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Saturday 22 June 2019

Double Initials XX

Another tricky week but we have again managed to come up with three acts  - of course none of which are down to me.
Once again I am particularly indebted to two colleagues who have been producing the goods pretty much on a weekly basis

Ramone666 has offered up a song by Cleveland band X__________X who the internet informs me are a no wave band (no, me neither) No wave, as I now know, was a short-lived avant-garde music and art scene that emerged in the late 1970s in downtown.I'm happier knowing that.

International playboy Ernie Goggins pitches in with Xiang Xiang who as you all know was the most popular internet pop star in China in 2005. Her  rather lovely song Xai Chong translates as Summer Insects.

The obvious one was obviously the xx. Having nothing by them and little knowledge of them I  again relied on others.
Jez advised that they are unsufferably dull but suggested a remix by Greg Wilson of a song called Night Time. Sorry Jez but I couldn't track that one down.
Rather as suggested by Nic and C you are getting their cover of Teardrops a song which as C points out was originally recorded by another double initial act namely Womack and Womack.

Double Y next week (and probably a treble Y as well). As ever suggestions welcomed

X ___________X - Approaching the Minimal With Spray Guns

Xiang Xiang - Xai Chong (Summer Insects)

The xx - Teardrops


  1. Female rapper Yo Yo.I have one her albums, Make Way For The Motherlode.

  2. Yabby You, the great Jesus dread.

  3. If you are going to feature the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, perhaps you could find room for Leicester's finest, Yeah Yeah Noh. Technically they don't qualify but I think it is important to hear both sides of the argument

  4. I would of course plump for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (currently playing in this very house!) but if you want get really down wiv da kids you could do worse than have current pop band Years & Years... I have something of guilty pleasure style soft spot for their song 'King'...

  5. I also offer The Yeah Yous, who I know only from an old Word compilation CD, but their tune Cliff Top is pretty nice.

    Oh, and Yo Yo Ma. His performance of Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major (Prelude) is possibly my favourite piece of classical music.

  6. Nothing, please, by the Ying Yang Twins, absolute nonsense. I am currently listening to Years and Years (King), and (sorry C) there is no pleasure involved at all.

    1. No worries George, not my usual fare at all at all, just one of those weird occasions when you quite like something you wouldn't normally.

    2. C, I have just seen on the tv here that Years&Years are playing at the large music festival to the south of us.

  7. Yo Yo is an excellent suggestion, George: 'Girl, Don't Be No Fool' for example is marvellous!

    But there's also (The) Yum Yums ....