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Friday 24 May 2019

The Ballantrae Bonanza:- Liquor in the Font

Please be upstanding for the Reverend
Yes, yes I know that it is  Friday as opposed to Sunday but I'm sure you'll agree that this is more suited for a Friday evening rather than a sedate Sunday moring
1994's Liquor in the Font the third album by The Reverend Horton Heat on Sub Pop/Interscope records was the only Psychobilly album in the haul  and is by far and away the most raucous.
At least Big Sky and  Cruisin' for a Bruisin' are
Liquor, Beer and Wine is siomewhat more sedate but it does neatly sum up the bands raison d'√™tre

A splendid racket

The Reverend Horton Heat - Big Sky

The Reverend Horton Heat - Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

The Reverend Horton Heat - Liquor, Beer and Wine


  1. Thanks to the two folk who have viewed the Reverend so far today.
    You have good taste

  2. At least three now, buddy. You nailed it. This is one reverend that shouldn't be listened to on Sunday morning. I found this religion in the Sub Pop era but didn't make it out of the '90s. He has no doubt continued to espouse great music this century. Should investigate.

  3. The Rev is incredible to hear live, and if you can catch him with Unknow Hinson on the bill...go. Watch. Listen.