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Saturday 20 June 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

Somewhat controversially and in a break from tradition we return to last week's offering Gimme Danger and the tracks by The National and Songdog which I had threatened to play at a later date. Today is that later date.
The National are one of the many bands that I have heard of but have heard very little of their music. On the strength of this song that is something I really should remedy
From Cincinnati but now based in Brooklyn their lyrics have been described as dark, melancholy and difficult to interpret .
I'm not sure that the lyrics to Mr November from their 2005 album Alligator fall into this category.

Songdog I know absolutely nothing about. From this song I had them down as a guy singing under a pseudonym a la Phosphorescent or Withered Hand but it turns out that they are a Welsh three- piece folk noir band noted for  their intelligent lyrics and sparse (often acoustic)musical arrangements.
A potential slot on The Robster's ever excellent Welsh Wednesday series perhaps?

More nonsense next Saturday but this time of a more random nature

The National - Mr November

Songdog - One Day When God Begs My Forgiveness


  1. Personally not a fan of the National. They have an enticing sound, but I've yet to find much resembling a tune in any of their songs.

    Songdog are from Blackwood, a valley town about 12 miles north of Newport. There's another famous band that hailed from there called the Manic Street Preachers. You may have heard of them...

  2. Mr November is great, miles better than anything else I've heard by them. And Apartment Story too actually
    Swiss Adam