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Sunday 17 June 2018

From Across The Kitchen Table

I woke up on Saturday morning to two really sad bits of news.
Firstly there had been another major fire at the Glasgow School of Art, the second in four years. It looks this time like the iconic Mackintosh designed building will not survive which is devastating news.

Secondly as I started my daily blog round up I read that Drew from the equally iconic Across the Kitchen Table was hanging up his blogging boots.
Again devastating news but after nearly 10 years it is understandable that he has lost his mojo and enthusiasm for something that can take up much of your precious free time.
When I started I turned to Drew, Swiss Adam and Ernie Goggins for inspiration and advise.

I will miss Drew's excellent soul and garage selections and of course his brilliant rants. I will also miss him introducing me to countless new bands.
Here are two who would not be on my shelves but for Drew.

I also had the pleasure of meeting him at the now legendary Glasgow Bloggers Convention. Hopefully not the only time that our paths will cross.

Cheers pal.

Kid Wave -Wanderlust

Slowclub - SufferingYou, Suffering Me


  1. Truly sad news on both counts.

  2. Well done CC, a fitting post.

  3. Thanks for the kind words CC but I'm sure you would have found those bands yourself

  4. Such sad news about the School of Art - Will it ever rise from the ashes again?

    Sorry to hear you are also losing one of your blogging buddies - As a relative newbie I am often curious when I read old posts to know what became of the people who used to leave comments back then. Does blogging have a shelf-life? into your 6th year now CC and long may you continue - I may not always know the artists you feature, but you are one of the stalwarts around here and if you miss a day, well, we worry.