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Saturday 29 June 2019

Double Initials - YY

The penultimate post in this interactive and indeed educational series.

George was quick off the mark suggesting the female rapper Yo Yo and this suggestion was followed up by Dirk with a request for a specific song..
Bit of a conundrum as she appears to be known as Yo-Yo. We have a hyphen situation so not sure if she counts. It's a good song so it is featuring anyway.

Next up is the tag team of Ernie Goggins and Ramone666 with requests for Yabby You the great Jesus dread. Ernie provided the song and Ramone the endorsement. He also turned up fairly recently at  Ramone's place.

Rol  pitched in with a couple as his want. I've gone with his first choice Younger Younger 28s.

C is clearly too trendy and down with the kids to feature with her suggestion of  Years & Years.

First a hyphen now another one for the judging panel. Do treble initials count? They surely must if the Yeah Yeah Yeah's are involved. They throw in another Y in the song title for good measure.
And following Ernie's suggestion for the sake of balance we finish with Yeah Yeah Noh

Next week the final instalment ZZ. Eazzy peazzy. You know what to do.

Yo-Yo - Girl Don't Be No Fool

Yabby You - Blood a Go Run Down King Street

Younger Younger 28s - We're Going Out

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control

Yeah Yeah Noh - Beware the Weakling Lines


  1. Zinedine Zidane. Soundtrack by Mogwai.

  2. I'm guessing ZZ Top doesn't count?

  3. I think I have sent you Ziggy Zaga already. I can also offer Zuider Zee, a 1970s US band. The few tracks I have by them are pretty dreadful, but if needs must...

    And would top Moldovan gypsy punks (and Eurovision stars) Zdob si Zdub count? They bestride this end of the alphabet like a colossus in my humble opinion

  4. There is a band called the Zsa Zsa Gabors, although that doesn't meet your strict criteria. Then again, neither did Yeah Yeah Noh. By the way, my research shows that it is Yp Yo, not Yo-Yo.

    1. By now it must be fairly obvious that I am making up/breaking the rules as I go along!

    2. A man after my own heart!

  5. I also found a band called Zzzz on Polyvinyl.

    And a weird instrumental by a group called Zombie Zombie.

  6. The only combo I know is zZz - they had a tune called 'Lucy'!