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Tuesday 30 June 2015

The Sum and The Parts

It's Alternative Country supergroup time again folks this time in the guise of The Flatlanders.
They hail from Lubbock on the Texas plains.
Indeed when I saw them at the sadly lamented Arches one of them (I can't remember which) claimed that their name was derived from the fact that the land was so flat that you could see 100 miles in any direction and 200 if you stood on top of a sardine can.
As the picture indicates there are three of them who started of as a band in 1972 and who all have gone on to enjoy successful solo career getting together sporadically to record and perform as The Flatlanders.
A trivial fact about each one of them

  • Jimmie Dale Gilmore played a bowler called Smokey in The Great Lewbowski
  • Joe Ely toured with The Clash and sings backing vocals on Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • Butch Hancock is a talented photographer who has a gallery called Lubbock or Leave It
Here they are together and seperately

Monday 29 June 2015

This Song Belongs to P.F.Sloan

P.F, Sloan is a singer but predominantly a songwriter who was pretty prolific and pretty successful in the 60's  penning songs for the likes of Jan and Dean, The Searchers, Herman's Hermits  and The Turtles. He is also the author of Eve of Destruction the huge hit for Barry McGuire.
He recorded a comeback album Sailover on Hightone in 2006 where he was joined by guests including Lucinda Williams, Frank Black and Buddy Miller. The excellent Soul of a Woman is from that album.
Fellow songwriter the great Jimmy Webb wrote a song about him subsequently covered by Jackson Browne, Jennifer Warnes and Rumer.
However, they subsequently fell out leading to Jimmy claiming that he had made the name up (as you do)

P.F.Sloan - Soul of a Woman

Rumer - P.F.Sloan

Sunday 28 June 2015

Some Sunday Soul

On his latest post on the ever excellent Feel It blog Darcy made reference to Angie Stone and Jill Scott who were flying the soul flag in the early '00s.
Hang on I thought there are two artists who have yet to feature on SSS.
So we will start with Angie Stone and her debut album Black Diamond on Arista Records from 1999.
I think I bought this record in Stirling. Wherever it was a sticker on the front tells me it was from Europa Music and I paid £5 for the privilege.
I must admit that it is a long time since I have taken it from the shelves and given it a spin.
Whereas I prefer my soul somewhat rougher and slightly less polished I was pleasantly surprised when I played it in the car the other day.
It was better that I remembered and it particular on these  two tracks.

No prizes for guessing who will feature next week.

Angie Stone -Life Story

Angie Stone - Love Junkie

Saturday 27 June 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

Such is the randomness of Saturday Lucky Dip that on the last Saturday in June we find ourselves featuring An Autumn Almanac - 15 Songs in the Spirit of Ray Davies - an Uncut compilation from December 2010.

A downside of the randomness, however, is that I have absolutely no system and no idea which compilations have featured and which have not. So some may be getting a second airing prior to others getting their first play. Not so in this case happily.

We start with Kate Rusby's cover of the great man's Village Green Preservation Society which was the theme tune to a truly awful sit-com Jam and Jerusalem about the goings on in a WRVS branch.
We then go to pretty much the opposite end of the spectrum with Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire and Joe Strummer's Grave.
From a fantastically titled album Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall. To the best of my knowledge this has never featured in a sit-com.

More random nonsense next Saturday

Kate Rusby - Village Green Preservation Society

Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire -Joe Strummer's Grave

Friday 26 June 2015

The Reign is Over

Today is my boss' last day of work after 40 years in the NHS.
He is a top bloke and will be sorely missed.
We all wish him well but needless to say are as jealous as hell.

He recently lent me Shattered by Reigning Sound a Memphis garage rock band fronted by Greg Cartwright.
He is particularly fond of the second track.
So these are for you Big Jim.

Reigning Sound - North Cackalacky Girl

Reigning Sound - I'm Trying (To Be The Man You Need)

Thursday 25 June 2015

That's a New One on Me But then Again Maybe Not

Often when my blogging chums post a song or artist that I am not familiar with but quite like I will comment along the lines of that's a new one on me
However a recent listen to the Rough Trade Singer Songwriter 1 Compilation showed that this is indeed not always the case.
I think it was Scott who posted a couple of songs by Barbara Manning (pictured above) Very good and new to me or so I thought. However it turns out that Scissors features on this compilation.
Swiss Adam and others have fairly recently been waxing lyrical about Jane Weaver and her album The Silver Globe. Turns out I've also heard her before courtesy of this compilation.
I was familiar with Tracey Thorn because of Everything But The Girl..Brian brought her previous work with The Marine Girls to my attention and again I now realise that I have previously been privy to some of her solo stuff.
I should probably listen to some of my records more closely.

Barbara Manning - Scissors

Jane Weaver - Is Everybody Happy?

Tracey Thorn -Plain Sailing

Wednesday 24 June 2015

A Wee Bit More of Rosie

A little bit more of Rosie.
Not Rosie Thomas this time but Rosie Flores the Rockabilly Filly from San Antoine then San Diego although now resident in Austin.
Indeed in 2006 Austin City Council declared August the 31st as Rosie Flores Day.
The first song is from her time at HighTone and is probably more Country than Rockabilly in nature.
In addition to HighTone she has also recorded albums on Reprise, Rounder, Watermelon, Eminent, Durango Rose, Emergent and of course Bloodshot.
And it is off to Bloodshot we head for the second number which features on the Bloodshot compilation Hard Headed Woman: a celebration of Wanda Jackson - surely the original Rockabilly Filly

Rosie Flores -Blue Highway

Rosie Flores - In The Middle of a Heartache

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Here's Looking at You Kid

Do you fancy some early Roxy Music? Yup, thought so. Here are a couple of songs from their eponymous debut album from way back in 1972.
43 years ago FFS. And without Roxy there would almost certainly have been no Franz Ferdinand or Sparks and therefore no FFS.
An art school band and pretty radically different from most of those who had gone before.
Whereas Bryan Ferry wrote all the tracks it is very much a Roxy Music record as opposed to a Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music album. That would come later.
Contributions from the other members, Graham Simpson, Andy Mackay. Eno, Paul Thompson and Phil Manzanera are also very much to the fore.

If this has whetted your appetite for some early Roxy pop across to Walter's place for a German TV concert from 1973.

Roxy Music -Virginia Plain

Roxy Music -2HB

Monday 22 June 2015

Ghost on the Highway

From Chapel Hill, North Carolina the splendidly named Bloodshot band  Trailer Bride fronted by the equally splendidly named Melissa Swingle do a very credible cover of Ghost on the Highway on Down to the Promised Land.

Ghost on the Highway is of course a  composition by the late great Jeffrey Lee Pierce and features on Fire of Love the 1981 scuzzy blues debut album by The Gun Club.
A truly seminal album and well received by many of our small blogging fraternity, Indeed one fellow blogger has on many an occasion proclaimed it as one of the top10 albums of all time.
If it is not in your collection please rectify that anomoly forthwith.

Trailer Bride - Ghost on the Highway

The Gun Club - Ghost on the Highway

Sunday 21 June 2015

Some Sunday Soul

When I was re-filing Howlin' Wind by Graham Parker I came across the adjacent Stares and Whispers by Freda Payne which I had forgotten that I had.
Now the more alert among you may well be saying - hang on a moment I thought he filed his music by genre not alphabetically - and you would be half right.
The CDs are filed by genre but the vinyl is alphabetical as there is considerable less of it - cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth in certain quarters.

Freda Payne is of course famous for Band of Gold her million selling single from 1970.
Stages and Whispers however, like similar albums I have by Candy Staton and Betty Wright, is from the late  70's (77 in this case) when soul was pretty much in the doldrums and disco was in full flow.
It is therefore of its time and I suspect that there are many better Freda Payne records out there.
However I would surmise that Saving a Life a duet with Cliff Richard on his Soulicious album is not one of them.

Freda Payne - Stares and Whispers

Freda Payne - Bring Back The Joy

Saturday 20 June 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

Somewhat controversially and in a break from tradition we return to last week's offering Gimme Danger and the tracks by The National and Songdog which I had threatened to play at a later date. Today is that later date.
The National are one of the many bands that I have heard of but have heard very little of their music. On the strength of this song that is something I really should remedy
From Cincinnati but now based in Brooklyn their lyrics have been described as dark, melancholy and difficult to interpret .
I'm not sure that the lyrics to Mr November from their 2005 album Alligator fall into this category.

Songdog I know absolutely nothing about. From this song I had them down as a guy singing under a pseudonym a la Phosphorescent or Withered Hand but it turns out that they are a Welsh three- piece folk noir band noted for  their intelligent lyrics and sparse (often acoustic)musical arrangements.
A potential slot on The Robster's ever excellent Welsh Wednesday series perhaps?

More nonsense next Saturday but this time of a more random nature

The National - Mr November

Songdog - One Day When God Begs My Forgiveness

Friday 19 June 2015

The Bare Family

Bobby Bare Junior guests on Wednesday's featured album Down to the Promised Land with a live version of Guitar Playin' Woman.
Whilst he later went on to sign for Bloodshot his 2000 album Brainwasher, on which he makes a splendid racket, was released on Immortal Records.
He had his first hit record at the age of eight when he appeared with his old man Bobby Bare on the Grammy nominated Daddy What If

Bare Jr - Guitar Playin' Woman

Bare Jr - Why Do I Need a Job

All of which needless to say is just an excuse and a preamble to featuring the world's only Christian football waltz

Thursday 18 June 2015

Way to Blue

Time for something more mellow and moody from the fabulous Nick Drake from his 1969 debut album Five Leaves Left.
You should all be familiar with his tragic story. Someone who left us far too young at the tender age of 26 and like so many others only got the fame and recognition he deserved after he had gone.

Nothing more to say really - we'll let the music do the talking.

Nick Drake - River Man

Nick Drake - Way to Blue

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Down To The Promised Land

Artwork by Jon Langford

When George recently posted Red Star Belgrade's splendid cover of Highway to Hell  I commented that it was a track on Down to the Promised Land - 5 Years of Bloodshot Records.
This led to me digging out said album and giving it a listen and what an absolute stonker it is too.
40 tracks (Highway to Hell being the 40th) from artists from the Bloodshot stable and friends.

To me Americana music from the mid 90s to the mid 00's was the biggest musical revolution since punk with Bloodshot being one of the key players. I totally immersed myself in it to the extent that I probably missed much music being produced in the UK at that time some of which I am now discovering for the first time thanks to my blogging chums.

Long suffering readers of CCM will recall my Bloodshot Tuesday series when I featured 20 of my favourite Bloodshot acts. I have therefore gone for two acts who did not feature in this series with the first song paying tribute to Bloodshot's home town of Chicago.

The Yahoos - Oh! Chicago

Rico Bell &the Snakehandlers - Money to Burn

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Richey Pickings

Kim Richey is one of those artists who if the world was a fairer place would have enjoyed more success and recognition than has unfortunately been the case.
As well as writing hit songs for the likes of the Dixie Chicks, Tricia Yearwood, Patty Loveless and Mindy McCready she has released seven albums in her own right over the last twenty years, eight if you count The Collection on Lost Highway Records from 2004.
I bought this on e-bay a few years ago for next to nothing and it contains 15 fine songs that often straddle the thin line between pop and country.
Despite the names listed above I consider her music to be of the alternative country variety.
This  is particularly the case on the two tracks featured below which are both from her 2002 album Rise also on Lost Highway
The Collection is a good place to start but Rise also requires further exploration

Kim Richey -Girl in a Car

Kim Richey - No Judges

Monday 15 June 2015

Howlin' Wind

Howlin' Wind from 1976 is the debut album by Graham Parker and the Rumour and an announcement to the world of a great new soul voice and  a top class band,
It has only recently found its way onto the CC shelves to join a good few of his others and is the final recent St Andrews purchase to feature and indeed the only vinyl acquisition from that trip.

And what a terrific record it is too from the former Camberley petrol pump attendant.He had touted demo tapes around London to considerable acclaim but it was felt by the record companies that he needed a band.
He was introduced to a certain Dave Robinson then running the Hope and Anchor who put him in touch with members of the recently defunct pub rock bands Brinsley Schwartz, Ducks De Luxe and Bontemps Roulez who were rehearsing under the name of the Rumour.
It was indeed a musical marriage made in heaven.
Produced by Nick Lowe, six of the  twelve songs from the album (including the two below) feature in the 1980 Best of compilation also on the Vertigo label.

Graham Parker & the Rumour -White Honey

Graham Parker & the Rumour - Howlin' Wind

Sunday 14 June 2015

The Return of Some Sunday Soul

Some soul royalty this week in the shape of Cecil and Linda Womack collectively known as Womack &Womack.
Cecil was the younger brother of the great Bobby Womack and Linda is the daughter of the great Sam Cooke and also Bobby's step daughter given that he married Sam's widow Barbara.

Talk about keeping in in the family. Indeed the 1988 album Conscience from which these songs are taken features more Womacks than a Womack convention.
In addition to Cecil and Linda there are Travis B.Womack, Earl "the pearl" Womack,Naomi Womack and the Virginia Womack family.Alas no Uncle Bobby.

Conscience appears to be a concept album.
In Song 5 - the woman charcter cotinues on to try and live without her love,her hurtness shines through the teardrops that drip on the dance floor as she tries to party her blues away

And in Song 8 - Love is the most important force in the universe. Only love can conquer the negative force.If you find love,embrace her.Don't reject it-as most people do

I'll leave you to work out which song is which.

Womack & Womack -Teardrops

Womack & Womack = I Am love

Saturday 13 June 2015

The Return of Saturday Lucky Dip

Saturday Lucky Dip is back and we go back 10 years to June 2005 and Uncut's Gimme Danger - 16 Explosive New and Classic Tracks.
You very nearly got Sounddog and also The National harping back to the days when they used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders. We can all remember that (aye right!) Rest assured that these fine songs will feature at a later date.
However my eyes and indeed ears were drawn to the fact that it featured unreleased tracks by The Stooges and MC5 and absolute crackers they are too.
Both taken from 5 CD Box sets released in 2005 on the Easy Action label - Heavy Liquid in Iggy's case and Purity Accuracy for MC5.
Nice and noisy.
More random nonsense next Saturday.

Iggy & The Stooges -I Got a Right

MC5 -Skunk (Sonically Speaking)

Friday 12 June 2015

You're Chucked!

Yesterday Chuck Berry, today Chuck Prophet. Do you see what I did there?
This blog isn't just thrown together you know. Oh no, several  careful minutes have gone into it's preparation.

Charles William Prophet is as you will all know a former member of Green on Red but has gone on to enjoy a long and reasonably successful (or critically acclaimed at least) career as a solo artist with over a dozen albums to his name.
Today's tracks come from his third solo album Feast of Hearts from 1995. The only other one I have is the follow up 1997's Homemade Blood  and I suspect that like Matthew Sweet albums I should own many more. I  further suspect that you will concur and point me in various directions.
I once witnessed him nearly electrocuting himself on stage at King Tuts.

As an aside Chuck, like Hank, is a peculiarly American name. In Britain Charles would be shortened to Charlie, Chas or even Chic! Never Chuck which is a word associated with throwing and indeed throwing up.If you are particularly unlucky you may also find yourself being chucked when a love affair has run it's course

Chuck Prophet -Longshot Lullaby

Chuck Prophet - Let's Burn This Firetrap Down

Thursday 11 June 2015

The Blues Collection - Chuck Berry

Probably more synonymous with Rock'n'Roll Charles Edward Anderson Berry merits his place in the Blues Collection as one of the conduits linking rhythm and blues to rock'n'roll and from there to much subsequent music.
Blues Berry contains 18 classic songs which you will all be familiar with and thankfully no my Ding -a -Ling in sight.
That sadly will be one of his legacies alongside his predilection for young teenage girls which led him to spend three years in prison for transporting a 14 year old girl over state lines.
So a despicable human being but one who who played a significant part in the rock'n'roll revolution and who could play a mean guitar.

Chuck Berry - Maybelline

Chuck Berry - Nadine (Is it You?)

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep first came to my attention recently when I saw their new album Not Real described as a cross between folk and  soul. Naturally that whetted my appetite and they joined the ever growing list of bands to be checked out.
I duly checked them out at a recent trip to Fopp but given my precarious financial situation I opted for the cheaper 2012 debut album Into the Diamond Sun.
I can't really see the soul reference on this one. Folk, certainly. Described on the ubiquitous on line encyclopedia as Psychedelic Folk.
From Liverpool they consist of Rebecca Hawley (vocals and keyboards), Emily Lansley (vocals and guitar) and Lucy Mercer (vocals and drums)
I quite like their stuff but I suspect that it is probably better in relatively small doses.
They put me a wee bit in mind of Twa Toots

Stealing Sheep -Shut Eye

Stealing Sheep - White Lies

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Sweet Power Pop

839 posts in and Matthew Sweet features for the first time. Rest assured that I have given myself a stern talking to with threats of Toploader for any similar omission escalated to Phil Collins should there any be further repetition. I have been warned.
Matthew now has in excess of a dozen albums under his wing along with collaborations with Susannah Hoffs (calm down SA!) and supergroup The Thorns
I only have two of his albums (three if you include The Thorns) namely 1995's 100% Fun and 1999's In Reverse.
It is the latter which features today.Its title is reflected in the somewhat quirky packaging in that things are somewhat back to front e.g. the booklet is right to left as opposed to left to right with the back of the CD upside down.
I've seen him just the once at a free concert in a public park in Austin.
If power pop is your bag you will not be disappointed.

Matthew Sweet - Faith in You

Matthew Sweet - Split Personality

Monday 8 June 2015

Oh Susanna

I'm pretty sure that I  have a copy of the song somewhere but today's post is about American born but Canadian residing Suzie Ungerleider who goes by the stage name of Oh Susanna.
I thought it was because it is easier to pronounce and remember but it seems that she wanted to keep her personal and professional lives separate. Whatever.
I think I may have seen her play in the dim and distant past. But I do know that I have her 2001 album Sleepy Little Sailor. I played it last weekend for the first time in ages and my first thought was why don't I play this more often.
I have no explanation for this oversight nor for the fact that I have never followed up any of her half a dozen or so other records.
Something I need to put right.

Oh Susanna -All That Remains

Oh Susanna - Ted's So Wasted

Sunday 7 June 2015

The Second Time I Never Saw Tarnation

Again a slight break to the usual Sunday schedule as we commemorate the 18th anniversary of the second time I never saw Tarnation on 7th June 1997.
I awoke as you would expect in an extremely hungover state dreading the train trip to Edinburgh where, yes you've guessed it, I had a ticket (ticket number 00001 in fact) to see Tarnation perform in a place called La Belle Angele.
To be quite honest I wasn't really expecting much and I was not disappointed.
I got to Edinburgh mid afternoon and had a wander. I found La Belle Angele and there was a sign on the door advising that the concert had been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions in the Irish Sea -bear in mind that this was June and that they were supposed to have played in Sheffield the night before and not Belfast or Dublin.
So there you have it I never got to see Tarnation. They split up shortly thereafter (or perhaps even a few days previously).
I thought about getting a rebate for my ticket but never got round to it and I therefore keep it as a memento of a slightly different  twofer.
It has taken my 18 years to get over the trauma and write about it.
Palaver Productions indeed!

Tarnation - Big O Motel

Tarnation - Little Black Egg

Saturday 6 June 2015

The First Time I Never Saw Tarnation

A slight break to the usual Saturday schedule as we commemorate the 18th anniversary of the first time I never saw Tarnation on 6th June 1997.
At the time they were just about my favourite band on the planet and in an advanced state of excitement I got a train from Glasgow to Sheffield to see them play in a place called the Boardwalk.
I met up with my mate Pete who stayed in Sheffield at the time and George who had driven up from Birmingham.
The support band Dakota Suite appeared and from memory put on a pretty good set.
Then there was the usual delay for the main act and delay and delay - you get the picture.
It became increasing obvious that Tarnation were not going to appear.
Pete and I got drunker and drunker and George drove home.
We got chatting to the bar owner who had allegedly played with Van Morrison at some stage and he regaled us with tales of the Grumpy Irishman.
He hazarded a guess as to what hotel he thought Tarnation may be staying in which led to a series of drunken calls from Pete and I demanding to speak to Paula Frazer - to no avail.

To be continued ..

Dakota Suite -Elegy for a Funeral (Departure)

Tarnation - Christine

Friday 5 June 2015

Cupar Cow Palace

There is a school of thought, and one  which I subscribe to, that you can't have too many live Neil Young albums.
So when I saw Cow Palace 1986 in a Cupar charity shop on a brief pit stop on the way back from St Andrew it was a must have.
It is a recording of a KLOS FM Los Angeles broadcast of a concert at Cow Palace, Brisbane, California on the 22nd of November 1986.
When we got back to the car and headed off I went to put it on and noticed Disc 1 was missing. So no Heart of Gold, After the Goldrush and Cortez the Killer amongst others.
Still Disc 2 containing 12 songs and at over 73 minutes long is was well worth the £1.49 I paid for it.

A few old standards and a few new to me songs so I have gone for one of each..
To start with I've gone for the opening track Sample and Hold  originally on his 1982 album Trans which is quite synthy in nature with extensive use of  of a Sennheiser Vocorder VSM201.
Then back to something far more familiar Powderfinger which vies with Cortez as my favourite live Neil Young song
Look out Mama, there's a white boat comin' up the river.

Neil Young - Sample and Hold (Cow Palace 1986)

Neil Young -Powderfinger ~(Cow Palace 1986)

Thursday 4 June 2015

Like Corporation Buses

Cardigans records - just like Corporation buses, none for ages and then two come along at once.
Until my recent trip to St Andrews I didn't have anything by The Cardigans. However, that soon changed with the purchase of 1995's Life for 50p and 1998's Grand Turismo for a couple of quid,
And rather good they  are too.
Nothing highfalutin just good old fashioned three minute pop records courtesy of Peter, Bengt, Magnus, Lars-Olof and Nina
Life is full of jingly jangly tunes which I think would find favour with our good friend Brian I'm not sure if they have featured yet in his excellent top 100 songs of the 90's but if not I suspect it is only a matter of time.
There is a slight evolution in that Grand Turismo dips it's toe into the world of Electronica. Just it's toe mind as it is still a stonkin' pop record.
Here's a song from each record

The Cardigans - Daddy's Car

The Cardigans - Erase/Rewind

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Emmylou and Friends : The Finale

We complete the circle in this last of the Emmylou and friends series by returning to it's inspiration namely her flawless harmonies with Gram Parsons.
In 1999 Emmylou was Executive Producer on Return of the Grevious Angel - a tribute to Gram Parsons on the Almo label.
This was one I very nearly overlooked when pulling this series together.
The album features Americana royalty  with the likes of Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Whiskeytown, Gillian Welch and  Cowboy Junkies all making an appearance.When Emmylou asks, you come running.
Former fellow Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers member Chris Hillman also features.
Given that Emmylou is running the show she gets to make three appearances with The Pretenders, Beck and Sheryl Crow.
I suspect that this series has merely scratched the surface of Emmylou's collaborations so there may well be a follow up at some stage in the future.Until then I will leave you with the lady herself and some of her many chums.

Pretenders & Emmylou Harris - She

Beck & Emmylou Harris - Sin City

Sheryl Crow & Emmylou Harris - Juanita

Tuesday 2 June 2015

She's a Black Belt in Karate

I recently heard Yoshimi by The Flaming Lips when I was in a restaurant in St Andrews with Mrs CC and her mother.
Given the context it took me a wee while to place it. Somewhat inexplicably Part 2 did not feature.

Uncut declared  Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots to be the greatest album released in the magazine's lifetime yet only lists it as the 11th best album of the 00's. Go figure. Rolling Stone has it at number 27.
To me it is like the curate's egg - good in parts and I feel that The Soft Bulletin is pretty much on a par with it.
It does however contain the great pop song Do You Realize??. I heard this played at a funeral which was incredibly moving given it's subject matter.

The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt 1

The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt 2

Monday 1 June 2015

It's Hard to be Humble (When You're From Alabama)

I first came across the music of Matthew Houck who records under the  name of Phosphorescent on an Uncut or Mojo compilation when one of his songs came mighty close to being selected for my Saturday Lucky Dip slot.
Therefore when I saw his 2010 album Here's to Taking it Easy going for  99p in a St Andrews charity shop it was a bit of a no brainer. It further pleased me immensely when I saw it going for a tenner in Fopp a couple of weeks later.
I suppose I should really give the album it's Sunday title which is Here's to Taking Easy (Tho the Jaws of This World Wish Only to Grab Hold of Your Sweet Ass).
He is fond of his brackets is our Matthew.
A native of Alabama he is cuurently holed up in Brooklyn.
The song that gives this post it's title puts me in mind of our very own Withered Hand.
I'm putting this down as a find although I suspect many of you good people are already familiar with him and will think that I  as is often the case have come rather late to the party

Phosphorescent - It's Hard to be Humble (When You're from Alabama)

Phosphorescent - I Don't Care if There's Cursing