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Friday 7 June 2019

More Sub Pop Sounds

I'm revisiting SPF/30 the Uncut compilation celebrating 30 years of Sub Pop Records which I first visited last October

I don't recall knowingly having ever listened to Dinosaur Jr or J. Mascis and there is certainly none of their stuff on the shelves. However it would appear that there are two tracks from D Jr and one from J downloaded onto my hard drive.
I was quite taken though with See You at the Movies a J.Mascis song from his 2018 album Electric Days.

I'm a bit more familiar with Sleater-Kinney having a copy of their second album 1996's Call the Doctor featuring their great song I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone which has appeared here before.

Surface Envy is taken from their 2015 comeback album No Cities to Love their first since 2005 and if you are familiar with them at all you won't be surprised to hear that it is indeed a splendid racked.

I'm sure J will forgive me but the gals are somewhat more photogenic than him!

J.Mascis - See You at the Movies

Sleater- Kinney - Surface Envy


  1. The J Mascis album is good, some fine songs.

  2. You got the gentler side of J Mascis there although most J Mascis/Dinosaur Jr tracks are essentially the same and I say that as a fan. That's all you want from him/them though - a rather strained/pained vocal with plenty of 30 second all hell let loose searing solo guitar breaks thrown in for good measure. Give a listen to Feel The Pain from Dinosaur Jr's Without A Sound alb which is my fave of his. For me though Lou Barlow (Sebadoh etc) a long time off and on member of Dinosaur Jr is a way more varied/inventive songwriter.