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Friday 31 May 2019

Stray Cats Are Back

Stray Cats are back with an album called 40 celebrating that number of years they have been in existence.
It is their first studio album since 1993's Original Cool.

After that there has only been a 2004  live album  and DVD called Rumble in Brixton,  a recording of their concert at the Brixton Academy, and a couple of songs from this are featured below.
I think my brother may well have been there. He is heading to Birmingham to see them again next month. Sadly, they are not playing in Scotland.
I nearly saw them once in Glasgow but Slim Jim fell off his drums (yup, OFF his drums) and broke his arm a couple of weeks before the gig which was subsequently cancelled and never re-arranged. I did get to see Brian Setzer at the Garage though.

Welcome back Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom

Stray Cats -Rumble in Brighton (Live)

Stray Cats - 18 Miles to Memphis (Live)

Here's a trailer for the new album (getting harder to maintain those quiffs over the years!)


  1. Man Alive, that Stray Cat on the right of picture looks like he wants to kill whoever is taking the photo. Or maybe just kill anyone!

  2. When I heard about this reunion/album I immediately thought of your brother and your old series on his records. I'm sure he is excited to see them.

  3. Saw 'em at Sheffield Top Rank '81/'82ish, they were great, debut album was brilliant but that was enough for me and I never followed up on them after that. Obviously, I'm not a rockabilly fella. They were retro in the 80s so what's the word for retro second time around?