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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Some Sunday Soul

On his latest post on the ever excellent Feel It blog Darcy made reference to Angie Stone and Jill Scott who were flying the soul flag in the early '00s.
Hang on I thought there are two artists who have yet to feature on SSS.
So we will start with Angie Stone and her debut album Black Diamond on Arista Records from 1999.
I think I bought this record in Stirling. Wherever it was a sticker on the front tells me it was from Europa Music and I paid £5 for the privilege.
I must admit that it is a long time since I have taken it from the shelves and given it a spin.
Whereas I prefer my soul somewhat rougher and slightly less polished I was pleasantly surprised when I played it in the car the other day.
It was better that I remembered and it particular on these  two tracks.

No prizes for guessing who will feature next week.

Angie Stone -Life Story

Angie Stone - Love Junkie


  1. Jill Scott. I want a prize.

    1. Your prize is a Jill Scott post next Sunday!

  2. Like your self CC I prefer my soul to be a little rawer and unpolished, but these tracks are actually really good, the second one in particular. £5 well spent I would say. I worked in Stirling for 5 years so have spent a fair bit of time, and money, in Europa.

    1. Only ever frequented Europa once (so far)

    2. Good wee indie shop, can usually pick up a few bargains. Always good on RSD each year as well with bands playing out the back.

  3. Mmm... some *sensual* Sunday soul! Like these very much.

  4. I was prepared to really dislike these songs. I'll have to change my mind, they're not bad. She's no Rick James, mind you