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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Irish Roots

Mrs CC's Irish Roots were showing on holidays as she purchased albums by  Hothouse Flowers and the Saw Doctors two bands from her homeland.
Hothouse Flowers flirted at the margins of the charts in Britain with this song from their 1988 debut album People their biggest hit (peaking at number 11) and the only song of theirs that I can remember.
The Saw Doctors never quite reached these dizzy heights - this is a track from their 1996 album Same Oul' Town.
Needless to say both bands enjoyed considerably more success back in Ireland with the Saw Doctors in particular enjoying 3 number ones.
I can take or leave both bands to be honest -they don't annoy me intensely nor do they make me want to rush out and purchase more of their stuff.

Hothouse Flowers -Don't Go

The Saw Doctors - I Want You More


  1. I have the first two Hothouse Flowers records, 'People' and 'Home' and I still think they are very good. Loved especially the rolling piano (whatever that could mean!)

  2. It looks like I'm playing all your old favourites these days Luca!

    1. It's not just you, CC. For no discernible reasons, in the last two weeks a lot of bloggers around have posted about records I love, and so I decided to write. Out of synchronicity it almost felt like an inter-blog series: 'Records that boring guy from Italy seems to love'. Sadly I'm afraid it will all fizz off very quickly and I'll have to retreat back to my cave.

  3. Is Mrs CC going to have her own day each week? Looks like a series....wife's wednesdays! I've been asked to post ATB (no, not an acronym for a deviance)