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Saturday 4 May 2019

Double Initials - QQ

I was totally stumped when it came to QQ  and was beginning to think we would not manage to cover every letter of the alphabet. Fortunately the blogging community stepped up to the plate and I am now reasonably confident that WE (not I)  are going to manage to do it.

Swiss Adam was swiftly in with the band Quando Quango who were on the Factory label in the 80's and who apparently released not two but three ace singles.
Here is one of them Love Tempo

Adam was seconded by C, thirded by The Swede and fourthed by Rol so it is clearly just me who didn't remember them.

George than got in on the act by suggesting Quack Quack with the song Perpetual Spinach adding the caveat that it might be too prog for my tastes. George, you have come up with worse,  much worse.

And finally where would we be without our dear friend Dirk?
He suggested "Russia's finest " Quetzal Quoatl: but I couldn't find anything by them leading me to conclude that he either meant the band Quetzalcoatal or he made it up.

RR is likely to be much easier and very probably less obscure


  1. The obvious one is Ronnie Ronalde, and Mockingbird Hill features both yodelling AND whistling.

  2. Randolph Rose and Rick & Renner. The combination of schlager and sertanejo is bound to get your readers' toes tapping.

    Rick & Renner:

  3. If, inexplicably, neither of those appeal, there is a fellow called Ric Robertson who put a good album out a couple of years back - similar to Ron Sexsmith in style. I can oblige if needed.

    No relation to Robbiw Robertson as far as I know. Or to Roscoe Robinson, Ranking Roger of South African new wavers Radio Rats

    1. I meant "or South African new wavers" not "of", obviously (unless Roger had a very unexpected career turn)

    2. As a fan of Ron Sexsmth Ric sounds interesting Ernie

    3. I'll send a selection over

  4. Couldn't come up with any big names surprisingly, but for obscurities there's Really Red, the Range Rats, the Red Rippers, Rema-Rema, Roy Richards.

  5. I can offer a great 1969 horn driven rocksteady instrumental called 'Mannix' by The Rhythm Rulers.

  6. Rankin' Roger RIP.

    Roland Rat.

  7. Rema-Rema with their great track also called Rema-Rema.

  8. Robert Randolph (and the Family Band).

  9. If you want something that just sounds so typical 1979 (for Brian!) then there's also Robert & the Remoulds: 'X No. 1'

  10. Ralphi Rosario too, maker of You Used To Hold Me, a seminal piece of 80s house.

  11. There's an American blues guitarist who's called Roy Rogers.

    And the other Roy Rogers did some great songs such as "Happy Trails". Rode a horse and played guitar at the same time!!!

  12. Rachel & The Revolvers - The Revo-Lution

    Randy & The Rainbows - Denise (y'know, the one that Blondie covered)

    Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue has had a couple of decent solo records - I'd recommend Good Evening, Philadelphia & Radio On in particular.

    Riff Raff - Billy Bragg's first band!

    I also have the Rocking Rebels, The Rocking Roadrunners and the Rocking R's on various compilations.

    Has nobody said Rose Royce yet? Bloody hell.

    Roy Redmond (Northern Soul)

    Ruby & The Romantics

    I should probably start working on SS now...

  13. Ronnie Ronalde, my cert for no other mentions was blown out of the water right at the start - thanks George! Only others I had were Rose Royce and Rip, Rig and Panic - a bonkers band as someone has described them!

  14. Ra Ra Riot, Red Rat, Red Ravens and Rio Reiser - but if I am allowed to make a request: Roy Rogers (& The Sons Of The Pioneers) - 'I'll Never Be Another Pecos Bill' … a MIGHTY tune!