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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Memphis v Nashville 8

There was an emphatic win last week for Michael Chapman with Memphis in Winter over Jon Langford's Nashville Radio.
Memphis therefore gains a slender lead again with the scores now Memphis 4 Nashville 3

This week it is two Country ladies up against each other. It is Sheryl versus Heather.
In the Memphis corner is the more famous of the two Sheryl Crow with the title track from her eight album 100 Miles from Memphis released in 2010

The Nashville offering is Heather Myles with Nashville's Gone Hollywood from her album Sweet Talk and Good Lies.
An easy one for me this week. I'm going for Honky Tonk Heather. Others, as always may chose to differ

We are getting close to the first to 5 . I'm happy to end it there or if there is any demand to try for first to 10 I will carry on if I can source some more Nashville songs.

Sheryl Crow - 100 Miles From Memphis

Heather Myles -Nashville's Gone Hollywood

Friday, 14 December 2018

Full Moon Fever

Full Moon Fever briefly joined an elite club of albums I have on vinyl and CD.
It didn't achieve this feat as it is a classic. It is good but no classic. No, the CD version was purchased as makeweight in a five CDs for two pounds offer in a charity shop in Stranraer.
I say briefly as it is going back. Not because it is bad (it isn't ) but because it is a bit gubbed in places with two or three tracks jumping or sticking.

From 1989 it was Tom Petty's first solo album  although most of the Heartbreakers and  all  the Traveling Wilburys make an appearance. It is also his most commercially successful record.
I've deliberately omitted the three hit singles Free Fallin', I Wont Back Down and Runnin' Down a Dream as you will also be familiar with them plus they have featured here before.
So instead you are getting The Apartment Song and a cover of the Gene Clark song (I'll ) Feel A Whole Lot Better first recorded by The Byrds,

Tom Petty - The Appartment Song

Tom Petty - Feel a Whole Lot Better

Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Class of 2006 - August Revisited

I've just about reached the bottom of the pile of charity shop CD's picked up on my travels between September and November.
One is Uncut: The Playlist August 2006 purchased in the Mental Health charity shop in Stranraer. It was 50p so I thought I would chance it as I wasn't sure if I already had it.
Checked the shelves and it wasn't there so seems I'm sorted. Or am I?

Checked the blog archives to see which Golden Smog songs I've featured and the one on the CD Listen Joe popped up
Turns out I posted it August 2017 when I featured Uncut: The Playlist August 2006 which I had bought in Stranraer and subsequently returned. So it looks as though I have bought this twice in Stranraer and who knows it may even be the same copy.

For the obligatory Americana track then you  are getting Sufjan Stevens instead of Golden Smog.
I've featured Venus in Furs before, Indeed it was one of the very first songs to feature on the blog, However it was the version by the Ukranians as opposed to the Velvets. Here then is the original.

Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche

Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Crowns& Coronets # 10 - Kings of Jamaica and Scotland

This week sees Osbourne Ruddock the King of Jamaica and Kenny Anderson the King of Scotland.
If you do not recognise  the names how about King Tubby and King Creosote.

King Tubby is a legendary Jamaican sound engineer  and according to the sleeve notes of Crucial Dub he was the original founder of Dub,mentor of Lee Perry, and a hugely respected and innovative figure in Jamaican music.
Is it just me or can others hear a bit of Ring of Fire on Dub Experience?

King Creosote surely needs no introduction. You Just Want is the opening track off his 2016 album Astronaut Meets Appleman and I have just realised that it is longer than this week's Monday Long Song.

King Tubby -Dub Experience

King Creosote - You Just Want

Tuesday, 11 December 2018


I have a vague recollection of the single Ever So Lonely by the band Monsoon way back in 1982.
The lead singer of the band was Sheila Chandra who I have just learned appeared in Grange Hill playing Sudhamani Patel.

I picked up Moonsung: A Real World Retrospective of her solo work  in a Stranraer charity shop along with the Afro Celt Sound System CD on the same label which I featured a few weeks ago.
Moonsung is an interesting blend, or to give it a posher name fusion, of Indian music and folk songs.

It is a very ethereal sound and almost meditative in places. Mrs CC is quite taken with it as am I but I tend to skip over the song where she is speaking in tongues.
Sadly Sheila is no longer performing having quit in 2010 due to burning mouth syndrome.

Sheila Chandra - Dhyana and Donalogue

Sheila Chandra - Lagan Love/Nada Brahma

Monday, 10 December 2018

Monday's Long Song

Ok, so 6 minutes 38 seconds is not a particularly long song.
But these things are all relative and it is long song  in the context that it is long for a band who were the masters of the three minute single.
Pete Shelley is joined in the songwriting credits by Steve Diggle, Stephen Garvey and John Maher.
Although it is from as far back as 1978 it seems far removed from some of their earlier singles.

It represents a change in direction and one which certainly influences a number of bands who came after. I can see  how the likes of The La's and Cast were influenced by this. You can probably come up with some others.

Buzzcocks - Why Can't I Touch It?

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Play That Funky Music

Mrs CC came in a couple of months ago with a couple of charity shop CDs one of which was a two albums on one CD by the Scottish funk and R&B band the Average White Band thus trebling the number of their records on the shelves.
The two albums in question are from the mid to late 70's when they were releasing records on the Atlantic label. I'll write that again THE Atlantic label!

The first song is taken from the 1975 album Benny & Us- a collaboration with Ben E King. I'll write that again - a collaboration with Ben E King!
Ben E doesn't feature in the 1978 follow up Warmer Communications a play on words  given that Warner Communications are the parent company of Atlantic..

It is pleasant enough stuff. There is nothing of the quality of Cut the Cake or Pick Up the Pieces but these two past muster.

Average White Band - What is Soul

Average White Band - Your Love is a Miracle