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Saturday 11 May 2019

Double Initials - RR

After last week's superlative collective effort with QQ this week we are tackling something slightly easier namely RR.

Again this week will be collaborative. When Ranking Roger died recently  I posted some songs by The Beat. This week we feature a solo effort which I have pinched from Brian. I'm sure that he wont mind

Ernie Goggins weighed in with his usual eclectic suggestions as he does most weeks. I've opted for New Orleans singer/song writer Ric Robertson. I can't really see the Ron Sexsmith comparison  Ernie but it is perfectly pleasant.

We are going all out country for the final two suggestions.
Like Ernie Ramone666 has been sharing some great songs on a weekly basis.I've opted for Red Rippers. A psuedonym  for Vietnam veteran Ed Bankston  who released one cult album Over There ... and Over Here in 1983. It has been duly purchased.

Finally Dirk, an apology. I haven't had the time to track down  Roy Rogers (& The Sons Of The Pioneers) with 'I'll Never Be Another Pecos Bill'  but here is a Roy Rogers number especially for you

The first of two relatively easy weeks next week  (before a tricky home straight) with SS. Suggestions welcome.

Ranking Roger - So Excited
Ric Robertson - The Bullet

Red Rippers -I Roll

Roy Rogers - Blue Shadows on the Trail


  1. Replies
    1. Or, in the unlikely event you don't go with that suggestion, the Soul Stirrers, Strawberry Switchblade, Serafina Steer, Cambodian 60s superstar Sinn Sisamouth, Slim Smith or his distant relative Sammi Smith, the first person to have a hit with "Help Me Make It Through The Night". Her "Birmingham Mistake" is pretty good too.

  2. Shel Silverstein - writer of "Sylvia's Mother", "A Boy Named Sue" and a zillion others. He recorded some songs too - "Bury Me In My Shades" is fun.

  3. Stephen Stills and Sly Stone did solo songs

  4. Skip Spence, the Soul Stirrers, the Staple Singers

  5. And the Sinister Six, the Soul Seven, the Soul Survivors, Soviet Sex, Sturgill Simpson, Subway Sect, the Swan Silvertones...

  6. To not feature Sufjan Stevens would be a travesty. Ditto The Swan Silvertones (Oh Mary Don't You Weep)

  7. Oh, loads of big names this week:

    Salem 66, Sally Shapiro, Samurai Seven, Savourna Stevenson, Second Step, Secret Shine, Sekret Sekret, Senior Soul, Sexy Sadie, SF Seals, Shake Shakes, Sham 69, Sharon Shannon, Sharon Stoned, Shakespears Sister, Short Straw, Si Se, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Silicone Soul, Singapore Sling, Sinking Ships, Smokey Smothers, Sofa Surfers, Soukous Stars, Spare Snare, Star Spangles, Stephan Smith, Stony Sleep, Strip Squad, Sudden Sway, Summer Suns.

    And if none of the above meet with your approval, there's always Sloppy Seconds' 'I Don't Want To Be A Homosexual' … and, yes, I know, one should be careful these days with titles like this - but it's such a neat record … and from 1990, when the world was a better place and not every little thing was seen as homophobia …

    Also, thanks for the Roy Rogers - tune, Stevie: well chosen!

  8. It appears that the Roy Rogers song is actually Little Jimmy Dickens, but not a bad song nevertheless. Cheers!

    1. Sorry about that - Disc 1 posted rather than Disc 2 - school boy error.
      Now sorted

  9. Siouxsie Sous, Subway Sect, Sly Stone, Sub Sub, Sandie Shaw.

  10. I had to check twice that no-one else had already nabbed Shed Seven.

    1. Obviously not everyone is as big a fan as you Swede!

  11. So excited about seeing Ranking Roger on here. This is an impressive list going on in the comments. Off the top of my head, from my collection, I'll add Strawberry Story, Shillelagh Sisters and Shannon Shaw.

  12. Sigue Sigue Sputnick (I claim that the Sigue's are actually hyphenated, hence nit a triple S)
    Sandie Shaw
    Silver Sun
    Sister Sledge
    Strawberry Switchblade

  13. Adding to those already mentioned: Sing-Sing, South San Gabriel, Shannon Stephens, Sandy Salisbury, Shortwave Set, Strawberry Smell,Sandy Salisbury, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her and finally the mighty Steeleye Span

  14. SS broke my computer.

    Still, looks like you have plenty to be going at so you can probably live without my nonsense.

    I'll second the Swede's call for Shed Seven though. And Ernie's call for Shaky.