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Saturday 23 June 2018

Space Mann

A recent post by Brian on the Aimee Mann album I'm With Stupid had me visiting the section of the CD shelves where my Aimee Mann's are stored
There are currently four - Lost in Space and Whatever along with burns of Charmer and @#%&*! Smilers. Clearly not enough and I don't know why I don't have the one featured by Brian.

Aimee is one of those artists (and we can all give countless examples) who are critically acclaimed and extremely talented but who for whatever reason have not enjoyed commercial success whereas less talented artist have.

I like to think of them as our little secrets and am glad that we continue to champion them in our little virtual corner. Not everyone has our impeccable taste more's the pity.

Here are a couple of songs from 2002's Lost in Space released on her own SuperEgo Records label

Aimee Mann -Invisible Ink

Aimee Mann - Today's the Day


  1. Up late with hopes of playing over at Rol's before bed. Alas, it didn't come online. You have picked a couple of nice ones here. If you like Whatever, I would recommend I'm With Stupid. Those were the major-label years, and Mann did have some success then, but she should have been huge. There was no let up when she went indie, and I think Mann's consistency is her greatest virtue.

  2. Get Bachelor No. 2: it's amazing. Last year's Mental Illness was a real return to form too.

    (And apologies to Brian for my late post.)