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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Danger of Derailment

The more observant among you may be aware that there is currently a World Cup going on.
This may mean that some posts could be in danger of derailment.
There may be a danger of cancellation, some postponements and  of some posts operating with reduced carriages.
CCM apologises for the inconvenience to passengers ,who as always remain our top priority, for any reduced service which may occur.

The Derailers - Someone Else's Problem

The Derailers -The Right Place


  1. A nifty wee band. I had their album "Reverb Deluxe" and liked their cover of "Waltz Of The Angels".

  2. Funny - Have my chart now so up an running with keeping the scores up to date. The World Cup is a listaholics dream!