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Monday, 13 May 2019

The Resurrection

Some Insurgent Country for you today from the great Bear Family Records with Hillbillies in Hell - Volume 3 The Resurrection subtitled Country Music's Tormented Testament  1952-1974 just in case you didn't get the message

As the title suggests a series of songs about the Devil, Hell and damnation, hard drinking , depravity, murder and downright debauchery.
But folks there is also salvation and redemption and possibly even a resurrection as JC (no, not the great man but the other one )  makes an appearance to take on Satan and saves some souls.

If nothing else it is an excuse to hear that rarest of rare things - a half decent Hank Williams Jr song

Lonnie Glosson -Let Jesus Turn You On

Hank Williams Jr with the Mike Curb Congregation - Jesus Loved The Devil Out of Me

The Sunshine Boys Quartet - Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb

A slightly reduced service this week as we are away - again!


  1. "we are away - again!"
    Again? You get more holidays than those bloody teachers!

  2. You appear to have missed out the line - Well deserved

  3. Oh wow, wonderful cover pic and those song titles! Brilliant. Will enjoy a proper listen later, meanwhile enjoy your *well deserved* time away!

  4. Cover and title are top notch.

  5. I might not know much about Insurgent Country but a really funny post from you - some brilliant lines there. Enjoy the hols - We're all just jealous.

  6. Very impressed with the Lonnie Glosson track. I keep meaning to do a Top Ten about Dodgy Jesus songs. I bet there's some Louvin Brothers on that compilation.