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Saturday 25 May 2019

Double Initials TT

After a relatively easy SS we have another fairly easy week with TT and plenty of suggestions in the comments box last week.
I'm staring this week with a suggestion by George namely Typically Tropical. Not necessarily because the song is any good but because our mutual friend Pete is currently on holiday in Barbados, staying in a convent!

Tex Mex legends Texan Tornados were always going to feature even before Ramone666's early suggestion.

Plenty of suggestions for a third and a debate as to whether The being used as the definitive article counts and in particular in the case of The The. Therefore I have taken the decision not to include them in this instance - sorry C

There were so many to choose from and in the end I went for one of Rol's suggestions in recognition of his persistence and his desperation of even using the channel of his own blog to big up his suggestions.
I was intrigued by The Trailer Trash Tracys until I heard the music.
I've had to rule out your"ESSENTIAL" suggestion of Dreaming of Injured Popstars as I'm not sure that Chris T-T meets the criteria.However Tommy Tutone counts

And finally sorry Ernie I lasted approximately 15 seconds of Tiny Tim with Tiptoe Through The Tulips.
I'm sure that you can  redeem yourself next week.

I thought QQ might stump folk but it looks like UU will be even harder. However, I'm confident that we collectively will rise to the challenge and reach the end of the alphabet

Typically Tropical - Barbados

Texas Tornados - Who Were You Thinkin' Of

Tommy Tutone - 867 5309 Jenny


  1. Could only come up with Egyptian legend Umm Kulthum.

  2. Lots of U's there but I guess she don't count huh?

  3. A late entry for this week's initials - Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together (fab song!)

    UU? - haven't a clue...

  4. U2 definitely will not feature!

  5. I quite liked Trailer Trash Traceys and had forgotten about them. But I have a UU...
    Usha Uthup, an Indian artist- I have her magnificent cover of I Feel Love. Here...

    1. Cheers SA
      That's at least two lined up for next week now!

    2. Usha was also responsible for the version of 'I Will Survive' I sent you recently

    3. Indeed
      She could well do an It's Immaterial and feature twice

  6. I am clearly far too competitive, despite 47 years of cultivating a "Can't Be Arsed" disposition.

  7. And I have nothing for this week, though I wish there was a band called Up & Under.

  8. There's U_U : separate rooms

  9. This, admittingly, is the first letter for which I can come up with … exactly zero suggestions!

  10. Nope, nothing from me this week although Urusei Yatsura have three Us which must count for something.