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Monday, 22 June 2015

Ghost on the Highway

From Chapel Hill, North Carolina the splendidly named Bloodshot band  Trailer Bride fronted by the equally splendidly named Melissa Swingle do a very credible cover of Ghost on the Highway on Down to the Promised Land.

Ghost on the Highway is of course a  composition by the late great Jeffrey Lee Pierce and features on Fire of Love the 1981 scuzzy blues debut album by The Gun Club.
A truly seminal album and well received by many of our small blogging fraternity, Indeed one fellow blogger has on many an occasion proclaimed it as one of the top10 albums of all time.
If it is not in your collection please rectify that anomoly forthwith.

Trailer Bride - Ghost on the Highway

The Gun Club - Ghost on the Highway


  1. Not heard the Trailer Bride version before - it's very good. As for 'Fire of Love', well said. Every home should have one.

  2. Anyone who does not have a copy of Fire Of Love should remedy that ASAP, would not be in my Top 10 (apologies George) but certainly a great album