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Thursday 9 May 2019

One Man Army

I can't remember the context but I saw Barrie - James O'Neill who was the frontman of former Glasgow band Kassidy (2009-2014) featuring in the magazine one of the weekend newspapers.
I have since found out that an one time he was romantically involved with Lana Del Ray but I don't think it was about that.

It made me think that I should evaluate their second album One Man Army from 2012 and on the Mercury label as this week's burn under scrutiny for retention or disposal.
Now it cannot be denied that B-J has a very fine singing voice but the music - oh dear oh lord, oh my on my (as Ian Hunter once nearly sang).
Some of the songs start of promisingly but almost all end up like a Killers/Kings of Leon tribute act with an interminable series of woahs.
Having said that some may have been quite good if performed by the Cosmic Rough Riders

It is most certainly not a keeper and it has now got me wondering why on earth I ever burnt it in the first place.

Kassidy - Home

Kassidy - Flowers at the Edge of the Rain

1 comment:

  1. One for the bin. Somehow reminds me of Idlewild, just bland and innocuous.