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Thursday 21 June 2018


No, relax - this is not a follow up to yesterday's post!

I have long been a fan of the great Steve Earle
I used to eagerly await his new releases and pick them up on the official release date or sometimes even earlier courtesy of Glen  from the sadly now defunct Salvation Sounds.

2002's Jerusalem is his 10th studio album and  the last I bought upon release. I have all his albums before this one but precious few after. I don't know whether this is down to a diminution of quality or to my tastes evolving.

Anyway it is one of his more political albums. He predicts the building of walls, sings about immigration and there is also a song about John Walker Lindh the so called American Taliban
I'm not sure whether Steve was on the  FBI and CIA's radars before this album but he certainly was afterwards.

I suspect that he has precious little time for the Orange Childsnatcher who, amazingly, this week has managed to plumb even lower depths of human decency and morality with his policy of separating migrant children from their parents. What a despicable human being.

Steve Earle - What's a Simple Man to Do?

Steve Earle - John Walker's Blues


  1. I saw that Bruce changed his Broadway setlist the other night to speak out against Trump's latest idiocy. I bet Steve Earle's currently polishing his sniper rifle and looking for a tall building.

  2. John Walker's Blues, tremendous song. The first one not so.

  3. Yes, I don't know what happened, but I only went a tiny bit further than you before I stopped buying his records. Inexplicable.

  4. Scotland and Britain have been seperating children of illegal immigrants from their parents for a lot longer than The US. Give us credit where it is due. What do you think has been happening at Dungavel for the last 20 years? Given the 40,000 plus deaths due to the US Mafia-backed Mexican Drug Cartels extraordinary violence and intimidation in Mexico and along the US border, I simply cannot blame the US for strictly enforcing their National Boundaries and their own immigration guidelines. The Mexican Drug Cartels techniques make the War on Terror look like a picnic for Rainbow Children raising fairies in safe spaces. Just do a search for "Mexican Cartel Gore" ... you might realise what is waiting beyond The Unbuilt Wall.
    The USA learned all about using crying-child-persuasion to enforce/ encourage the departure of illegals from Britain... and in particular from Scotland's lovely Dungavel method. How proud we should be.

    1. Hi Anon (if I can call you that)
      Agreed that the facilities in Dungavel are a disgrace. Although in Scotland it is under the UK government's jurisdiction. If children are kept in sep separate facilities that is clearly unacceptable.
      As for the rest of your argument it merely serves to reinforce that any right minded parents would seek to ensure as good a life as possible for their children assuming that is that they manage to get through there school years without being shot.
      Hope you enjoy the music