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Sunday 3 June 2018

Sanctified Soul Revisited

Apologies for the lack of originality today but I've got an excuse of sorts.
I've usually got one or two posts written and in the bank keeping me one step ahead of the posse as I like to say to Mrs CC.
However, for a variety of reasons I've been writing them up  the night before recently giving me no scope for manoeuvre
As you read this I will be recovering from my visit to Eaglesham Beer Festival yesterday. It was pretty unrealistic to expect me to cobble something together on Saturday night (although it might have been interesting) so I wrote this on Saturday morning.
I had no time to sort of something different so I resorted to this great album which fortunately I had downloaded in it's entirity.
Part of me is tempted to post a further two tracks for each of the next 11 Sundays - it is that good.

Judy Clay - The Greatest Love

Sam Dess -Signed, Miss Heroin

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