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Friday, 11 October 2013

Fergus - He's Got Soul

The three members of Deacon Blue in this rather splendid picture have all subsequently been employed by BBC Scotland.
As mentioned on more than one occasion on CCM Ricky Ross hosts the fantastic Another Country show on Radio Scotland.
Lorraine McIntosh played Alice, an alcoholic and mother of Deek in the BBC Scotland soap River City.
Dougie Vipond, the drummer, is a sport presenter and also a host of BBC Scotland's Landward outdoors programme.

Deacon Blue are now on their obligatory reunion tour
The two songs I have chosen to feature have specific lyrics which have caught my ear over the years.
The fantastic Dignity makes reference to a Sunblest bread bag probably the only reference to this in popular music.
Fergus Sings the Blues name checks James and Bobby Purify
Strange but true fact -there have been two Bobby Purifys - the original Bobby Purify (Robert Lee Dickey) was replaced by Ben Moore in the 1970's. Not sure which one features in this song or picture

Deacon Blue - Dignity

Deacon Blue - Fergus Sings the Blues

James & Bobby Purify - She Ain't Gonna Do Right


  1. I went to school with a bloke who now plays with Deacon Blue.

  2. The Raintown album is one of my all-time favourites. One of the few that still give me shivers down my spine. Bought it when I was 14, still at the forefront of my record collection.

  3. Raintown is of course named after my and Deacon Blue's home city, Glasgow , Luca although as George will point out Ricky Ross is originally from Dundee