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Monday 13 May 2024

Camera Obscura at Barrowland


Camera Obscura at  Barrowland on Saturday night was quite possibly the hottest concert that I have ever been to and that was with me wearing shorts and a tee shirt (green and blue were avoided given that Celtic and Rangers had played earlier that day!)

It was the final show in their short UK tour to launch Look to the East, Look to the West their first album in 11 years and the first since the death keyboard player Carey Lander in 2015. Donna Maciocia has now taken up this role as a permanent member of the band.

I haven't acquired the new album yet but I liked what I heard on Saturday and it will be on the shelves following my next trip into town. 

It was the first gig that I have been to when the band were introduced onto the stage by Pat Nevin The Partick Thistle mascot Kingsley also made an appearance much to the chagrin of Airdrie fan Drew given that Thistle had beaten Airdrie the previous evening in the play offs. Unfortunately we didn't bump into each other which is perhaps not surprising given it was a sell out crowd.

Their songs are great when a trumpet and percussion  are involved.

 The new songs were well received but inevitably the biggest cheers were for the songs that the audience were more familiar with.  I feature three in November when the tickets first came out. Here are two more you might be familiar with plus Big Love from the new album.

All in all an excellent evening. Get your ticket for Seattle Brian!

Camera Obscura - Eighties Fan

Camera Obscura - Country Mile

Camera Obscura -Big Love


  1. Great band, great venue and in front of as supportive a crowd as they will ever see. Green with envy, CC. Will be in my neck of the woods in about three weeks at a club that’s about 700 capacity. - Brian

  2. Gig envy!
    Must check out the new album too.

  3. Great review, CC. Unfortunately I have to pass on Camera Obscura this time around as the closest gig (Cardiff) is on the August bank holiday weekend when I'm otherwise engaged. Will check out the new album right now!

  4. Good to have them back. Did you get up on the stage to take that audience photo yourself? Just prior to crowd-surfing?

  5. Loads of folk I know were with you at this gig, and they seem to concur with your take on things.

    The fact that Camera Obscura have featured so rarely across the 17 years that TVV has been on the go merely demonstrates that their charms have largely passed me by.

    Maybe a former colleague was right about me and that I am, at heart, a contrarian.