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Monday 8 June 2015

Oh Susanna

I'm pretty sure that I  have a copy of the song somewhere but today's post is about American born but Canadian residing Suzie Ungerleider who goes by the stage name of Oh Susanna.
I thought it was because it is easier to pronounce and remember but it seems that she wanted to keep her personal and professional lives separate. Whatever.
I think I may have seen her play in the dim and distant past. But I do know that I have her 2001 album Sleepy Little Sailor. I played it last weekend for the first time in ages and my first thought was why don't I play this more often.
I have no explanation for this oversight nor for the fact that I have never followed up any of her half a dozen or so other records.
Something I need to put right.

Oh Susanna -All That Remains

Oh Susanna - Ted's So Wasted

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