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Monday, 14 October 2013

The Melvaig Inn

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Gairloch in North West Scotland, make sure you take a trip to the Melvaig Inn about 10 miles further up the coast.
Not only is the coastal drive absolutely stunning with cracking views of the North of Skye and Harris they also serve some excellent local real ale.
More importantly however the Inn hosts a collection of around 10,000 vinyl records!
I thought I'd died and goe to heaven!
Whilst Mrs CC sat with her drink reading the papers I had a right good wander as happy as a pig in smelly stuff.
I got chatting to the owner who said that he had a further 6000 vinyl records in his house. He has no CDs or downloads.
The music is mainly from the 60s to the early 80s and is catalogued into genres.
I spent the short time I had there concentrating on the country and new wave sections where these two artists featured prominently.
I plan to return some day to view the rest

XTC -Making Plans for Nigel

Johnny Cash - The Mystery of Life

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  1. Great story. Sounds like a terrific place. I for one am jealous.