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Friday 3 May 2019

Gay Dad

Does anyone remember Gay Dad?
Although they were formed in 1994 they shot to prominence and generated a fair amount of  hype with the release of their single To Earth With Love in 1998. Hardly surprising really given that the band were fronted by former Face journalist Cliff Jones and the single was produced by Tony Visconti.. Their name also generated a bit of noise at the time. These days nobody with the exception of the Daily Mail would even raise an eyebrow.
Visconti was swiftly sacked and the band went on to produce two albums Leisure Noise in 1999 and Transmission in 2001 prior to splitting up.

Leisure Noise is the burn under consideration for retention this week. It is a pleasant slab of indie glam and is probably better that a number of the albums I have purchased over the years. However I shall content myself with the digital versions of the two singles and bin it thus saving space  (after re-cycling the case of course).

but that's cool
Aerosmith rule  - I think not.

Gay Dad - Joy!

Gay Dad - To Earth With Love


  1. One for the bin. Unexceptional at best.

  2. Brutal George brutal
    The CD has been binned.I think To Earth with Love is a decent pop song.

  3. I remember them...

    ...and pretty much agree with your decision.

    1. Just read your attached post Rol.
      Absolutely spot on