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Friday, 12 June 2015

You're Chucked!

Yesterday Chuck Berry, today Chuck Prophet. Do you see what I did there?
This blog isn't just thrown together you know. Oh no, several  careful minutes have gone into it's preparation.

Charles William Prophet is as you will all know a former member of Green on Red but has gone on to enjoy a long and reasonably successful (or critically acclaimed at least) career as a solo artist with over a dozen albums to his name.
Today's tracks come from his third solo album Feast of Hearts from 1995. The only other one I have is the follow up 1997's Homemade Blood  and I suspect that like Matthew Sweet albums I should own many more. I  further suspect that you will concur and point me in various directions.
I once witnessed him nearly electrocuting himself on stage at King Tuts.

As an aside Chuck, like Hank, is a peculiarly American name. In Britain Charles would be shortened to Charlie, Chas or even Chic! Never Chuck which is a word associated with throwing and indeed throwing up.If you are particularly unlucky you may also find yourself being chucked when a love affair has run it's course

Chuck Prophet -Longshot Lullaby

Chuck Prophet - Let's Burn This Firetrap Down


  1. And tomorrow some Chuck Mangione, CC? It's not the style you posted yet but give a listen to 'Children of Sanchez'. Anyway, Chuck Prophet is great.

  2. As long as we don't get any Chuck-le Brothers, I'm happy! My feelings on Messrs Prophet and Stuart are well known. Green on Red and any offshoot thereof will always have a place in my ears and heart.

  3. I like Chuck Prophet when I hear him
    Swiss Adam

  4. What about some Chuck Jackson next?

  5. Sorry folks I have no Chuck Man going or Chuck Jackson that I am aware of

  6. I have however played Chuck Woods before

  7. Thanks for sparking this memory. I saw Green On Red @ Sheffield Leadmill in the 80s and then Chuck Prophet a few years later at same venue after GOR disbanded. Don't think I got into them via Peel or Kershaw which was the usual entree for quality 'leftfield' (God how I hate that expression!) bands at that time so now I'm wondering just how I did first to hear of them. Maybe it was Kershaw after all, anyway one of my fave CP III tracks is here on YT

    1. Nice one Spence and thanks for dropping by

  8. If I may contribute to the "Chic on Chuck" debate, here is a little bit of Chuck Jackson for you. Mr Prophet is the King of Chucks though: