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Saturday 15 June 2019

Double Initials WW

Nearly there - only four more to go and this one WW is probably the easiest.

Swiss Adam  was quick off the blocks with a request for some Rockabilly specifically Wayne Walker with All I Can Do is Cry. I found it on my hard drive and I'm guessing it's been there since Adam featured it on his wonderful and sadly missed Friday Rockabilly Series.

I made reference to The Watermelon Sampler Volume 1 yesterday for it is there where track one is by Webb Wilder a name that nobody got.

Wooden Wand, my newest favourite act is next up. He features on Rol's usual long list of suggestions but thanks are due to Ramone666 for pushing some of his stuff in my direction.

Oh, and sorry Rol nice try but the Wombles of Wimbledon Common were never going to trouble the judging panel.

Finally this week and by way of thanks for Basement Beehive here are Bordeaux finest Watoo Watoo for my dear friend Brian

It is XX  next weekand I believe there is a fairly obvious choice although I have nothing by and have never knowingly listened to the act in question.Songs and comments welcomed.

Wayne Walker - All I Can Do is Cry

Webb Wilder - Stay Out of Automobiles

Wooden Wand - Wither Away

Watoo Watoo -Modern Express


  1. Teardrops by The XX is one of the very best cover versions I own.

    1. I second that, especially as it's a cover of a song by a WW group so it seems fitting that it should follow!

  2. Cleveland punkers X-X. Does Xixa count?

  3. The XX are the obvious shout. There was a band in the 00s called XX Teens (be careful googling them) who were remixed by Andrew Weatherall.

  4. Wayne Walker is a strong candidate for Song Of The Day

  5. Not that obvious, Stevie, because there are also Xiu Xiu, who did a cover of New Order's 'Ceremony' … which is … 'interesting', let's put it this way!

  6. If you really must post something by The XX - and this seems almost as inevitable as Boris becoming PM - then at least go for the magnificent Greg Wilson's remix of Night Time. Without someone else at the mix-board they're insufferably dull.