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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 12

A dozen songs in and here is someone you might not be aware has associations with Bloodshot
Ladies and gentlemen I give you pub rock legend Graham Parker.
It is a long journey from being a petrol pump attendant in Camberley to Chicago Illinois but it is a journey well travelled.
Here is a quite sublime track from 2004's Your Country

Ok, so the record appeared in Britain on the Evangeline label BUT he was a Bloodshot artist at the time and it was issued under licence.
I'm sure you will agree that it deserves to be included.

And, as an added bonus here is an absolutely stonkin' live track from Graham with the Rumour for pub rock enthusiast Walter

Graham Parker - Nation of Shopkeepers

Graham Parker and the Rumour - Hey lord, Don't Ask Me Questions


  1. Apologies to all, especially Walter - not sure what happened there.
    Looks like I forgot to post the second song!

  2. Apparently Graham Parker is playing in Glasgow tomorrow night.I've never seen him and that will continue as it is £27.50 for a ticket. Surprisingly not sold out

  3. Thank you for the bonus CC. It's a killer version of this song.

  4. I went to see GP and the Rumour on Tues in Leeds. 1st night. Full house; Average age 55. Much water under the bridge since 79. Great reception which genuinely took the 6 of them very much by surprise. Tremendous energy. Really tight group. Well rehearsed. 90 minutes plus 2 encores. Memories a-gogo. Soul shoes tapping. Enjoyable for all.