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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 11

Ryan Adams is perhaps the most famous artist ever to have featured in the Bloodshot stable.
I was familiar with him from his Whiskytown days and have seen him performing solo in Glasgow on a number of occasions.
First of was King Tuts in front of a couple of hundred folk. I also remember the QM Union after which my ears weren't right for a week and a sold out gig at the Barrowlands
There were probably others but I most remember the last time I saw him at the Carling Academy.
It was about £25 for a sitty down gig.
The boy came on, stoned out of his head, and during the first half of the concert played about 6 songs poorly and spent the rest of the time gibbering inanely.
I've no idea what the second half was like as I stormed out vowing never to have anything to do with him ever again.
Interestingly, the Glasgow Herald reviewer gave the concert 5 stars, confirming my suspicion that he had written it from the pub and had not bothered going.
About a year ago George texted me extolling the virtues of Heartbreaker (BS071)

After much deliberation and pontification I finally relented and gave it another listen.
Somewhat reluctantly, I had to conclude that it is indeed a work of genius albeit a genius who has disappeared up his own backside

Ryan Adams -Come Pick Me Up


  1. I love this and the next two albums after that it was diminishing returns I'm afraid. Dear Anne is probably my favourite thing he has written and in true Adams contrariness refuses to record properly and release. He is as we say around here a bit of a fud.

    Here's a link to the best version I have from one of the hundreds of bootlegs floating around, recorded in Stockholm

  2. You are right on both counts Drew - the first 3 records are tremendous - then as the more prolific he became the quality suffered. And he IS a complete fud. Cheers for the link