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Friday 31 May 2019

Stray Cats Are Back

Stray Cats are back with an album called 40 celebrating that number of years they have been in existence.
It is their first studio album since 1993's Original Cool.

After that there has only been a 2004  live album  and DVD called Rumble in Brixton,  a recording of their concert at the Brixton Academy, and a couple of songs from this are featured below.
I think my brother may well have been there. He is heading to Birmingham to see them again next month. Sadly, they are not playing in Scotland.
I nearly saw them once in Glasgow but Slim Jim fell off his drums (yup, OFF his drums) and broke his arm a couple of weeks before the gig which was subsequently cancelled and never re-arranged. I did get to see Brian Setzer at the Garage though.

Welcome back Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom

Stray Cats -Rumble in Brighton (Live)

Stray Cats - 18 Miles to Memphis (Live)

Here's a trailer for the new album (getting harder to maintain those quiffs over the years!)

Thursday 30 May 2019

The Ballantrae Bonanza - Bombshell

You've got to love BRICC in Ballantrae.
Among the chaos and the clutter it has previously given up Lee and Nancy on vinyl and my first Fall charity shop acquisition.
This time out it was the turn of the King to pop his charity shop cherry.
From 2007 and the follow up to KC Rules OK  here is Bombshell on the 679 label

Here is a track by track analysis from the Gruniad which describes Kenny Anderson as Fife's greatest export since fish and chips and bird flu
The description  of KC as a woozy, self -deprecating romantic is bang on the mark.

This one is going down as a find and takes KC into the group of artists that I have five plus albums by.

King Creosote - You've No Clue Do You
Recently adopted by the Brexit Party as their theme song.

King Creosote -There's None of That
About the Brexit Party's policies.

Wednesday 29 May 2019

State of the Union - Vermont

George writes:
Week 21. The state where wives have to get written permission from their husbands to get false teeth, Vermont. In Vermont, the city of Burlington has the great distinction of being “the least populous city to be the most populous city in a state”

I found a list of twenty five famous film actors from Vermont. Yes, I had never heard of any of them. Orson Bean????

Philosopher and educational reformer John Dewey was born in Vermont,  He believed in democracy through not just full voting rights but by fully formed public opinion, among citizens, experts, and politicians. Brexit, Dr. Dewey, where were you when we needed you? Dr Dewey also had strong beliefs regarding teaching. For example “He argues that in order for education to be most effective, content must be presented in a way that allows the student to relate the information to prior experiences, thus deepening the connection with this new knowledge.” but of course Mr Gove and co. know better.

But to a song, and the obvious one is OF COURSE by Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band, namely Moonlight on Vermont.

The best song you will hear today, fantastic slide guitar in that song. Not be confused with Moonlight In Vermont, load of old nonsense that is!

I’m not wasting 9 hours of my life reading about vermont and listening to rubbish songs pertaining to the state.You’ve had one great song.  “Vermont” by The Postcards startled the two sleeping cats next to me. Maybe Burlington can provide one. This proved rather tricky because although there are a plethora of songs called Burlington, there are twenty six cities in the USA called Burlington (Virginia has TWO). There was a real find, featuring a kazoo, but it was the wrong Burlington (Connecticut).

So I gave up on Burlington and tried Winooski, which resulted in this (starts off a bit like Joy Division, then has a reverb-y thing going on, then pootles along in a rather catchy way, certainly after 4 listens).

And the Joseph Smith was born in Vermont. So was his friend Brigham Young. And so was Bill Wilson, who founded alcoholics anonymous.  And as for foods, well, you get fiddleheads in Vermont and there is a Fiddlehead Festival. Of course I knew not what they were, but my partner did. They are very young ferns, just as they are unfurling. Vermonters also eat sugar snow, they get fresh snow and put maple syrup on it, then eat it. Hopefully not on yellow snow.

More next week.

CC writes:
A tough one this week. The only song I could find not containing the word Moonlight was this one by The Breakfast

Tuesday 28 May 2019

The St Andrews Vinyl Extravaganza #4

I've had a CD copy of The Times They Are A-Changin' the third album by Bob Dylan for a number of years.
Even so I certainly wasn't going to turn down a vinyl copy of the original from 1964 in excellent condition for 99p!
You will all be familiar with the title track  and in all probability with a large proportion of the others.
His first album to include self penned songs and released when he was only 23 - for goodness sake.

And still as relevant now some 55 years later

Bob Dylan -Only a Pawn in Their Game

Bob Dylan - With God on Our Side

Monday 27 May 2019

Please Be Mine

I thought that  I had  featured Please Be Mine the 2017 debut album on Captured Tracks by Austin based Molly Burch before but apparently not.
I bought it as a Christmas present for myself  in 2018 which I figured entitled it to feature in My Record of the Year for 2018.
At the time my description was Haunting Americana with shades of Paula Frazer and Tarnation..
Nothing has changed since then.
Indeed Wiki states that her music reflects heartbreak and loss something that Tarnation did in spades.

She swiftly followed it up in 2018 with First Flower also on Captured Tracks

As you can see from the song titles she is a very polite young lady.

Molly Burch - Please Forgive Me

Molly Burch - Please Be Mine

Sunday 26 May 2019

The Ballantrae Bonanza - Gee Whiz

Only one Soul album in the Ballantrae haul and it's a belter.
One of the first discs I spotted was the 2012 CD re-issue of Carla Thomas' debut album Gee Whiz on the Atlantic label.
The album is originally from 1961 the year of my birth. I think that I can fairly say that it has aged better than me.
Given that Gee Whiz is one of her most famous songs at first I though that this might have been a Greatest Hits compilation.Whereas that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing I am happier with the actual album.

She was only 21 when this was released and therefore is now 76 and thankfully still going strong.
I've gone for two of her self penned songs again showing maturity belying her  youthful years.

Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz, Look at His Eyes

Carla Thomas - A Love of My Own

Saturday 25 May 2019

Double Initials TT

After a relatively easy SS we have another fairly easy week with TT and plenty of suggestions in the comments box last week.
I'm staring this week with a suggestion by George namely Typically Tropical. Not necessarily because the song is any good but because our mutual friend Pete is currently on holiday in Barbados, staying in a convent!

Tex Mex legends Texan Tornados were always going to feature even before Ramone666's early suggestion.

Plenty of suggestions for a third and a debate as to whether The being used as the definitive article counts and in particular in the case of The The. Therefore I have taken the decision not to include them in this instance - sorry C

There were so many to choose from and in the end I went for one of Rol's suggestions in recognition of his persistence and his desperation of even using the channel of his own blog to big up his suggestions.
I was intrigued by The Trailer Trash Tracys until I heard the music.
I've had to rule out your"ESSENTIAL" suggestion of Dreaming of Injured Popstars as I'm not sure that Chris T-T meets the criteria.However Tommy Tutone counts

And finally sorry Ernie I lasted approximately 15 seconds of Tiny Tim with Tiptoe Through The Tulips.
I'm sure that you can  redeem yourself next week.

I thought QQ might stump folk but it looks like UU will be even harder. However, I'm confident that we collectively will rise to the challenge and reach the end of the alphabet

Typically Tropical - Barbados

Texas Tornados - Who Were You Thinkin' Of

Tommy Tutone - 867 5309 Jenny

Friday 24 May 2019

The Ballantrae Bonanza:- Liquor in the Font

Please be upstanding for the Reverend
Yes, yes I know that it is  Friday as opposed to Sunday but I'm sure you'll agree that this is more suited for a Friday evening rather than a sedate Sunday moring
1994's Liquor in the Font the third album by The Reverend Horton Heat on Sub Pop/Interscope records was the only Psychobilly album in the haul  and is by far and away the most raucous.
At least Big Sky and  Cruisin' for a Bruisin' are
Liquor, Beer and Wine is siomewhat more sedate but it does neatly sum up the bands raison d'être

A splendid racket

The Reverend Horton Heat - Big Sky

The Reverend Horton Heat - Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

The Reverend Horton Heat - Liquor, Beer and Wine

Thursday 23 May 2019

The New Thunder Review

As I've mentioned before the only time I buy a music magazine these days is when I'm on holiday. Therefore all these holidays (allegedly) are costing me a fortune.
This time around my magazine of choice was Mojo who think we are already into June with a compilation called The New Thunder Review presumably to accompany the main article which was about Bob Dylan - clearly his turn this month.
From my point of view it is a belter. I've stuff by 11 out of the 15 acts so clearly it is right up my street.

My first choice is the obligatory Dylan cover this being provided by Margo Price.
The second is from one of the new to me acts Wooden Wand which I have since discovered is the stage name of one James Jackson Toth. If all his songs as as good as this I will be exploring further.

One I strongly suspect which will feature again

Margo Price - Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine

Wooden Wand - Sacrificial

Wednesday 22 May 2019

State of the Union - South Carolina

(He was born in this state)

George writes:

This week, it’s back to the south of the USA, and to a state named after King Charles I of Great Britain, South Carolina - Carolus is latin for Charles -and not named after King George II’s wife, Caroline.  Rampant bigot Strom Thrumond was senator for this state for 48 years, the civil war started in the state at Fort Sumter, it’s got a 60 mile (98km) long beach, and had a governor called Pitchfork Ben Tillman, who tried to disenfranchise the blacks and poor whites in the early 20th century.He also  once talked about wanting to lead a lynch mob, as well as wanting to prod then president Cleveland (presumably with a pitchfork). We have a pitchfork at the farm, but it is not be used by anyone for prodding any presidents of the USA…

(He wanted to pitchfork a president…..allegedly

Greenville, South Carolina is the birthplace of Jesse Jackson, and two hundred km south-east (ish) is the town of Bishopville, home to The Button Museum, where you can see various items, not just clothes, covered in buttons.

It’s not easy getting a suitable song, many songs reference “Carolina” but of course that is too vague. But the mighty Junior League Band come to the rescue with a splendid blues track, it’s got trumpet, banjo, dobro guitar, and I think mouth harp too. And a great ramshackle feel to it:

And South Carolina is home, allegedly, to the world’s largest ginkgo farm.  A ginkgo is a tree.

Born  in Jonesville, Peg Leg Sam was a blues harmonica player, who occasionally toured in medicine shows with native of Laurens,bluesman Pink Anderson. And the man responsible for the most famous banjo song ever, the one in Deliverance, was born in Clinton (Arthur Smith).

The Charleston dance, that one where the dancers kick backward from the knee down and prance about, is named after Charleston, South Carolina and not any of the other twenty two places called Charleston in the USA.. And I have listened to “You can have Charleston” by Darius Rucker, so now you don’t have to do so. Mr Rucker, you can have the song back. The rules of the series do not allow me to post the Alabama song “Dancin, shaggin in the boulevard” even though it is about Myrtle Beach. And the songs is beyond dreadful. But even worse is “South Carolina low country” by Josh Turner. The Shag, by the way,  is the official dance of South Carolina, and CC and myself both first heard The Shag on an Andy Kershaw broadcast many many years ago.
The Fantastic Shakers “had the notion to get down to the ocean” at Myrtle Beach. I had the notion to stop listening to this idiocy after twenty seconds. BANDCAMP!!!!!!! CALLING BANDACMP!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

This is fantastic, but I’m not buying it

There’s 51 tracks on the album, but I can’t see me playing them all. But please listen to at least one. If I was still teaching I would play that to a class whilst they were doing a test “hands up who think music helps them concentrate?” I would ask, in full expectation of at least half them raising a hand………

And so it came down to choice of two, between a bunch of “salt and sauce” youths and a band from Colorado. Country music wins:

I have been working on this article for about 9 hours. Admittedly it is not very strenuous, sitting in the Music Room hauling out cds and records, doing a bit of internet searching, going to Bandcamp, but Man Alive this has been a bit tedious, I’ve listened to six pages worth of songs on Bandcamp,  terrible songs, called South Carolina. And too many songs called Myrtle Beach.

A different state next week……….

CC writes:
I was struggling but then found something on The Essential Bobby Bare CD

Bobby Bare - Charleston Railroad Tavern

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Over There ... And Over Here

When I posted the RR selections for the Saturday Double Initials series one of the acts featured was The Red Rippers with a song called I Roll which Ramone 666 very kindly sent in my direction.
When I did a bit of research I discovered that it came from the above album which was originally released in 1983.
I was so intrigued that I headed off to Discogs and picked me up a copy.
It is a re-release on the Paradise of Bachelors label from 2012. Here is a brief quote from their blurb:
Written and recorded by Navy pilot Ed Bankston, the album’s nine battle-scarred country-boogie/psych dispatches chronicle the experiences of Bankston and his fellow vets during the Vietnam War and back home. 
In fact the whole blurb is worth reading.

Another quote for you this time from the album cover:
For less than a box of ammo to sharpen your eye , you get an album that will nourish your heart and mind for years.

If the above, and the two tunes below, does not whet your appetite then I'm afraid that there is no hope for you.

The Red Rippers - Vietnam Blues

The Red Rippers - Body Bag

Monday 20 May 2019

The St Andrews Vinyl Extravaganza #3

A wee reminder. After a couple of days trawling the charity shops of St Andrews with very poor results I finally struck gold picking up seven vinyl albums at 99p a pop in the British Heart Foundation  shop.

Number 3 is HQ a 1975 album  on Harvest Records from progressive folk artist Roy Harper. I'm not really a fan. I quite like his last album 2013's Man and Myth. However a pal gave me a copy of 1967's Folkjokeopus which is a right load of old nonsense.
This is is somewhere in the middle.To be honest after a first listen I wasn't particularly impressed but 99p is a bargain, in anyone's money for a vinyl version of When an Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease
Dedicated to John Snow and to the self appointed world's greatest batsman and Yorkshire man Geoff Boycott and a particular favourite of a certain John Peel

Roy Harper - When An Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease

Sunday 19 May 2019

The Ballantrae Bonanza - Bluebird

I have been accused in comments on these pages as having more holidays than teachers. Completely ludicrous. In fact I have nine weeks to wait until my next one.
I will concede that my last two breaks were reasonably close together (one from last years allocation and one from this)
So close in fact that the St Andrews Vinyl Extravaganza will now run in parallel  with the Ballantrae Bonanza given that a visit to BRICC in the Ayrshire village which deserves to be in Galloway was somewhat productive.
Nine CDs for three quid, seven selected hopefully on merit and two random choices.

I was a bit worried that Bluebird a 1989 album by Emmylou Harris might turn out to be a doubler but was prepared to take a chance given that you can't have too much Emmylou. Pleasingly it wasn't so it is another to add to the shelves.
Here are two very credible covers of songs that you all will recognise.

Emmylou Harris - No Regrets

Emmylou Harris - I Still Miss Someone

Saturday 18 May 2019

Double Initials SS

It took me a wee while to come up with an image not associated with the Nazis.
As usual there were lots of great suggestions as to what should be included under SS and that is even without Rol's usual lengthy list.
There are enough good acts  to merit a separate series - something to ponder on next time I'm stuck.

However as I 'm just back from holiday I haven't had time to do all your suggestions justice. Also it is very hot and I am being driven demented by the  squirrel (s) trapped in the Muso Room's roofspace so I hope you will forgive me if I go with four of my own this week which as far as I can see none of you suggested.

First up is Scouse twee trio Stealing Sheep with a song from their album Into the  Diamond Sun. One I've had for ages (although I couldn't have told you the title)  and have probably only played a couple of times so I'm grateful for the opportunity  for another rare listen.

I'm quite surprised that no-one suggested Bloodshot favourites Sarah Shook and the Disarmers . Here is one from the Bloodshot 18 Sampler which you should all have on your shelves.

Then we have The Sweetback Sisters a Brooklyn band who model there songs on Nashville Country from the 50's . You are getting the title track from their 2011 album Looking For a Fight on the Signature Sound Recording label.

Finally,one for the bloody squirrels!

TT should also be relatively easy and I am anticipating  the usual number of interesting suggestions

Stealing Sheep - White Lies

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - New Ways to Fail

Sweetback Sisters - Looking For a Fight

The Scottsville Squirrel Barkers -Home Sweet Home

Wednesday 15 May 2019

State of the Union - New Mexico

George writes:
Another week, another show of astounding ignorance. So I am going to investigate if New Mexico is indeed all desert and rock, and has loads of those big cactus things you see in western films…….well, there is very very little water there, only 0.002% surface area is river or lake.That is not very much……..imagine a square, with lengths 1 metre (or 100cm), if that represented New Mexico, all its surface area of water could fit into one tiny square in the corner, of length ca. 0.44cm.

This is a fascinating state. There’s Roswell, of UFO sightings fame, Los Alamos, where the first ever atomic bomb was exploded,  and it’s home to the largest hot air balloon festival in the world. What a place! And it is home to the cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe so there’s going to be many fine fine songs available……..and I have made a fabulous discovery, a tex-mex/mariachi  singer Darren Cordova, but after scrolling through his albums I could find no relevant songs for today. A purchase, though, was made.

One song that I did not, honestly(!), acquire was “Point me in the direction of Albuquerque” by the Partridge Family. Drivel. As is the song Albuquerque by Sons Of The Desert, faux country drivel. Not looking good for songs about Albuquerque. But a particularly splendid band got together in Albuquerque, that is The Shins. Whose album Wincing The Night Away is a gem and should grace the shelves in your music room.

And so to the obvious song:

Splendid, we are all agreed on that, aren’t we?

And  there is a particularly splendid track called Santa Fé, by the band Beirut. Beirut is the only band, the ONLY band, that I have discovered and liked via my partner. She bought their first album, on a whim, when we were in Berlin. That album resides in her collection, of course.  This track comes from the album The Rip Tide, is rather good, it reminds me of some of the songs of Hiss Golden Messenger.

There’s other faux country songs by Billy Dawson and Bri Brigwell that are too vomit-inducing for you to bother investigating, some mindless pap by Jim Glaser,  and there’s a track called Albuquerque from an album Garbage Songs I found In Old Emails, a very apt title if this particular song is anything to go by.

That’s New Mexico, “Oh fair New Mexico, we love we love you so”  as Busy McCarroll sang. Busy McCarroll, not Busty McCarroll (not one to google at work!)

So no trips to Bandcamp to make purchases this week. But the geography of New Mexico seems well worth a visit: there’s an area of the state that has what looks like steeple-like rock towers with mushrooms on top, there’s White Sands (white from gypsum not some form of quartz or of shells), the Fajada Butte, huge caverns, Taos, a town of adobe houses, so many fantastic-looking and sounding places to visit.

Next week, another state, but probably not as interesting geologically as New Mexico.

CC writes:
My contribution this week comes from nearer home courtesy of Livingston's finest and former Felson's front man Dean Owens

Monday 13 May 2019

The Resurrection

Some Insurgent Country for you today from the great Bear Family Records with Hillbillies in Hell - Volume 3 The Resurrection subtitled Country Music's Tormented Testament  1952-1974 just in case you didn't get the message

As the title suggests a series of songs about the Devil, Hell and damnation, hard drinking , depravity, murder and downright debauchery.
But folks there is also salvation and redemption and possibly even a resurrection as JC (no, not the great man but the other one )  makes an appearance to take on Satan and saves some souls.

If nothing else it is an excuse to hear that rarest of rare things - a half decent Hank Williams Jr song

Lonnie Glosson -Let Jesus Turn You On

Hank Williams Jr with the Mike Curb Congregation - Jesus Loved The Devil Out of Me

The Sunshine Boys Quartet - Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb

A slightly reduced service this week as we are away - again!

Saturday 11 May 2019

Double Initials - RR

After last week's superlative collective effort with QQ this week we are tackling something slightly easier namely RR.

Again this week will be collaborative. When Ranking Roger died recently  I posted some songs by The Beat. This week we feature a solo effort which I have pinched from Brian. I'm sure that he wont mind

Ernie Goggins weighed in with his usual eclectic suggestions as he does most weeks. I've opted for New Orleans singer/song writer Ric Robertson. I can't really see the Ron Sexsmith comparison  Ernie but it is perfectly pleasant.

We are going all out country for the final two suggestions.
Like Ernie Ramone666 has been sharing some great songs on a weekly basis.I've opted for Red Rippers. A psuedonym  for Vietnam veteran Ed Bankston  who released one cult album Over There ... and Over Here in 1983. It has been duly purchased.

Finally Dirk, an apology. I haven't had the time to track down  Roy Rogers (& The Sons Of The Pioneers) with 'I'll Never Be Another Pecos Bill'  but here is a Roy Rogers number especially for you

The first of two relatively easy weeks next week  (before a tricky home straight) with SS. Suggestions welcome.

Ranking Roger - So Excited
Ric Robertson - The Bullet

Red Rippers -I Roll

Roy Rogers - Blue Shadows on the Trail

Friday 10 May 2019

Goodnight, Texas

A big thank you to George for bringing  the band Goodnight, Texas to my attention.
A band who are named after the tiny hamlet  of the same name situated east of Amarillo which was the geographical midpoint between the homes of the two main songwriters and band members Avi Vinocur from San Francisco, California and Patrick Dyer Wolf from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
They have even taken things a couple of steps further by playing there on at least three occasions and having hand delivered a copy of their 2012 album A Long life of Living to every citizen of Goodnight.

They have released a further couple of  albums Uncle John Farquhar in 2014 and Conductor in 2018 along with an EP An Even Longer Life of Living (2017) all on Tallest Man Records.

Here are a couple of songs from Uncle John Farquar.
If old timey country songs and banjo music are not your thing you should probably give them a miss.

Better than Kassidy!

Goodnight, Texas - Uncle John Farquhar

Goodnight, Texas - Knock 'Em Stiff

Thursday 9 May 2019

One Man Army

I can't remember the context but I saw Barrie - James O'Neill who was the frontman of former Glasgow band Kassidy (2009-2014) featuring in the magazine one of the weekend newspapers.
I have since found out that an one time he was romantically involved with Lana Del Ray but I don't think it was about that.

It made me think that I should evaluate their second album One Man Army from 2012 and on the Mercury label as this week's burn under scrutiny for retention or disposal.
Now it cannot be denied that B-J has a very fine singing voice but the music - oh dear oh lord, oh my on my (as Ian Hunter once nearly sang).
Some of the songs start of promisingly but almost all end up like a Killers/Kings of Leon tribute act with an interminable series of woahs.
Having said that some may have been quite good if performed by the Cosmic Rough Riders

It is most certainly not a keeper and it has now got me wondering why on earth I ever burnt it in the first place.

Kassidy - Home

Kassidy - Flowers at the Edge of the Rain

Wednesday 8 May 2019

State of the Union - Delaware

George writes:

(He’s not from this state).

Brian at Linear Tracking Lives posted a song about this state a few weeks ago. I might have to nab it off him if I can’t source anything myself. I was going to say something about Delaware being as desperate, musically, as fellow New England state Maine, but Delaware is not a New England state.  And things get off to terribly bad start with Delaware by Perry Como, from the album The Very Best of Perry Como. He blethers about someone wearing a brand new jersey. Hell’s teeth, is there nothing else??????? (what did Dela wear, get it?) The entire lyric is teeth-grindingly awful, appalling puns, there’s appalling music, and it contrives to be worse than the sum of its parts. Not much else, a song by an outfit called The Duhks, about Dover, Delaware, as bland an acoustic-americana  song as you are ever likely to hear.

I’ve yet to hear a good song by Canadian George Thorogood and The Destroyers. Apart from this; an absolute belter:

On his first album his covers murder the originals, but that is self-penned. And it seems that  George Thorogood is not Canadian, he was born in Wilmington, Delaware. And Perry Como was not Canadian,as I thought, but from Pennsylvania.

Bridgeville, Delaware is home to the apple scrapple festival.

Now, I know what apples are, and I know that scrapple is the pride of Pennsylvania, because Robbie Fulks tells us, but I do not know what “apple scrapple” is. Well, it does not exist, the apple scrapple festival is a festival dedicated to apples and scrapple. Scrapple is some for of disgusting-sounding dish of pork offal bulked out with flour. It is the best known food of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Basically, the bits of pig left over that no one knows what do with. You can get a scrapple sandwich at the Delaware  Fair. I do not know if Perry Como ever ate a scrapple sandwich, and he died almost 18 years ago so I can’t email him and ask him. And Doris Stokes can’t use her psychic powers to do so because she died 14 years before Mr Como.

(Mmmm....our favourite...fried pig offal and flour…….)

And now, of course, it’s off to Bandcamp. There’s a place called Slaughter Beach in Delaware, and I was hoping that this might yield a half-decent song. Well, the first low, low,low-fi track was a track for me. But on my second attempt I unearthed this great little track, by a group called Atlas, who are from Delaware.

Slaughter Beach is either named after a bloke called slaughter, or something to do with loads of crabs dying there, or that some bloke (not Mr Slaughter) killed loads of  indigenous inhabitants there.

So no need to plough through the towns and cities of Delaware any more.
Delaware throws up very very few famous people. One of them, though, is Potsie’s uncle, (remember Potsie from Happy Days), well, he was the nephew of Henry Heimlich.

(Delaware’s most famous person ever)

And Wilmington is the home of the DuPont company, that gave us nylon and teflon.

In Lewes, Delaware it is illegal to wear pants that are “firm fitting” around the waist. I think that means trousers (or breeks, to any scottish people out there) and not underwear (or as cuecas to any portuguese speakers out there). Well, I hope it does.

About the most interesting thing about Delaware, apart from its sole interesting famous person Dr. Heimlich, is that it part of its state border is an arc, yes an arc, drawn with the aid of a compass (on a map).  Which caused all sorts of problems with Pennsylvania. They were resolved about 97 years ago.

And that’s Delaware.

CC writes:
I was tempted to feature Perry Como if only to annoy George
Instead I've opted for the great James McMurtry