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Friday 10 May 2019

Goodnight, Texas

A big thank you to George for bringing  the band Goodnight, Texas to my attention.
A band who are named after the tiny hamlet  of the same name situated east of Amarillo which was the geographical midpoint between the homes of the two main songwriters and band members Avi Vinocur from San Francisco, California and Patrick Dyer Wolf from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
They have even taken things a couple of steps further by playing there on at least three occasions and having hand delivered a copy of their 2012 album A Long life of Living to every citizen of Goodnight.

They have released a further couple of  albums Uncle John Farquhar in 2014 and Conductor in 2018 along with an EP An Even Longer Life of Living (2017) all on Tallest Man Records.

Here are a couple of songs from Uncle John Farquar.
If old timey country songs and banjo music are not your thing you should probably give them a miss.

Better than Kassidy!

Goodnight, Texas - Uncle John Farquhar

Goodnight, Texas - Knock 'Em Stiff


  1. Never mind this banjo country nonsense, there's a NEW HOWARD JONES album out!!

    1. I've still to feature my Best Of CD
      20p not very well spent!

    2. I'm sure you have posted one of your hero's tracks in the past....

    3. I would feature him every week if I could get away with it!