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Monday 25 June 2018

Captain Swing

Saturday saw my first Charity Shop purchases in a while.
One of the two purchased was Captain Swing the third album by Michelle Shocked from 1989 which reached number 31 in the UK charts making it her biggest hit
I've never knowingly owned it before but I seem to be familiar with all the tracks leading me to suspect that I may have had it on tape at one stage.
Not quite as country orientated as the brilliant Short Sharp Shocked which preceded it. The focus, as the title suggests, is more on swing. A genre I'm not  at all familiar with but the ubiquitous on-line encyclopedia advises me that it is a cross-country inventory of swing musical styles—from Dixieland to Western, Big Band to BeBop.
Good to know.

Michelle Shocked - On The Greener Side

Michelle Shocked -(Don't Mess Around With) My Little Sister


  1. Good to listen to thes Songs again after a long long time. I really liked this record when it was released.

  2. I had this on cassette but it got chewed up. If you have "Leaving Louisiana in Broad Daylight" from the Short Sharp Shocked album, I'd love to hear that again (hint, hint). It's as scarce as hen's teeth. Again, I had a radio set Michelle Shocked did for Kershaw's show, but it was also mangled.

    1. Sorry Gram - it is not on either my vinyl or CD copy of Short Sharp Shocked.
      My particular favourite is Memories of East Texas

  3. I used to like Michelle Shocked. Lost touch with her after this record though. It appears she alienated much of her audience when she launched into a fierce anti-gay tirade at a gig a few years ago. She said gay marriage will be the downfall of civilisation. Half the audience walked out and promoters cancelled a lot of her shows. Maybe she and Morrissey should tour together...