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Sunday 30 June 2019

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

It's been a long time coming but I have finally got my hands on a Gil Scott-Heron album.
From 1974  and on the Flying Dutchman label The Revolution Will Not Be Televised  is a compilation album containing songs from his three previous albums on the same label.

The music has stood the test of time. Not so sure about the jumper.
The title song was a popular slogan among the 1960s Black Power movements in the United States and has since entered the vernacular .
Sadly Gil died in 2011 aged just 62. Had he still been around today I'm sure that he would have had a few things to say about the man-child currently occupying the Oval Office and I suspect that none of them would be complimentary.
Sadly there appears to be a dearth of protest singers on both sides of the Pond when arguably we need them most.

Gil Scott- Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Gil Scott-Heron - Lady Day and John Coltrane

Saturday 29 June 2019

Double Initials - YY

The penultimate post in this interactive and indeed educational series.

George was quick off the mark suggesting the female rapper Yo Yo and this suggestion was followed up by Dirk with a request for a specific song..
Bit of a conundrum as she appears to be known as Yo-Yo. We have a hyphen situation so not sure if she counts. It's a good song so it is featuring anyway.

Next up is the tag team of Ernie Goggins and Ramone666 with requests for Yabby You the great Jesus dread. Ernie provided the song and Ramone the endorsement. He also turned up fairly recently at  Ramone's place.

Rol  pitched in with a couple as his want. I've gone with his first choice Younger Younger 28s.

C is clearly too trendy and down with the kids to feature with her suggestion of  Years & Years.

First a hyphen now another one for the judging panel. Do treble initials count? They surely must if the Yeah Yeah Yeah's are involved. They throw in another Y in the song title for good measure.
And following Ernie's suggestion for the sake of balance we finish with Yeah Yeah Noh

Next week the final instalment ZZ. Eazzy peazzy. You know what to do.

Yo-Yo - Girl Don't Be No Fool

Yabby You - Blood a Go Run Down King Street

Younger Younger 28s - We're Going Out

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control

Yeah Yeah Noh - Beware the Weakling Lines

Friday 28 June 2019


The second of last wekend's Compilation haul was Destroy! from Mojo magazine from July 2018.
It is a celebration of Punk from 1977. The year I turned 16 which was a great age to be for this musical revolution.
Some of the music has stood the test of time and much sadly hasn't. The DIY ethos ensured that some offerings were pretty rudimentary and others downright awful.
No standouts in this collection but one or two duds.Yours for 60p on Discogs

Not one I'm keeping although I have downloaded a third of the tracks. Here are three of them that are still worth a listen.

Thursday 27 June 2019

Country Girl

A few months ago we went to see the film Wild Rose starring Irish actor Jessie Buckley.It is about a young woman, Rose-Lynn Harlan, who has gone off the rails but who is seeking redemption by performing Country music.
It is a bit cliched in places but hugely enjoyable. Plus it is set primarily on the South side of Glasgow featuring Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry and the Laurieston Bar
Jessie Buckley is a revelation both in terms of her acting (and very plausible Glaswegian accent) and with her singing.
The night  we saw it Mrs CC got up in the middle of the night and bought tickets to see her perform live at St Lukes tonight!
She also bought the soundtrack. 12 songs, mostly covers, but also a couple of pretty good originals.
Buckley is an actor who sings as opposed to a singer but you can hardly tell. (turns out I was wrong there she is a singer who acts).

The opening sequence of the film is accompanied by her interpretation of Primal Scream's County Girl which sets the tempo for the rest of the film.

It hopefully should be a good night.

Jessie Buckley - Country Girl

Primal Scream -Country Girl

It was a fantastic night
I was a wee bit sceptical beforehand but boy can she sing.
Blues , country you name it. A bundle of energy with a terrific personality.
Gig of the year so far

Wednesday 26 June 2019

State of the Union - New Hampshire

George writes
New Hampshire. This is a fascinating place: for example, it was the first state in the whole of the USA to instal a green LED traffic light. What more? Well, In 1933, the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen held the first ever crafts fair in the entire nation. That would be the whole of the USA. Wait, there’s more. The very first state lottery in the whole of the USA was established in New Hampshire. Man Alive, after all that excitement time for a lie down….

Here’s a relevant song. I checked the online encyclopedia for this lot, and I think the band are not fans of this source, for a group that made records for 30 years there is only one page, it has six lines of basic information, and a list of albums, none of which have hyperlinks.

The man who played a golf shot on the moon was born in New Hampshire. Alan Shepard. And he was the first American in space.

Writer of tedious novels Dan Brown comes from New Hampshire.
Writer of great novels (A Prayer for Owen Meany, The World According to Garp) John Irving was born in New Hampshire.

But New Hampshire should really be best known as the home of Betty and Barney Hill. This remarkable couple were the first people ever abducted by aliens in the whole of the USA. In 1961. And let me tell you this, it did Betty the world of good, she lived to be 85. Barney suffered from his experience, dying at the age 47. There’s a big sign to mark the exact location of this occurrence (the alien abduction, that is, not the location of Barney’s demise).

And finally, leaving the best ‘til last. The very first potato planted in the USA was planted in Derry. New Hampshire.

Nest tune will definitely not be New Hampshire Three by Etat, it frightened Shaggy. And no way are you getting New Hampshire by Flan, they want $1 for a 39 second track. And if you’ve got a spare 7 minutes you can listen to this nonsense

I don’t recommend it, but it did not frighten my dog so it had that going for it.
Quite surprisingly, Shaggy nearly slept through this cacophony, but he did give me a “what the hell is that?” look, so I turned it off.
He remained unperturbed throughout the electronica of New Hampshire by Gold God, completely ignored New Hampshire by Joan Sullivan (so you can as well), although a rather noxious smell did fill the room while it was playing……
I’ve done three pages of New Hampshire on Bandcamp now, it’s really really tedious.
But finally, finally, something decent. Shades of Sufjan Stevens, approval of Shaggy, what is not to like?

That’s the last track on the album of the same name.

And that is New Hampshire, where you must, MUST, look down when having a pee on a sunday, it being illegal look up whilst doing so.

(I hope he’s not breaking the law….)

Half way through the states.

CC writes:
Bon Jovi time - we're half way there.
Sorry to disappoint you but no Bon Jovi today. Found this instead which is not bad

Matt Pond PA - New Hampshire

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Think of It as a Social Service

So begins the blur on the above compilation Word of Mouth - the best way to discover great new music - from Word Magazine in October 2005.
One of 4 compilation CDs I picked up at the weekend at 50p a pop.
I buy far too many compilations I suspect that if I wasn't doing the blog I would buy significantly less.
Yup a public service indeed and to paraphrase the blurb again I suffer so you don't have to.
I quite like going through them and sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

The problem is I probably only ever listen to them once or twice and they take up space which is at a premium. I may from now on download the songs that I like and then put them back.The trouble is that takes time and effort so they will probably end up in a big pile somewhere.

13 songs on this one only two of which I already have. Nothing startling but no real duffers either.To my choices:
Sylvie Lewis is an English folk singer and this track is from her 2005 album Tangos and Tantrums on Cheap Lullaby Records. She is the daughter of BBC presenter Martyn Lewis. Thankfully I only found that out after listening to her.
Beauty Shop are another new to me band.They are from Champaign, Illinois and are no longer on the go.This song is from the album Crisis Helpline which was released on Glasgow's Shoeshine Records label
Most of you will be familiar with Nada Surf. They come from New York but should really come from California as their songs have a jingly summer poppy feel to them. This song is from The Weight is a Gift on the ever excellent Barsuk label.

Sylvie Lewis - By Heart

Beauty Shop - Nightcrawlers

Nada Surf - Do It Again

Monday 24 June 2019

A Good Idea

Friday's reference to Sugar had me reaching for Copper Blue to play in the car on the commute to and from work.
It's been a wee while since I last listened to it. Probably too long in fact as it is a terrific record and a splendid racket altogether.
George and I saw them in the Barrowlands and my ears were ringing for a week.

This got me thinking and I came up with a good idea. Noisy Music Monday!
Just the thing to kick start the week and ensuring that you are all wide awake, alert, bushy tailed and ready to go for the week at the coalface.

It is only fitting that Sugar kick us off.

Sugar - A Good Idea

Sugar - Fortune Teller

Sunday 23 June 2019

Another Hawley Sunday

Before it slips off my radar, and for the sake of completeness, I have decided to feature Lowedges by Richard Hawley as a companionpiece to last Sunday's featuring of Late Night Final  given that both were recent charity shop purchases at the same time.
From 2003 it was his third studio album and was the one after Late Night Final and the one before Coles Corner the one which shot him to fame (do keep up).

Last week Drew took the trouble to mention that I'm on Nights was probably his favourite Hawley song so this one is for him.
And of course it would be impossible to ignore his take on  William Bell's classic You Don't Miss Your Water (Till Your River Runs Dry) as that would be foolhardy in the extreme.

Richard Hawley - I'm On Nights

Richard Hawley - You Don't Miss Your Water (Till Your River Runs Dry)

Saturday 22 June 2019

Double Initials XX

Another tricky week but we have again managed to come up with three acts  - of course none of which are down to me.
Once again I am particularly indebted to two colleagues who have been producing the goods pretty much on a weekly basis

Ramone666 has offered up a song by Cleveland band X__________X who the internet informs me are a no wave band (no, me neither) No wave, as I now know, was a short-lived avant-garde music and art scene that emerged in the late 1970s in downtown.I'm happier knowing that.

International playboy Ernie Goggins pitches in with Xiang Xiang who as you all know was the most popular internet pop star in China in 2005. Her  rather lovely song Xai Chong translates as Summer Insects.

The obvious one was obviously the xx. Having nothing by them and little knowledge of them I  again relied on others.
Jez advised that they are unsufferably dull but suggested a remix by Greg Wilson of a song called Night Time. Sorry Jez but I couldn't track that one down.
Rather as suggested by Nic and C you are getting their cover of Teardrops a song which as C points out was originally recorded by another double initial act namely Womack and Womack.

Double Y next week (and probably a treble Y as well). As ever suggestions welcomed

X ___________X - Approaching the Minimal With Spray Guns

Xiang Xiang - Xai Chong (Summer Insects)

The xx - Teardrops

Friday 21 June 2019

Another New Miserable Experience

It is always interesting when checking the stats to see an old post popping up.
It often leads me to having a wee look to see what I wrote at the time. In some cases it also leads to me dusting down the disc/record to give it a spin.
Such was the case when a previous post about New Miserable Experience by the Gin Blossoms popped up recently.
I've always had them down as an Americana band and therefore they are on the Americana shelves.
However as I pointed out the last time on some songs they have a rockier twang about them and also a touch of  power pop

Last time round I mentioned that I could hear a touch of R.E.M. Now I'm also hearing Husker Du/Sugar. No bad thing, as I'm sure you'll agree
Last time I played the two singles which will be familiar to some of you. Today I have gone for a couple of the rockier album tracks.
You can thank me later.

Gin Blossoms - Hold Me Down

Gin Blossoms - Hands Are Tied

Thursday 20 June 2019

They'd Get My Vote

I came away from Tuesday night's Tory Boy Prime Minister debate with an urgent need to cleanse my palate.
Five bald men fighting over a comb all of whom would stab their granny in the back for a whiff of power.
You can see why Johnston has been dodging the media. Incapable of answering a question or indeed of  putting a coherent sentence together.
If, or sadly more likely when, he becomes Prime Minister we will no longer have the right to take America to task over Trump.

Some bouncy music was urgently required and what better than the above Bow Wow Wow compilation which I acquired recently.
Sadly Go Wild in the Country doesn't feature but these two beauties do.
A band that caused controversy at the time due to an album cover featuring a nude 14 year old Annnabella Lwin.
It strikes me that their manager Malcolm McLaren had a lot in common with Boris Johnston - a right pair of absolute chancers with  a degree of style over substance who anyone with any sense could see straight through

Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

Bow Wow Wow -C:30 C:60 C:90 Go

Wednesday 19 June 2019

State of the Union - Florida

George writes:
Florida, home of Mrs Shouty (Judge “beauty fades, dumb is forever” Judy). Well, one of her houses is there. For some reason I am expecting there to be many many fine songs to choose from, unlike those rubbishy states like Maine and Montana. Speaking of rubbishy things, “she comes from Tallahassee, she’s got a high flyin’ chassis” will not be featured here. Neither will Clapton’s “Mainline Florida”.. And there is a song by Whiskeytown that cannot feature because the place it references is not in this state.

Things I associate with Florida: oranges, a huge retirement community, the everglades & alligators, hysterical Cubans, CSI Miami, dubious electoral outcomes  (Bush, 2000) There are probably many more delights, but that what’s springs to mind.

First song, an old old blues track by Blind Blake, who might have been born in Jacksonville (Florida) or Newport News (Virginia) (but a la Schrodinger, not both).

Looking at the picture, I suspect Mr Blake was visually challenged. As was one of my grandfathers, blind in one one eye, and visually challenged in the other. He was a lollipop man. He was, no joke.

(Above is Blind Blake, not my grandad)

In Tampa Bay it is illegal to eat cottage cheese after 6pm on sunday. And as I was typing that I wondered what cottage cheese was. I do remember that in the late 1970s in Dundee you could buy small plastic tubs of what was called cottage cheese, small white lumpy stuff in a white creamy sauce. I used to quite like it.

The first song was the blues, and the second is a sort of rock/blues song, by Joan Osborne from her first album Relish. That’s the album with that rather annoying “one of us” track on it, but the rest of the album is quite good, shades of Lucinda Williams (to these ears).

Pensacola is the largest city on the Florida panhandle. Of course I knew not what was meant by a panhandle. But I do now. And so will you if you read this next bit (unless you already knew): it is a narrow strip of land connected (in this case) to a state only one side, like the handle of a frying pan. Look!

(it’s that bit stuck on the left)

See what you’re getting, a good education here and good music. Like my lessons.

And an alert for tree-huggers out there, do not go wrapping your arms around the manchineel tree, it carries loads of toxins and the sap will give you blisters.

But we should all be ranking Florida as one of our top five favourite states, certainly musically, as Gram Parsons was born there.

CC writes: 
From Loose :New Sounds of the New West Vol 3 here are The Shallows with a song about the State capital

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Nothing's Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now

I saw Justin Townes Earle perform when he was around 14. It was at the Concert Hall in Glasgow and he was playing guitar in the band of his father Steve.
Both father and son have had significant addiction issues and thankfully both have come out the other end.
However it has probably left them slightly scarred and you can see it in their writing.

I've posted the occasional Justin song from Bloodshot Samplers before but 2012's Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now a recent charity shop acquisition is the first of his albums I have ever owned.
It's pretty stark and autobiographical as these songs demonstrate. He clearly has some unresolved parental issues. Indeed the two albums after this one are entitled Single Mothers and Absent Fathers.

Justin Townes Earle - Am I That Lonely Tonight?

Justin Townes Earle - Movin' On

Monday 17 June 2019

The Ballantrae Bonanza -White Boy With a Feather

The final installment in the Ballantrae Bonanza series and the second random choice  was Jason Downs with White Boy with a Feather.
Let's face it who wouldn't be tempted with an album cover and title like that?
It just goes to show that appearances can be deceptive.
What part of a mix of country and rap strikes you as a good idea?
Some folk appear to differ. In the 6 Amazon customer reviews there are four 5 star reviews, one 4 star review and one 1 star review. I'm firmly in the later camp.

It has to be said that the song Cherokee (reflecting his Native American heritage) is not bad. Originally I did not get that far having listened to the title track which starts the album and about 30 seconds of the second track.
It has already gone back for some other poor unsuspecting soul.

Jason Downs -Cherokee

Jason Downs - White Boy With a Feather

Sunday 16 June 2019

Hawley Sunday

Last week's charity excursion saw me trebling the number of Richard Hawley albums on the shelves.
Up until then I only had Coles Corner.
This has now been joined by Lowedges and today's offering Late Night Final.
Yup a Late Night Final on a Sunday morning.
Named after the cry by newspaper vendors when selling the Sheffield Star evening newspaper in the days when there was such a thing.
In Glasgow the cry was "Times, News and Citizen" as at one stage we had three evening papers.The Evening Times is the only one still limpimg along.

From 2001 on the Setanta label it is second album and his first full length one.It is also rather good

Richard Hawley - Something Is ...!

Richard Hawley - Baby, You're My Light

Saturday 15 June 2019

Double Initials WW

Nearly there - only four more to go and this one WW is probably the easiest.

Swiss Adam  was quick off the blocks with a request for some Rockabilly specifically Wayne Walker with All I Can Do is Cry. I found it on my hard drive and I'm guessing it's been there since Adam featured it on his wonderful and sadly missed Friday Rockabilly Series.

I made reference to The Watermelon Sampler Volume 1 yesterday for it is there where track one is by Webb Wilder a name that nobody got.

Wooden Wand, my newest favourite act is next up. He features on Rol's usual long list of suggestions but thanks are due to Ramone666 for pushing some of his stuff in my direction.

Oh, and sorry Rol nice try but the Wombles of Wimbledon Common were never going to trouble the judging panel.

Finally this week and by way of thanks for Basement Beehive here are Bordeaux finest Watoo Watoo for my dear friend Brian

It is XX  next weekand I believe there is a fairly obvious choice although I have nothing by and have never knowingly listened to the act in question.Songs and comments welcomed.

Wayne Walker - All I Can Do is Cry

Webb Wilder - Stay Out of Automobiles

Wooden Wand - Wither Away

Watoo Watoo -Modern Express

Friday 14 June 2019

Tex Mex Friday

I've been listening to a sampler CD from Watermelon Records in Austin this week for reasons which will become clearer tomorrow.
It is imaginatively called The Watermelon Sampler Volume 1. 
There is some good stuff on it namely Americana but also a couple of Tex Mex and conjunto numbers for good measures.
Tish Hinojosa from San Antoine sings in both Spanish and English often both on the same record as is the case on Manos, Hueses y Sangre which for non-Spanish speakers like myself translates as Hands, Bones and Blood (it sounds much nicer in Spanish.).From her Aquella Noche album released in 1991 which translates as That Night apparently.

Santiago Jiménez Jr, not surprisingly is the son or Santiago"Flaco" Jiménez Sr a pioneer of conjunto accordion music, and the younger brother of the greatest of them all Flaco Jiménez. Here he plays and sings Marina, Marina a song you may well recognise given that it has been covered by many an artist.

Tish Hinojosa - Manos, Huesos y Sangre

Santiago Jimenez Jr - Marina, Marina

Thursday 13 June 2019

The Ballantrae Bonanza - Moonpie Dreams

The penultimate Ballantrae CD and quite possibly the last one as I'm not sure that I can pluck up the courage to subject to to the final one. We'll see.
Up to this year I had no albums by Kate Campbell. I now have two picked up in charity shops at opposite ends of the country.
Moonpie Dreams her second album from 1997 joins 2003's Monuments  which was purchased in Fort William in early March.

As I said the last time she is one of those artists who straddles the moveable feast that is the line between mainstream and alternative country.
All Music compares her to Nanci Griffith which I can see and Gillian Welch which I can't. Hope that hasn't put you off too much.

Kate Campbell -When Panthers Roamed in Arkansas

Kate Campell - See Rock City

Wednesday 12 June 2019

State of the Union - Minnesota

George writes:

(he must be from Brainerd, Minnesota)

Minnesota, in which there is town (Brainerd) where it is required by law for men to grow a beard, has given us some fantastic music. Son Volt  started out in Minneapolis.. And Babes In Toyland. Kat Bjelland is 9 months younger than me, and I must say for someone in her late middle-age to be fronting such a screaming, raucous outfit such as Babes In Toyland is rather undignified. Especially for a woman. She needs to catch herself on.

(Jane Russell, of course)

Unlike some states (Montana for example!) there are a plethora of interesting, noteworthy people born in Minnesota. The Coen Brothers for a start, makers of outrageously great films (Blood Simple, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Fargo of course) and duds (like The Big Lebowski, Barton Fink, The Hudsucker Proxy).  Then there’s Jane Russell (actress and wearer of cantilever bra), Judy Garland and Jessica Lange. And John Paul Getty III, the poor youth who was kidnapped and had his ear cut off and lived a very unhappy life thereafter. And Sinclair Lewis, author of “It Can’t Happen Here”, but unfortunately it did in 2016.

And to a song. Not country, alt-country, american, but soul!

But I find it impossible not to include at least one americana/alt-country track, so here’s a fine song, that is strongly reminiscent of Trailer Bride at their gothic best, by Trampled By Turtles:

Duluth, where it is illegal for animals to sleep in a bakery,  is also the title of an impenetrable novel by Gore Vidal.

And Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minneapolis. And Bob Dylan, whose Positively 4th Street may or may not have been about a street in Minneapolis and this uncertainty meant it could not be included.

(Ms Bjelland, you’re almost 56!)

And that’s Minnesota, home of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul’s. And in yet another bout of startling ignorance I thought they were two cities facing each other across a river, like Gateshead and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Buda and Pest, Dundee and Newport-on-Tay. But they don’t.

CC writes:
A Tom Waits song sung better than Tom ever could

Neko Case - Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis

Tuesday 11 June 2019

The Sun and the Stars Pass in Time

A pleasant little mini- haul at my local charity shop over the weekend.
Four CDs (five if you count Ben Folds Five but that is going back) and a CD single.

The more astute among you will have worked out that Pass in Time: by Beth Orton is one of them.
From 2003 it is  subtitled The Definitive Collection and is a two disc set of her stuff on the Heavenly label up to that date the second disc being a bonus disc of collaborations with other artists, remixes and b-sides.
It is rather good.

One from each disc for you today
On disc 1 and taken from the Trailer Park album is her take on The Ronettes number I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine
The side 2 offering is Stars All Seem to Weep the b-side from the 1999 Stolen Car single which was produced by Ben Watt.

Beth Orton -I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine

Beth Orton - Stars All Seem to Weep

Monday 10 June 2019

The Ballantrae Bonanza - Poet, Fool or Bum

Ballantrae is clearly the place to go for anyone interested in picking up Lee Hazlewood albums.
A previous trip saw me coming away with a vinyl copy of Nancy and  Lee in near mint condition.
This time round it was one of those two albums on one CD jobs with 1973's Poet, Fool or Bum followed by 1977's Back On The Street Again.
According to Iffypedia John Bush of AllMusic gave the album 3 stars out of 5, saying: "Poet, Fool or Bum caught Lee Hazlewood in a sentimental, chagrined mode that didn't compare well to his earlier hard-bitten material.
There is probably a degree of truth in that statement but the album is well worth 30p of anyone's money which is what I paid given I bought 9 CD's for 3 quid and this one contained two albums.
Heck, these two tracks are probably worth 3 quid alone.The title track alone is a belter

Poet, Fool or Bum - I suspect that Lee was probably all three at various stages of his life.
I'll feature Back on the Street Again in due course
Lee Hazelwood - Poet, Fool or Bum

Lee Hazelwood - Nancy and Me

Sunday 9 June 2019

Honky Tonk Hanks

Sometimes when you are looking for inspiration for a post it just pops up and slaps you in the face.
One such example happened during the week when I was playing an Uncut compilation from February 2013  called Honky Tonk Heroes in the car on the way to work.
I noticed that the artists on tracks 10 - 14 were all Hanks. Sorted.

We start with the Gov'ner and the only one who died young (at the tender age of 29) the Hillbilly Shakespeare  himself Hank Williams.
Hank is followed by Texan Hank Thompson whose career spanned seven decades prior to his death in 2007 at the age of 82.
Hank is followed by Canadian Hank Snow who outlived Hank T dying at the age of 85..
Finally Hank is followed by Hank Locklin who outlived them all by living to the ripe old age of 91.

A CD well worth picking up if you see it on your travels. It also contains two of my favourite ever songs but not by my preferred performers.
You're Still On My Mind is sung by George Jones as opposed to The Byrds with Porter Wagoner instead of  The Walkabouts singing A Satisfied Mind.
Oh and for good measure Carl and Pearl Butler also appear with the majestic Don't Let Me Cross Over.

Hank Williams -You Win Again

Hank Thompson - A Broken Heart and a Glass of Beer

Hank Snow - Miller's Cave

Hank Locklin - Please Help Me, I'm Falling

Saturday 8 June 2019

Double Initials - V V

Confession time - I was up early last Saturday morning editing the UU post as I had mistakenly mentioned that it was WW as opposed to VV this week. This far in you would think I should know my alphabet by now.

Anyhow it IS  VV today and we have the usual eclectic mix again for you this week.
We start with the one that I had come up with quickly endorsed by Rol namely Vincent Vincent & the Villains with a song from their only album 2008's Gospel Bombs.To me they come across as a cross between Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand and a 50's Rock'n'Roll band.

If I said that the next song was by a Ukranian rock band I'm sure that most of you would quickly guess that it was offered up by a certain Mr Ernie Goggins. Here is the skinny  on the mighty Vopli Vidopliassova.

As is his want Ramone666  again very kindly provided some excellent suggestions. I've gone for Vickie & the Van Dykes who I'm guessing were a 60's Girl group. All I can find out is that they appeared on a compilation called Basement Beehive : The Girl Group Underground which sounds pretty interesting and worth exploring further.

Finally in the comments section C stated I'd like to offer V V Brown, who I remember seeing on Later With Jools Holland quite a few years ago, she had a very interesting fringe and a dog tooth check top.
You will be pleased to know C that  I have managed to track down that very performamce. Impressive powers of recollection there.

Next week is definitely WW!. Plenty to choose from. Let's be having you.

Vincent Vincent & the Villains - Killing Time

Vopli Vidopliassova - Pidmanula

Vickie & the Van Dykes - Outcast