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Wednesday 20 June 2018

More World Cup Woes

Well according the pundits the other 31 teams are better off heading home as England have just about won the World Cup following their comprehensive thrashing of Tunisia in a game that both Gary Lineker and Gaby Logan  actually described at one stage as "the greatest game of the tournament so far"
Obviously posted missing when Spain and Portugal were playing on Friday.

Here are some musical contributions from another two countries who sadly never made the Finals -the Democratic Republic of Congo and Wales

Mbongwana Star - Malukayi

Super Furry Animals - Y Gwyneb Iau


  1. I liked the various excuses that were coming out prior to Kane's winning goal of why they weren't 5 goals ahead. The ref, of course, the cheating other team, another given, the heat, it was actually warmer in London at the time but there you go and best of all the midgies, which strangely were only attacking the English team.

  2. A pair of bitter Scots. Cheer up lads! England may get out of the group stage- something some of us weren't banking on.
    Swiss Adam

    1. Bitter and indeed twisted Adam!

    2. As an Englishman living in Wales, it is hilarious watching/hearing this from the outside. The truth is that England did what they always do in tournaments - struggle. Yes, they should have had two pens from fouls on Kane, but that doesn't excuse a lacklustre start. No way are England winning the World Cup (that'll be Russia...) but the pundits and the rest of the media are salivating. Leave them be. They'll show their true colours in a couple weeks...

  3. They must have bee watching a different game to the one shown here, but I have to admit I only lasted until about 75 mins, then I watched Judge Judy. I thought they should have been 3 ahead (England that is, nit the complainants on JJ) after 20 mins, there was some laughably bad finishing (again England not JJ).

  4. Avoiding this myself. Used to at least like the World Cup for the cheap booze deals but now that's even gone. In Scotland anyway.

    Great tracks though.