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Friday 29 June 2018


I  recently gave Everclear  by American Music Club another listen and remained somewhat underwhelmed.
So it was with some trepidation that I gave West the solo album from 1997  by their front man Mark Eitzel a spin.
Happily, this is a much better effort altogether.
Co-written with R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck who also plays on and co-produces the album.

Re-reading the comments from my American Music Club post  kevinpat (how are you doing sir? long time no hear) wrote
 I don't know anything about Mark Eitzel except he sings with this rich, deep voice to some very head-scratching songs. Just reading the song titles is dizzy enough. I imagine that he's that drunk, derelict poet and it all works for me.

I can't describe it any better than that.

Mark Eitzel -If You Have To Ask

Mark Eitzel - Helium


  1. Are these the two best songs on the album?????????????????????????

    1. They are all much of a muchness but these were the two I picked after a quick listen

    2. I'm not going to buy it, especially after yesterday.

  2. One of those names you see often, but I know very little about his music. Eitzel must be well respected though. He seems to know many in the biz that I do like. I haven't heard from kevinpat since he wished me happy new year in late January. I'll drop him a line to make sure he's ok. This post is a good excuse.

  3. On stage, Eitzel delivers his compositions with a fierce, almost scary intensity, yet between songs he's a very warm and funny guy. A bit like Richard Thompson in that regard.