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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Here's Looking at You Kid

Do you fancy some early Roxy Music? Yup, thought so. Here are a couple of songs from their eponymous debut album from way back in 1972.
43 years ago FFS. And without Roxy there would almost certainly have been no Franz Ferdinand or Sparks and therefore no FFS.
An art school band and pretty radically different from most of those who had gone before.
Whereas Bryan Ferry wrote all the tracks it is very much a Roxy Music record as opposed to a Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music album. That would come later.
Contributions from the other members, Graham Simpson, Andy Mackay. Eno, Paul Thompson and Phil Manzanera are also very much to the fore.

If this has whetted your appetite for some early Roxy pop across to Walter's place for a German TV concert from 1973.

Roxy Music -Virginia Plain

Roxy Music -2HB


  1. Excellent. 1972 was a very good year.

  2. Virginia Plain, one of the very greatest debut singles ever.


  3. As you said CC - an eponymous album and every time worth to listen to.,

  4. Always loved the knowing nod to Casabalanca in the lyrics to 2HB. As you say Cc very much a team effort on this one.