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Friday 15 June 2018

Jon Langford and his Sadies

You were supposed to be getting a couple of tracks by The Sadies from their album Favourite Colours today but for some reason the burning software didn't seem to like it.
Time for plan B then. Don't worry you are still getting The Sadies but by way of compensation for the inconvenience I am throwing Jon Langford in as well
From 2002 on the ever wonderful Bloodshot label Mayors of the Moon sees yet another Langford collaboration.
Newport meets Toronto via Chicago in a fine example of multinational collaboration.

Jon Langford & his Sadies -Looking Good For Radio

Jon Langford &his Sadies -What Makes Johnny Run?

Wilco - Via Chicago


  1. I'm guessing that's Newport, Rhode Island as opposed to Newport, South Wales...

    1. You would be wrong there Robster
      Mr Langford is from Newport, South Wales

  2. And the Sadies are from Toronto with Bloodshot Records based in Chicago
    Somewhat cryptic I'll grant you