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Thursday 2 May 2024

Fear of Music


On Saturday, at a Record Fair in East Kilbride, I completed my Talking Heads collection with a vinyl  copy of Fear of Music. I say completed but I don't have a copy of Naked their final studio album from 1988. I don't consider it essential but for the sake of completeness I would probably pick it up on the off chance that I ever saw it (cheap) on CD.

From 1979 and their 3rd album Fear of Music produced by Brian Eno and on the Sire label IS essential. Indeed the first four albums - 77,  More Songs About Building and FoodFear of Music and Remain In Light are all essential . The 5th, Little Creatures, is ok and True Stories is not that good. 1977 to 1980 was clearly their purple patch.

Nothing more to say really. If you like good music you will like Fear of Music. If you don't, you don't like good music. Simples.

Talking Heads - Paper

Talking Heads - Life During Wartime)


  1. Are you letting your meerkat write posts again?

  2. Watched the David Byrne 'live at Union Chapel' from 2002 on BBC4 last week. Crowd not that excited by 'life during wartime' but very excited about 'road to nowhere'... not sure the crowd that knowledgeable about 'pecking order' of TH songs by quality..

  3. One of the finest albums of any year/ decade. I watched that too Mike, all felt a bit polite.

  4. Not the first TH album I heard, but the first I bought, secondhand vinyl, latter half of the 80s. A fantastic record from start to finish.

  5. There's a killer live version of Life In Wartime (Live in LA 1983) on YT that's worth 5 minutes of anyone's time. Not sure I can agree about your shrinking of True Stories although it is 30 plus years since I heard it and watched the film. City of Dreams from that alb is one of my favourite TH tracks. I missed that BBC4 prog so I'll watch it on catch up.

  6. Yup. My favourite Talking Heads album of them all. Congrats on the find and pick-up.