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Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Blues Collection - Chuck Berry

Probably more synonymous with Rock'n'Roll Charles Edward Anderson Berry merits his place in the Blues Collection as one of the conduits linking rhythm and blues to rock'n'roll and from there to much subsequent music.
Blues Berry contains 18 classic songs which you will all be familiar with and thankfully no my Ding -a -Ling in sight.
That sadly will be one of his legacies alongside his predilection for young teenage girls which led him to spend three years in prison for transporting a 14 year old girl over state lines.
So a despicable human being but one who who played a significant part in the rock'n'roll revolution and who could play a mean guitar.

Chuck Berry - Maybelline

Chuck Berry - Nadine (Is it You?)


  1. A mean guitarist yes, but consider this verse from the great 'Promised Land';

    'Swing low chariot, come down easy
    Taxi to the terminal zone
    Cut your engines and cool your wings
    And let me make it to the telephone.'

    A despicable human being, but the poet laureate of Rock 'n' Roll.

  2. Didn't know about his predilection for young teenage girls. Don't understand how people like him and Jerry Lee Lewis thought these kind of things were acceptable. As you rightly say CC, great guitarist but despicable human being.

  3. Not to pile on the great guitarist, but let's not forget the cameras he installed in the toilets of the ladies bathroom at his St. Louis area restaurant. He claimed to be trying to catch a worker he suspected was stealing. He ended up settling with 60 women for a truckload of money. Nice guy.