben Moore in the 1970's. Not sure which one features in this song or picture

Deacon Blue - Dignity

Deacon Blue - Fergus Sings the Blues

James & Bobby Purify - She Ain't Gonna Do Right

Thursday 10 October 2013


It's guitar god time.
Like numerous artists I have heard and read about Joe Bonamassa rather than actually heard his music.
All this changed, however,last week when I purchased From Nowhere in Particular in the Deveron Age Concern shop in the splendidly named town of McDuff.
I've seen him described as blues rock but to me he is more rock than blues.
There are Black Keys and Stevie Ray Vaughan comparisons but most tracks are too long, too heavy and too twiddly for my taste.
Still, my curiosity has now been sated.It will be filled away in the blues/rock seldom played section

Joe Bonamassa - Another Kinda Love

Wednesday 9 October 2013

When Rod was Good

I know that the younger among you will find this hard to believe but there was a time when Rod Stewart was actually good.
Before he became more famous for his trophy wives and girlfriends, became a celebrity football fan and a lazy get who resorted to bashing out all standards he had some tremendous songs - and here is the proof.
I blame Sailing personally.
Anything before Atlantic Crossing is well worth a listen.
I feel a potential series coming on - singers who used to be good!

Rod Stewart - Mandolin Wind

Rod Stewart - What Made Milwaukee Famous

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 10

It's Bloodshot Tuesday time  - but with a twist!
The Bloodshot Revival series "presents stellar previously unreleased recordings from some of country music's finest names."
This song is from a sampler which includes the likes of Pee Wee King, Spade Cooley, Hank Thomson and Rex Allan
Top Stuff

Sons of the Pioneers - Happy Cowboy

Monday 7 October 2013

A Nice Melody

First up an apology of sorts.
The Will Johnson post was supposed to appear today rather than yesterday but I was incapable of converting Pacific Daylight Time to Greenwich Mean Time properly for the post to be uploaded automatically.
So apologies in advance if Bloodshot Tuesday appears on Monday or Wednesday.
However, as an added bonus here is the smokey, sultry and jazzy tones of Melody Gardot with the title track from 2008's Worrisome Heart.
One of Mrs CC's favourites.

Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart

Sunday 6 October 2013

Southern Soul Sunday

Following a recent post regular contributor George author of the splendid new blog Jim McLean's Rabbit suggested I do a Southern Soul Sunday series.
I was swithering as I already have a series Bloodshot Tuesday on the go.
However on purchasing the above,also in Fort William, I thought I would give it a go.
At first glance from the cover you might think that this is a cheap and nasty compilation featuring the usual suspect.
Cheap it certainly is but nasty it ain't.
It's an absolute cracker with tracks from such luminaries as Doris Duke, Joe Tex,Percy Sledge, Bettye Lavette and Johnny Taylor.
Here, for your listening pleasure is the splendid Ann Sexton and the mighty, and sadly recently departed, Bobby Bland

Ann Sexton - Come Back Home

Bobby Bland - I Can Take You to Heaven

The Thai and Kazakh Will Johnson Appreciation Society

I've received some correspondence from my pal Gogs who is the founder, and indeed sole member of the Thai and Kazakh Will Johnson Appreciation Society requesting that CCM features the prolific hirsute Mr Johnson who operates out of Denton, Texas
He has had two bands  Centro-matic and South San Gabriel on the go at the same time for pretty much his entire career in addition to his solo stuff as well as being involved in New Multitudes, Overseas and Monsters of Folk.
He's released about 20 albums since 1996 and this track is from Centro-matic's 2003 offering Love You Just the same.
I suspect Gog's has got them all and if you wish to be bored rigid I will happily put you in touch!

Centro-matic - Flashes and Cables

Saturday 5 October 2013

He's back!

I'm back and yes Luca unfortunately it looks like my last holiday of the year.
Little and often - that's the secret

Like half the Western world I got Diamond Life by Sade when it came out.
I even got the follow up Promise and saw her at the Edinburgh Playhouse.
Then Ms Adu and I went our separate ways.
We were however reunited a couple of weeks ago in Fort William when I purchased Lovers Rock and a mighty fine record it is too.
A slightly different style than her earlier stuff but it is none the worse for that -if anything it's even better.
Not to be confused with the Sadies!

Sade - Lovers Rock