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Wednesday 13 June 2018

Oh! Mama, Mama Look There

I had an urge to feature The Only Band That Matters  (™) today and we all know that such urges should not be resisted.
Further more it had to be something from Sandinista an album I'll hold my hands up and admit that I haven't played for far too long.
36 tracks to choose from. I've got the double CD as opposed to the triple CD so have gone for track 5, CD 2 (side 4 , track 5) and CD 1, track 2 (side 1, track 2)

No expense accounts or lunch discounts.

The Clash - Washington Bullets

The Clash - Hitsville U.K


  1. Don't ever fight the urge to feature The Clash CC. 'Sandinista' is the gift that keeps on giving. All these years later I'm still discovering new things to enjoy about the album.

  2. Ditto.
    2 choice cuts today.

  3. Hitsville UK... so underrated.

  4. Plenty of good stuff on Sandinista, but a little quality control would've produced a double equal to London Calling.
    Not too sure what to leave out - side 6 probably, but don't lose Mickey Gallagher's kids singing Career Opportunities

    1. I've been sticking up for the triple 'Sandinista' in that very argument for 38 years. As Joe himself once said, 'It's a magnificent thing. I wouldn't change it even if I could'.
      In fact I have my fingers crossed that there will be a 40th anniversary expanded edition of 'Sandinista' in a couple of years, that will include all the other stuff recorded during the same period - b-sides, the Ellen Foley tracks, Futura 2000 single etc.