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Thursday, 30 May 2019

The Ballantrae Bonanza - Bombshell

You've got to love BRICC in Ballantrae.
Among the chaos and the clutter it has previously given up Lee and Nancy on vinyl and my first Fall charity shop acquisition.
This time out it was the turn of the King to pop his charity shop cherry.
From 2007 and the follow up to KC Rules OK  here is Bombshell on the 679 label

Here is a track by track analysis from the Gruniad which describes Kenny Anderson as Fife's greatest export since fish and chips and bird flu
The description  of KC as a woozy, self -deprecating romantic is bang on the mark.

This one is going down as a find and takes KC into the group of artists that I have five plus albums by.

King Creosote - You've No Clue Do You
Recently adopted by the Brexit Party as their theme song.

King Creosote -There's None of That
About the Brexit Party's policies.

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  1. I love this album especially . . . and the racket they made