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Saturday 8 June 2019

Double Initials - V V

Confession time - I was up early last Saturday morning editing the UU post as I had mistakenly mentioned that it was WW as opposed to VV this week. This far in you would think I should know my alphabet by now.

Anyhow it IS  VV today and we have the usual eclectic mix again for you this week.
We start with the one that I had come up with quickly endorsed by Rol namely Vincent Vincent & the Villains with a song from their only album 2008's Gospel Bombs.To me they come across as a cross between Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand and a 50's Rock'n'Roll band.

If I said that the next song was by a Ukranian rock band I'm sure that most of you would quickly guess that it was offered up by a certain Mr Ernie Goggins. Here is the skinny  on the mighty Vopli Vidopliassova.

As is his want Ramone666  again very kindly provided some excellent suggestions. I've gone for Vickie & the Van Dykes who I'm guessing were a 60's Girl group. All I can find out is that they appeared on a compilation called Basement Beehive : The Girl Group Underground which sounds pretty interesting and worth exploring further.

Finally in the comments section C stated I'd like to offer V V Brown, who I remember seeing on Later With Jools Holland quite a few years ago, she had a very interesting fringe and a dog tooth check top.
You will be pleased to know C that  I have managed to track down that very performamce. Impressive powers of recollection there.

Next week is definitely WW!. Plenty to choose from. Let's be having you.

Vincent Vincent & the Villains - Killing Time

Vopli Vidopliassova - Pidmanula

Vickie & the Van Dykes - Outcast


  1. WW has to be the mighty rockabilly of Wayne Walker, All I Can Do Is Cry.

  2. Thanks for the VV Brown clip, CC!
    I can only think of Wendy Wu from the Photos.
    Just put this to Mr SDS though and he has come up with Kevin Ayers & the Whole World. Got me wondering if there are any other words that begin with W but sound like an H, so that's my next puzzle for the day after this and Saturday Snapshots...

  3. There's Willie Weeks and Waddy Wachtel who've played on a lot of albums

  4. Where to start? Wet Willie, that's where. Also Walter 'Wolfman' Washington, Willie Williams and a couple of reggae Waynes - Wade and Wonder

  5. CC, I have that Basement Beehive set. It really is one of the best reissues I have picked up in a long time. It's a beautiful hardbound book with lengthy bios on each obscure artist and a beautiful photo of the 45 that's featured on the two discs. Highly recommended. If you just care about the music, drop me a line and I'll send it over.

  6. I've been waiting for this week just so I could suggest...

    Drumroll, please...

    The Wombles of Wimbledon (Common).


  7. Other than that, I found...

    Walter Wanderly

    The Wake Woods

    Wa Wa Nee

    Wander Wildner

    The Welcome Wagon

    We Were Promised Jetpacks

    The White Wires

    Willard White

    Willie Walker

    Willie West

    The Wonder Who

    Wooden Wand

    Was (Not Was)

    And, for completeness sake... Wet Wet Wet.

    But let's face it, none of the are The Wombles.

  8. Also Wednesday Week and Well Well Well, a German outfit!