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Wednesday 24 June 2015

A Wee Bit More of Rosie

A little bit more of Rosie.
Not Rosie Thomas this time but Rosie Flores the Rockabilly Filly from San Antoine then San Diego although now resident in Austin.
Indeed in 2006 Austin City Council declared August the 31st as Rosie Flores Day.
The first song is from her time at HighTone and is probably more Country than Rockabilly in nature.
In addition to HighTone she has also recorded albums on Reprise, Rounder, Watermelon, Eminent, Durango Rose, Emergent and of course Bloodshot.
And it is off to Bloodshot we head for the second number which features on the Bloodshot compilation Hard Headed Woman: a celebration of Wanda Jackson - surely the original Rockabilly Filly

Rosie Flores -Blue Highway

Rosie Flores - In The Middle of a Heartache

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