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Saturday 18 May 2019

Double Initials SS

It took me a wee while to come up with an image not associated with the Nazis.
As usual there were lots of great suggestions as to what should be included under SS and that is even without Rol's usual lengthy list.
There are enough good acts  to merit a separate series - something to ponder on next time I'm stuck.

However as I 'm just back from holiday I haven't had time to do all your suggestions justice. Also it is very hot and I am being driven demented by the  squirrel (s) trapped in the Muso Room's roofspace so I hope you will forgive me if I go with four of my own this week which as far as I can see none of you suggested.

First up is Scouse twee trio Stealing Sheep with a song from their album Into the  Diamond Sun. One I've had for ages (although I couldn't have told you the title)  and have probably only played a couple of times so I'm grateful for the opportunity  for another rare listen.

I'm quite surprised that no-one suggested Bloodshot favourites Sarah Shook and the Disarmers . Here is one from the Bloodshot 18 Sampler which you should all have on your shelves.

Then we have The Sweetback Sisters a Brooklyn band who model there songs on Nashville Country from the 50's . You are getting the title track from their 2011 album Looking For a Fight on the Signature Sound Recording label.

Finally,one for the bloody squirrels!

TT should also be relatively easy and I am anticipating  the usual number of interesting suggestions

Stealing Sheep - White Lies

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - New Ways to Fail

Sweetback Sisters - Looking For a Fight

The Scottsville Squirrel Barkers -Home Sweet Home


  1. Ted Taylor (Ramblin Rose!), the Texas Tornadoes, the T.S.U. Toronadoes.

  2. Typically Tropical is the obvious one for next week.

  3. For maximum T-ness, how about Tiny Tim's 'Tiptoe Through The Tulips'?
    Or Tiny Timmy Tipp? And add Tiny Topsy for a Tiny T Special?

    Alternatively, Tammi Terrell, Titus Turner, Tommy Tate, Tony Tuff, Tyrone Taylor or Toni Tornado. But not Take That or Tenpole Tudor.

  4. The Temptations, The Turbines, The Triffids.

    1. George - do you mean The Turbines of "Rules Of The Road" and "Wah Hey" faame? They're fabulous!

      And of course - "Roy's Motel"

    2. Those very same Turbines, makers of one the Ten Best Albums of all Time (Last Dance Before Highway)

    3. With the exception of The The I'm not sure I can count bands beginning with The

    4. But if you are omitting the first definite article, then that group would be "The" and thus could not be included.

  5. The The....or is that just one T?!

  6. Todd Terry. Tammi Terrell. Tracey Thorn.

  7. Tony Tribe and his 1969 version of Red Red Wine?
    There's Tanya Tucker too.

  8. Now for the ones no-one else has dared mention but I'm not proud.

    Take That, Thompson Twins, Tanita Tikaram, Tina Turner.... and the lesser known Timmy Thomas (Why Can't We Live Together - Timmy, I wish I knew).

  9. Damn it. A few weeks back I thought "must remember Sarah Shook for SS, that's bound to be one of CC's choices". Then the sheer weight of SS defeated me.

    TT looks like being the same, but surely Tommy Tutone is a must?

    I may return with others later.

  10. Hang on...

    Can I heartily recommend T&T - Perfectly Proportioned. You won't regret it.

    Oh, and Tracy Thorn!

  11. Oh, I see Adam beat me to Tracey, with the correct spelling.

    I'm amazed nobody's said Talk Talk yet. Never really got them, but the musos love 'em.

  12. Tapes n Tapes

    'Til Tuesday (Aimee Mann's first band)

    The Ting Tings

    Tom Tom Club

    Tom T. Hall

    The Trailer Trash Tracys

    Travis Tritt

  13. Most of mine have already been mentioned but surely only a churlish jobsworth pedant (just saying!) would disallow Ten Thousand Maniacs or for that matter Twenty Two Brides and there's always everyone's favourite 16th Century sacred music composer Thomas Tallis. If you do go with Tiny Tim then his cover of the Beatles' Girl is worth a listen.

  14. I have just remembered an ESSENTIAL entry for next week, but as I doubt you'll have it, I'm going to send it by passenger pigeon. I think you will agree it has to be featured.

  15. I'd quite like to hear 'On The Run' once again by TV 21 … also I'm quite astonished that no-one has suggested it so far!