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Thursday 10 October 2013


It's guitar god time.
Like numerous artists I have heard and read about Joe Bonamassa rather than actually heard his music.
All this changed, however,last week when I purchased From Nowhere in Particular in the Deveron Age Concern shop in the splendidly named town of McDuff.
I've seen him described as blues rock but to me he is more rock than blues.
There are Black Keys and Stevie Ray Vaughan comparisons but most tracks are too long, too heavy and too twiddly for my taste.
Still, my curiosity has now been sated.It will be filled away in the blues/rock seldom played section

Joe Bonamassa - Another Kinda Love

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  1. He's a one of the greatest guitar players alive. I saw him last year on a open air concert together with Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham with their band Black Country Communion. Nearly two hours back in the days when Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin ruled