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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Go Panama

Just to be clear - this is not just another anti- English tirade.
No sir. I've been rooting for Panama after drawing them in the office sweepstake and after their narrow and thoroughly undeserved 3-0 defeat by Belgium it is death or glory time.

Thinks I know about Panama:

  • It has a rather large canal
  • It does a nice line in hats
  • It is a place where dodgy people can hide dodgy money 
  • There used to be a disco in Glasgow on the Clydeside called Panama Jaxx
  • I only have two songs with the word Panama in the title
  • Sadly they are not going to win the World Cup and earn me fifty quid
Sugar -Panama City Hotel

Slowclub - Paraguay and Panama


  1. A man, a plan, a canal. Panama!

    1. Excellent.
      I'll add that to my list for next time

  2. as someone almost once said " Juan Carlos Varela, Juan Carlos Varela, can you hear me, can you hear me, your boys took a hell of a beating"